August 9th, 2013 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “sons”

  1. i want a son. I don’t want a daughter. I want a tough boy who can play sports or play with dolls and be whoever the hell he watns to be. I don’t want a daughter. Daughters are weak. They cave and rape culture and lack of feminism in the world and the only reason why I wouldn’t want a son is so that I can raise a bad ass woman who knows her rights.

    By hank URL on 08.10.2013

  2. Ahhhhhh, sons. I have a son. I love him very much, of course, but sons, they are so different from daughters. They aren’t picky about staying clean and you often find dried up sandwiches in their sock drawers, along with massive amounts of metal toys and so forth.

    By Linda Kay URL on 08.10.2013

  3. god grew lonely
    in the days before light
    so he made himself an heir
    and in the same breath
    invented regret.

    By h. b. URL on 08.10.2013

  4. Sons: the next generation for which you are responsible and set an example. Future leaders, inventors, young men with big aspirations. They want to be firefighters, astronauts, and make you proud of what they become.

    By Charis Green on 08.10.2013

  5. I always wanted some. To fill the house with activities and their nonsense. My husband would be so proud of teaching them all he knew and all the things he didn’t want them to do. He’d teach them how to be real men. How to treat women and children. How to care for themselves and make something of their life.

    By Kellie H. on 08.10.2013

  6. God’s gift to mothers
    Hearts connected
    Funny boy isms
    Could hug him to pieces
    My favorite guy

    By Sswift on 08.10.2013