August 8th, 2013 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “sundried”

  1. Sundried tomatoes are quite unpleasant to me, which is ironic because I love tomatoes. It’s sort of a metaphor for people. When we’re young and fresh we’re loved, when we’re old and dried up we become repulsive.

    By Nathan Mylott URL on 08.08.2013

  2. The wind and sun did their damage.The cracking and fading had taken it’s toll.
    It was horrible! The sundried conditions of it all was awful!

    By Hightimes on 08.08.2013

  3. Sundried tomato fields and warm rushes of pearl,
    I loved for the first time
    the last time
    I lay here pale
    and dark
    reaching for moonlight
    for the last time

    By Sara on 08.08.2013

  4. An orange dress, yellow spots like sun-dried white grapes scattered near the bottom, flickered into view. I glanced up to see my cousin jut out her cotton-sashed waist against a fist. With a frown, she asked what in the *world* could I be doing?

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 08.08.2013

  5. sundried tomatoes.
    basking in that california sunshine.
    dried up like little prunes…
    or the ends of my fingers after time spent in the shower.

    soaking up that sunshine.
    undoing what you have misplaced.

    By fizzingSmile on 08.08.2013

  6. tomatoes come to mind
    but also fake tanning girls

    like the beautiful one that let me touch her, and take her on a sweet date

    never have i been so inpassion and never have i been so surprised

    she meant everything just for a moment.

    and i honestly believed that nobody had looked into her eyes, like i had.

    By spencer vaughn URL on 08.08.2013

  7. The chef the sun-dried tomatoes in with the pasta and began to toss it in the bowl. The pasta went squish squish and glistened in the Tuscan evening sun coming through the window. It’s was the reason Sarah would never go back home. This was her happiness.

    By Rachel Juillerat on 08.08.2013

  8. I remember the way that they shriveled,
    glistened and wrinkled,
    hanging in the sun.
    I remember the way that it smelled — that air;
    and I remember the freedom I felt.
    I remember how simple things were,
    and I remember how sweet it truly was.

    By Marissa on 08.08.2013

  9. I don’t know what sundried tomatoes are used for, really. Are they even a real thing? My spell check says “sundried” isn’t a word. You need to reevaluate your word choices.

    By Liz on 08.08.2013

  10. The girl lye there on the beach sun-dried, she melted away just so she could get the perfect tan. She sighed and thought is this really worth it? And then she decided no and sat up and saw her body as perfect, she was happy. She changed her life, and everything worked out for the better :)

    By Tori on 08.08.2013

  11. sundried tomatoes are the best. i love them since i was a kid. i wish i knew how to make them at home, because in my city, one doesn’t get them at super markets. i can actually eat them as is, but with pasta, they taste the yummiest. Even on pizza actually. Sundried tomatoes and lotsssss of cheese! Awsesomesauce!!!

    By shveta on 08.09.2013

  12. Sundried tomatoes, not something that I would personally put in an omlette, but this guy was different. Special. Particular. He pulled his socks to exactly half way up his calf and his books always sat no more than two inches away from the left side corner of his desk. If he wanted sundried tomatoes in his omlette, I wouldn’t say anything about it.

    By Cole Taylor on 08.09.2013

  13. Antonio walked outside, the empty bowl in his hand as he began collecting the small dried tomatoes from the table he’d left them sitting on. Everyone loved sundried tomatoes, and no one loved them more than Lovino, and today being the boy’s birthday, it was going to be a surprise.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.09.2013

  14. She would lay on her back in the front yard and stretch toward the sun. Her mother would come to the porch and call for her raisin when it was time for dinner.

    By Adrienne URL on 08.09.2013

  15. Two, Three, Five and Nine.
    Little tomatoes, all sublime.
    The sun wakes up, ready to
    Blow up,
    And Time crushes their bodies.
    Time and Light,
    All shrivelling them until the night.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 08.09.2013

  16. I can’t seem to find words to fill these holes. a word with such a meaning in so many ways, stands blank today. but when the mood strikes even the greatest of artists and creaters, magic is made.

    By Molly on 08.09.2013

  17. Sundried tomatoes. Sundried tomatoes on bread.

    By Tracey on 08.09.2013

  18. tomatoes. soaking up sunlight under a small wire mesh. dripping with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs. the food of the gods.

    By Jonathan on 08.09.2013

  19. Tomatoes! What else is sundried? Raisins, for sure. But I swear I never heard of sundried raisins. Lots of things are dried in the sun but the only thing I can recall actually being named sundried are tomatoes. And, by the way, yum.

    By michaelbuzz on 08.09.2013

  20. the sundried raisin sat between us. it was an uncomfortable silence. his skin was also quite sundried and leathery, for that matter. used to applying lotion, mine was soft as water. he picked up his guitar and began strumming some notes again.

