March 3rd, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “sweat”

  1. Sweat dripping down his shins, and in the full length mirror he cringes at his lack of fitness.

    By Kayla on 03.04.2012

  2. You’re pushing hard to just get through the run. Who the hell thought running a couple of kilometers for PE was a good idea? All you wanted right now was to pass out right now; the asphalt seemed like the best thing to lie on right now.

    You’re sweating profusely, your heart rates through the roof, you’re struggling just to keep an inhale-exhale flow going. You wipe the beads of sweat (Gross, you were so going to shower for an hour to wash away the grime) before they hit your eyes.

    In the distance, you see her leading the class, with large easy strides. She’s doesn’t even look like she’s going to die, in fact she looks like she’s enjoying it. You realize how far you are behind and grimace; It’s going to be a long day.

    By Jules Looke URL on 03.04.2012

  3. nasty, sweating ruins the cuteness of my weave, its sour and if it gets in your eyes, stings like an open wound with salt in it. it sme3lls… a bodily odor that is somewhere in between boys and outdoors..

    By denitra on 03.04.2012

  4. He had spent seven years in captivity before a deal was brokered and he was exchanged. They told him it took blood, sweat and tears to get his freedom. They had no idea what it really took for him to keep his freedom, his inner freedom…

    By Julia on 03.04.2012

  5. I like sweat. Salty, tasty, sexy. Unless, y’know, it’s never been washed away. I sure like me some fresh sweat, but not that fat trucker guy kind of thing.

    By Sesi on 03.04.2012

  6. It’s something people produce after a hard work or sports that include a lot of physical activities.

    By Wendy on 03.04.2012

  7. work hard and do everything you can in order to run at the highest level that one possible can perhaps even cover oneself in more clothing than needed just to sweat as much as possible. sweat will help one lose weight and is water that was in the body.

    By adrian on 03.04.2012

  8. It’s dripping down his face. Bloody raining down. If this were a film then it would mean that Joey’s lying to me. But it’s not a film.

    Then again, these things become cliched for a reason… they’re usually true. He says he doesn’t know where the girl is. The sweat is dripping down his face.

    By Ross Menzies on 03.04.2012

  9. My ancestors shed their blood sweat and tears. For what? For us to end up accepting the status quo. To try no harder than they did. Blue black skin soaked in sweat and emptiness.

    By Robyn Luney on 03.04.2012

  10. Sweat is really gross, although it helps us to be cool. It smells really bad and it is ugly when you see it on people. However i love sweat pants.

    By Arianna on 03.04.2012

  11. It means that work is being done. It means someone is alive and using life to do something being physical or mental that is strain but the effort is worth it. Sweat reminds you that alll the effort you put into something was worth it if just for the satisfaction of seeing it finished.

    By andy on 03.04.2012

  12. He was sweaty and tired after running all the way to my place. He kept his distance, but he looked like he needed company. I approached him and put my hand on his shoulder, his eyes looking up at me. He loved her, but he loved me more. I could see that.

    By Cece on 03.04.2012

  13. Sweatshirts, grey on someone trendy with shiny leggings and a big white room in New York with the close heat and the sweat on the back of my neck. Worse in Washington where we stayed inside the memorials to keep cool.

    By Harriet on 03.04.2012

  14. i don’t know what is sweat, sorry, we have fun! you better when you move on!!

    By sweat on 03.04.2012

  15. “Well, I never thought it would be this hard,” said Banx. The next few days would be some of the hardest days of my life, I just didn’t know it yet.

    For three years, I would run back and forth, pushing hay barrels, like some old guy on a farm, just to get ready for the next race-sweat oozing off of my face like oil running off of a canvas.

    By Brock Buchanan on 03.04.2012

  16. She runs. It hurts. She hurts. Sweat covers her in a fine sheen. She tells herself all that is bad in her is leaving her in that clear moisture, being taken from her by the wind that slices past .

    By skids on 03.04.2012

  17. Sweating is a good thing. A very good thing. Sweat means that you’re getting what you’re working for. It means that calories, fat, and weight are being lost. It means that you’re giving it your all, and going as hard as you can. Sweat shows that you are brave, and don’t give up. Sweat shows you fight for what you want, and won’t give up until you get it.

    By Sophie on 03.04.2012

  18. The field swelled with bruises of overturned earth, each narrow row readying itself for the seeds that would find ground in the morning, after the sweat from that day’s labor had settled in the cool of a night’s rest.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.04.2012

  19. sweat, i feel it roll down my face when i see you. things have changed for the worse and now i can’t bare to look at you the same way i once did. i get so nervous around you, afraid of what you may do to hurt me again. my face turns red, i begin to shake, begin to sweat. those feelings of comfort you once provided for me have turned to feelings of anxiety.

