July 10th, 2012 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “suggestion”

  1. a suggestion, a tip from someone to someone else. it can help in difficult times or when you are bored or something like that. you can find new interests and hobbies. it’s really usefull! but you have to take the suggestion and listen to it, not just throw it away because then it won’t help, will it?

    By Gabriella Wolfe on 07.11.2012

  2. A suggestion pops out in the middle of nowhere. It just pops out in someone’s head, like a fast growing plant rooted onto the membranes as it holds on it’s ground. And it never goes out, because of it.

    By Aria on 07.11.2012

  3. Dear Principal,
    I have a suggestion. But you won’t care anyway because dictators don’t care about the comfort of their underlings.

    By Magic Super Rainbow Ninja Tortoise on 07.11.2012

  4. impressionable. easily swayed. the power of a word, a suggestion murmured in passing, planted like a seed, a mine.

    By jeebus christ URL on 07.11.2012

  5. The suggestions he made, made me feel uncomfortable. I watched him move his hands up and down as if he was ‘teaching’ me something. I knew this was wrong, but I had just gotten the job, and I wasn’t yet ready to risk losing it, by reporting him.

    By one shoe on 07.11.2012

  6. I have nothing to lose. I’ll do anything just to make myself alive again. I’ll take every suggestions even the ones that could take my life. I’d rather be in danger than in constant misery. I wanna live again. I wanna live.

    By ban-a-bomb on 07.11.2012

  7. when i suggested a trip to the moon he chose instead a trip to the rubbish dump with her.
    maybe she was much more fun, maybe it was the biggest regret of his life,i will never know .

    By jessie on 07.11.2012

  8. A suggestion is something someone gives you trying to help you.
    Example: I suggest you to go fuck yourself.
    This means the person thinks it would be a good idea for you to go fuck yourself. It’s a great thing people can do, give suggestions. You don’t have to listen to suggestions, it’s not an order, but it’s an idea, sometimes a good one.

    By Firea Ana on 07.11.2012

  9. It was an excellent suggestion, he thought to himself. He couldn’t wonder why he hadn’t thought of it before. It had all the hallmarks of a truly genius move and it wasn’t something anyone would think he would do. It would take care of everything; Grandma would be sorted, and he would have his life back. He only had to convince her…

    By Muppet on 07.11.2012

  10. I would like to make you a suggestion. This is something that might alter your life altogether. Accept and you will see changes. Decline, and your life will go back to the dull routines of yesterday. So.
    What are you waitng for.

    By Michael Andersen on 07.11.2012

  11. Comments that either ruin or helps someone’s relationship.

    By avery on 07.11.2012

  12. It was just a suggestion of a ghost of a smile, but it was there. She could see it melting through the cold of his gaze as he tried to stare blank-faced down into the grave. It was enough for her, and from that moment she knew that he was guilty.

    By spiralpixie on 07.11.2012

  13. Here’s a suggestion: Take one moment out of every day to sit in silence. Forget the TV. Forget the computer, facebook, your phone, your work. All these things can wait for just one moment. Remember you’re alive, watch the sky, the clouds, and breathe. Don’t forget that life is just a tapestry of many moments hewn together, take each one and make the singular moment the moment important one you have, be your own creator.

    By spiralpixie on 07.11.2012

  14. Life is full of suggestions, and they can change the way we live, our future drastically even though,it may have only seemed a small thing in the past. A small suggestion can have a big impact on how the receiver of the words sees themselves, and the world. When I told my teacher I wanted to become a writer he said “You should definitely read more of the classics”. And now my favourite book is from Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre.

    By bethisabee on 07.11.2012

  15. “It would be nice”, she said, “if maybe you could improve your attitude around here. Just a friendly suggestion.” “Hmm”, I said, but really thought, “What the fuck? Maybe my attitude would be better if you stuffed your suggestion up your ass.” “Why thanks,. I’ll try and work on it.” Bite me, really, is what I wanted to say.

    By Ara on 07.11.2012

  16. Suggestion is a wonderful word for the internet users. Browsers give you suggestions making your browsing easier.

    By mowggli on 07.11.2012

  17. I’ve heard a thousand good suggestions. It’s a pity we can’t always accept them. Suggestions that would make me rich, slim, beautiful… Magazines are keen on them, newspapers and friends too.

    By Thaís on 07.11.2012

  18. Make one, take one. It’s only a suggestion. When people preface with this word they often mean this is what you should do. Suggestion not really.

    By Karen URL on 07.11.2012

  19. That’s what she said to me. Then there was me storming out of the house. It had been three years since that delightful day that was all about her. The day that was supposed to be the beginning to the rest of our lives. Together. So I left and sat in the Kroger parking lot with a twelve back. Six in I went back home.

    By Bryan URL on 07.11.2012

  20. A suggestion is a thing that someone brings up out of the blue. It is something that they think would make a situation better, or that you would enjoy doing. Suggestions sometimes aren’t taken seriously or listened to, but the person who brought them up feels helpful.