    By amie on 08.09.2013

  21. he was the one with the sundried skin, i was the one with the sunkissed skin. neither of us belonged here on earth, freezing in the icy tundra known as new york.

    By ath on 08.09.2013

  22. Sundried tomatoes: mangled strips of blood red flesh, texture like leather, oozing oil.

    By Shimbo on 08.09.2013

  23. sundried leaves. sundried condiment. sundried land. dried, sapless, brown. out of life.

    By Rahul on 08.09.2013

  24. sun dried tomatoes lie out on the lawn.
    her dress lie on the bed.
    her lie lays on her lips like blood on the rose.
    and the sun dried tomatoes lie out on the lawn.

    By B.Crazy on 08.09.2013

  25. sundried tomatoes. they lie on the beach and go pinker and pinker untill all their juice has evaporated and they are now fully dry. then they get conserved, and poured into jars, ready to be mixed into various dishes cooked by various chefs. The best sundried tomatoes get sent to france, to be used by the famous gusteau, owner and chef at the best restaurant in the whole of Paris.

    By Peggy Gray on 08.09.2013

  26. Her skin was like leather, sundried and parched. Ick.

    By mrsmig on 08.09.2013

  27. I can remember when I was young that my grandmother used to to place the grated cassava in a bowl and placed it in the yard to be sundried. This was done afer all the milk was squeezed out of it first.

    By victor URL on 08.09.2013

  28. I love sundried tomatoes and raisins. They’re the best! Put them in salads and, at least as to Raisins, in cereals and other things. I also like sundried sheets. So much better to pull a sheet crisp dried by the sun and smelling fresh.

    By Linda Kay on 08.09.2013

  29. Talia sat, picking the sundried tomatoes off of her garden salad while he yammered on about vacation days. “What’s the point?” she said, looking up. “You’ll just be counting down the hours until you go back to work. To her.” She stood then, abandoning the tomatoes–and the man–for something that would leave less bile burning in the back of her throat.

    By Heather on 08.09.2013

  30. I love sundried tomatoes with pasta and arugula. But adding this to indian food aint so great. Sorta tastes pickled!

    By GirlInterrupted on 08.09.2013

  31. Sundried tomatoes in oil.

    He’d never liked them, but she ate them slowly, reverently, on bread and in the midst of eggplants and with cucumber salad. She ate them whenever she could get them, and as she ate them, she too, seemed to grow more wrinkled and bent, more shriveled and bright (the brightness came from the oil; they both knew that).

    And despite the fact that every day she looked in the mirror, she didn’t stop eating them. “I’m growing old anyway.” she said, “I might as well enjoy it.”

    By Maria URL on 08.09.2013

  32. Sundried tomatoes – mmm. I love sundried food it reminds me of sunny places and relaxing. Mind you sitting in the sun I become sundried too!

    By Alexandra on 08.09.2013

  33. She took a bite of her pasta, the sundried tomatoes a nice compliment to the noodles lightly seasoned with basil. He watched her with a smug grin, knowing she was loving the food he prepared for her. He loved the way her mouth curled around her food, making him think of how it would look and feel around his cock as she sucked him off.

    By Ann on 08.09.2013

  34. she bloomed

    while i


    By h. b. on 08.09.2013

  35. Champagne under the big white tent,
    we moved you out.
    gloomy campus with fingers crossed, i
    counted the cracks,
    collected sunflowers.

    By Hayden on 08.09.2013

  36. She left a kiss upon my cheek, gentle as the breeze.

    Corner of Main St, this is where she asked me to meet her later.

    Only I overslept our rendezvous by an hour.

    Tempted by hope or madness I took off to find her.

    Trusting this sundried kiss still tingling.

    By Peter Crawford on 08.09.2013

  37. tomatoes? Where and when did they show up on our menus? Can’t recall any mention of them in my first 25 years. sure didn’t show up on our dinner table coming up. Of course a whole lot of stuff we eat now wasn’t on our table.

    By Lee on 08.09.2013

  38. Tomatoes in the pasta in spooning into flat platters, open mouths and wriggling tongues jumping to catch every last oily drop that sits on their teeth and spins out rainbows like raindrops on blades of grass, just before they suck them down and gulp happily, gaping their mouths for more.

    By Leslie on 08.09.2013

  39. I went to a candie shop yesterday, and I got surprised by the sundried of candies I found there.

    By Priscila on 08.09.2013

  40. sundried tomatoes sans oil were strewn all over the floor. she tripped and had her arms too full in effort of being efficient. now she was not saving time but losing it because she had to sweep and scan the floor for each orangey red fragment.

    By Jacqui on 08.09.2013