    By Sara on 03.04.2012

  20. dirty sexy morningmoist of your toepits I would have you as my personal parfum on my pillow happy every time i go to bed. forever, smelling you in my dreams and nightmares

    By Annie on 03.04.2012

  21. I’m a big sweater.. i don’t understand it when women at the gym find it offensive and don’t put in enough effort with their cardio so they don’t even ‘glow’. I find it life affirming.
    I love it…sweat away, I say.

    By RJH on 03.04.2012

  22. Drip. Drip.


    The minute I step into the room, I can see it on her skin. She’s been waiting awhile.

    I made her wait.

    Drip. Drip.


    By Chelsea URL on 03.04.2012

  23. In the midst of giants it panted, wet and dripping on the forest floor as a rained-upon mammoth in green. Hair swaying leaf fingers and gripping, clinching toes beneath the outer crust of the earth this, elder groaned in a voice century-roughened.

    By N.J. URL on 03.04.2012

  24. hard work…i worked out a lot today…the sun was ao harsh.I am sweating but atleast am losing weight,.though its yuck!

    By brian fayden on 03.04.2012

  25. I felt a single slow drop of sweat running down my back as the sun peaked under the corner of the roof at the hotel pool bar and I hit me full on. Or maybe it was her?

    By David Seger on 03.04.2012

  26. I feel sweaty. Running this marathon really triggered my sweat glands and now, it won’t stop running down my back. Hopefully when I get home, the sweat will evaporate.

    By G.C. on 03.04.2012

  27. heat.

    sticky and nasty.


    By Neemo on 03.04.2012

  28. As it drips down my face, I know that I’ve won. As it stings my eyes, I know that I am victorious. My opponent has sweat like me, but not as much as me. He has not put as much effort as me into this game we play, and that means that I am stronger, better, work harder. It reflects this effort that I’ve put into this competition, and I surely have emerged the victor.

    By deideiblueeyez on 03.04.2012

  29. It never even occurred to her until today. Why would she spend so much time on the Goddamned treadmill when all she got was more sweat? Hot flashes already filled that role in her life. Who needed more misery?

    By Beth on 03.04.2012

  30. I watched her sweat. I’m amazed that tiny body had anything in it to sweat. I doubt she’d eaten anything today. The gym shouldn’t let her in here its not healthy. Her thighs are skinnier than my forearms, and I’m not fat.

    By Lauren on 03.04.2012

  31. a biological process where water and other salts n electrolyte are excreted through the pours

    By deon on 03.04.2012

  32. Sinceramente non mi ricordo cosa vuol dire sweat, era un maglione, una giacca, un giacchettino? Suona dolce, suona sweet, terrà anche caldo? Chissà cosa vuol dire, chissà..

    By chiara on 03.04.2012

  33. She could feel the sweat dripping down her back. The thorns had torn her skin and the soild was under her fingers. The roses would be beyond those anyone else entered in the show, but was it worth it? Yes. She ripped open the bag of fertilizer and scooped with her gloved hand then spread it around the base of the Rosa Banks, then the Lincoln, then the Gertrudy Jeckyll. The sun would be extinguished soon and she must hurry. Time for a gin and tonic!

    By Diana URL on 03.04.2012

  34. sweat sweat sweat when you go to sauna and when you are jogging

    By john on 03.04.2012

  35. Dripping down my forehead. Pushing myself to my limit. I figure if I can go past it, I’ll lose another pound. Another pound is all I need. Must. Sweat. More.

    By ThatSammyChickk URL on 03.04.2012

  36. rose people think it’s sweat. what I think is sweat is going off jumps in skiing. sweat is the fun stuff and awesome stuff to me so any thing can be sweat.

    By mrsluinstrasclass on 03.04.2012

  37. When your dad goes out jogging and he comes home and he smells like sweat and it smells like gasoline and salt all mixed together and then you realize that you havnt worked out in a while and that your getting fat and that you should be using your money to buy a gym membership but you instead bought 50 dollar sandals that you didnt even like.

    By Isabel on 03.04.2012

  38. The air was damp and way too warm, but I had to press on. I felt like I would drown in my sweat if I stopped, but I didn’t have that option.

    By Iam Me on 03.04.2012

  39. Sweat. Sticky, smelly, and needs deoderant to cover the bad smell up. Usually, it appears after you have had gym class, exersize, etc. However, those are not the only reasons why you sweat. People also can get it when you are really hot. From my personal experiences, summer would probably be the time of year, when you feel like you would have enough sweat, to fill your bathtub.

    By mrsluinstrasclass on 03.04.2012

  40. gross, hot, wet, sports, high energy, running, working hard, pant, smelly, deodorant, salty, guys, girls, water, dehyrdated, sun, gym,

    By haley URL on 03.04.2012