    By Emily on 07.11.2012

  21. A suggestion is just that, a suggestion. People can not control how a person will act even if they gave one.

    By kat on 07.11.2012

  22. if you would like to recommend a course of action for my life, I am all ears. But only if you have first listened to what I have to say, or at the very least done some research so that you are able to provide said recommendation with even a small degree of relevance.

    By threeiron on 07.11.2012

  23. When people suggest, I listen, smiling. Always smiling. Yes, smiling and accepting. But deep down I know what they say is shit. But still, I smile.

    By lala on 07.11.2012

  24. The power of suggestion, be it in your favor or against, is a powerfull tool that most do not have the finesse to use correctly. Done right, it can change the world.

    By Michael on 07.11.2012

  25. i have a suggestion to make regarding the state of this world. if we could somehow just ignore our own greed and some other how rewrite our economy so that numbers actually represent things and resources, there would be no gap between the very rich and the very poor, as ther would be no way of owning more than can be on this planet.

    By Andreas on 07.11.2012

  26. Suggestion. Suggestions are just a polite form of telling someone what you think they should do. I suggest you do this, I suggest you do that. Let’s quit suggesting. Just say what you need to say. Suggestion.

    By Char Adams URL on 07.11.2012

  27. Some people in life are given two choices. Some people will take it into compromise whereas others will use it to their advantage. Others continue onwards and suggest what they think it means and comes up with their own meaning. It is perfect. It belongs to where the people thrive and to where human beings become. It shows the intelligence and the application of intelligence.

    By tolly on 07.11.2012

  28. It is what you would do if you need to input into a group discussion. Often it would be a good one where the group with use the idea and make a change. Other times it may be a bad one and you may feel embarassed about it. It could also seem that it is the most reasonable thing to do when there are awkward silences :)

    By francesca URL on 07.11.2012

  29. Sometimes you do this thing to me, you make these suggestive moves towards me. You and I both know that nothing is supposed to be suggested between us, yet you always do. You still do. I want you to, and I know it’s wrong. But you were great. I might have even loved you. It’s hard for me to say that. I was not in love, but maybe, I just felt love FOR you.

    By Dee URL on 07.11.2012

  30. The fact that I came over suggests that this is all I wanted from you.
    It wasn’t.
    Four days later and that the fact that we still haven’t talked suggests that that’s all you wanted from me.

    By Sarah on 07.11.2012

  31. You suggested that I write this, or is it the power of suggestion. That’s a good idea. We’d all like to suggest to others how to live their days, it would certainly make our own easier if others would just comply. But that’s a pipe dream, isn’t it?

    By Jason D on 07.11.2012

  32. I suggest that you keep your suggestions to yourself. All you do is ramble on with incessant syllables spewing from the mouth like a trash heap. heaps and heaps of words pour out like tar on a broken road. You think it fixes things but the problems are so much deeper and it just smells. each word runs rampant as it rolls off your tongue and a suggestion is for building– not making undone.

    By t44 on 07.11.2012

  33. You’ve done it to me again. You’ve made that suggestion. The suggestion that you, and I, should maybe, do this again? No. No. You will NEVER have another chance. You lost it. You want it, and it makes me want it. But mostly so I can rub it in your face. Don’t be upset, you’re still so attractive. :)

    By Dee :) on 07.11.2012

  34. You already told me to do that. If I wanted it bad enough, I would have finished it by now. But you see, I’d rather read about this guy’s icebox full of plums. Or tie a bracelet from parachute cord. Anything but this menial task which you are too timid to demand I complete.

    By jasontx on 07.11.2012

  35. I have a suggestion about how people can get along one word – understanding

    By Hope Kale Ewusi URL on 07.11.2012

  36. The simple phrase slipped off of his sultry lips. “I want you,” he cooed, and I was his slave. I had never meant to be snared in the grasp of a man such as he, but that mistake was mine and mine alone. So here I stood, held in the arms of a dangerous fox…but I was a nimble rabbit.

    By Savvy on 07.11.2012

  37. giving advice to a friend or acquaintance – some recommendation on what they should do – possibly friendly, helpful, in support you might suggest, that someone could drink less, or drink more – or exercise less or more – or find friends or go outside … but now i really wonder why i am writing about this – what is this for, and why do you need my email adress? and why pick the word suggestion?

    By riley on 07.11.2012

  38. suggestion. how simple is that word. you can ask plead or even beg, but it doesnt mean that the person would actually listen. kinda sucks

    By drifter on 07.11.2012

  39. it’s hard to make a suggestion, sometimes our ideas can help another person, buy maybe they can hurt them. we need to have a sensitive soul to give the right suggestion.

    By Carmen on 07.11.2012

  40. You make a suggestion, but you don’t know me.
    Keep to yourself, everyone likes you better that way.

    By Kelcey on 07.11.2012