November 14th, 2009 | 734 Entries

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734 Entries for “sugar”

  1. I love sugar. Especially a small amount in coffee. It is to bad that too much of it can be bad for you. Luckily there are natural sugars in fruits that I don’t feel so bad about consuming.

    By Jarod on 11.15.2009

  2. and spice and everything nice/ i like sugar and i have way too much in my diet. candy is my vice.

    By sarah on 11.15.2009

  3. I like sugar. It’s made of chemicals that I learned in high school but have yet to remember currently. It makes things sweet and it commonly used in desserts. It’s white, it can’t be counted with the naked eye. It has 5 letters and has been the nickname of a certain radio host on kiss 92.5 back in the 90s. I actually dislike the word to be perfectly honest.

    By Francis on 11.15.2009

  4. sugar sugar oh honey honey how i love you so, love is such an overrated thing i like brown sugar though, the actual sugar not the liking of black people why do they even say it they not really black they like cinamin

    By krys on 11.15.2009

  5. It runs through my body as if I were electrically charged with lighting. I pace myself, as my body starts to shake uncontroablly. We giggle together as we consume some more, and continue ou

    By poop on 11.15.2009

  6. azucar

    By Anonymous on 11.15.2009

  7. “Sugar?” he asked quietly, setting his fork down as he thought.
    She looked up from across the table, frown still in place as she waited for him to make a move. This was the fifth night of silence. The fifth night of “sugar, please pass the bread”. Anything would be better than “sugar, please pass the bread”.
    “I’m leaving you.”

    By sugar. on 11.15.2009

  8. sweet

    By christian on 11.15.2009

  9. this can’t be it.
    the last bit of sweat.
    the last crinkled shirt.
    the last heated breath.
    the last kiss at dawn.
    the last taste of sugar on my lips.
    the last tangle of limber legs and hips.

    By . on 11.15.2009

  10. sugar is fattening. delicious. goes with strawberries. sugar cane. a song.

    By haley dalen on 11.15.2009

  11. i don’t like sugar. it doesn’t satisfy me. it erodes me. thats how i feel after i eat sugar, like my teeth are going to fall out of my mouth. i hate that dream where you dream all of your teeth are falling out. i wonder waht that means? maybe im afraid of losing something? maybe im sel conscious about my image? how much of dreams are our thoughts and how much of them are other things imposing on us?

    By jo on 11.15.2009

  12. It was sweet, she rolled it over her tongue. It tasted like sugar. Initially she wasn’t sure that’s what the taste would be; they reassured her it was safe to eat but she still wasn’t completely convinced.

    By Em on 11.15.2009

  13. I like to eat sugar with everything. Sugar makes the world go round. In middle school, I wanted a pair of Sugar mary janes. They were like sneakers but cuter and awesome.
    I also think sugar comes in cubes for tea time. I want a pretty teacup. Then I can put my tea and sugar in it.
    Didn’t the colonies have fights about sugar?
    Black women call me sugar too.

    By tia on 11.15.2009

  14. Diabetes is something which my dad suffers from. I panic every time I take sugar in anything I eat that I will also become like him. He groans when he eats. I don’t want to live my life like he does. In constant need of medication and using illness as an excuse for fucking everything.

    By Emily-Rose on 11.15.2009