November 13th, 2009 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “acting”

  1. imagination. pretend. reality.

    By <3 on 11.14.2009

  2. acting is difficult for most people to do but there is a small amount of people who are really good and when they are really good they win oscars and other awards to symbolise their greatness

    By Katie on 11.14.2009

  3. Acting is a passion. It happens on stage. It happens with people. It’s about pretending. It’s about being someone you’re not. It happens in the moment. It requires creativity and insight. You need to be able to think on the spot. It’s not about memorization. It’s about being the character. And creating the character.

    By Christine on 11.14.2009

  4. Acting as if, just fake it, pretend you are more than you are and you will be. Bah!

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  5. acting out. acting in. acting as. acting with. acting for. acting because. acting to. the actor. who isn’t one?

    By Freya on 11.14.2009

  6. Well you’re a real good actor, I’ll give you that. You actually had me convinced. But then the mask slipped and I saw you for who you were: a mediocre actor, at best.

    By Abby on 11.14.2009

  7. brad pit scary money rich

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  8. when people pretend to be someone else, pretend to take on a role of sometimes a fictional character and sometimes a real life person. people are not being themselves, they are filling a role that someone else assigned to them. acting is the art of being someone else.

    By holcomal on 11.14.2009

  9. I want to be an actor, in the lime light.
    I want to be under the warm sunburnt lights.
    I want to be heard across the world.
    no fears no cowards.
    i want to be an actor on stage in the lime light

    By Kaitlyn on 11.14.2009

  10. i fucking hater acting, it’s really retarded, and it makes people fuck pigs, that eat children. All theatre kids are fucking dumb because they’re really immature and retarded. I hate acting, and movies, and movie starts, cause its all a big huge pathetic joke. Movie stars are renowned for no good reason and it makes like seem pathetic.

    By bloop on 11.14.2009

  11. If there is one thing i don’t get its how the act o f acting came about. Did people just suddenly decide to act like someone acting like some one or do people genuinely think that by acting the same as people who act the same as actors that somehow makes em better?

    By Je Desto on 11.14.2009

  12. My life. all that matters. i am acting. I am theater. I love musicals and knowing that the audience is clapping for you at the end is enough to let me sleep at night. Theater is love. Theater is acting. Acting is love and happiness

    By ALICE on 11.14.2009

  13. actors Brad Pitt movies Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Kill Bill Carradine hanging sad Asia Death Proof I think not

    By Jared on 11.14.2009

  14. like a fool is something we all take turns at.
    I got a text message about being an extra in a movie shooting somewhere nearby soon
    I like

    By Charly on 11.14.2009

  15. Acting is something people do constantly. In fact, the existence of the word acting implies non-acting, which is a confusing idea when you really examine it. Who am I? Am I a character the same way Romeo is a character? My behavior, taste, even dialect changes depending on the people around me.

    By Kevin on 11.14.2009

  16. Acting like a total asshole while not accomplishing anything…… As such my performance may be better depending upon how much I am paid for it. Although if it is a random situation my true feelings will come out.

    By Dave on 11.14.2009

  17. acting is fun
    you can act like something your not
    you can be a fearless night
    or a little child
    you can act out side of a body
    or you can be your self, boring
    imagination is what acting is made of
    use lots of it
    become what your not
    and no one cares because that’s what its for

    By Dillon on 11.14.2009

  18. when people do that stuff

    By knowledge man on 11.14.2009

  19. acting is kinda fooling the other person , or in art perspective it is making some movement to make someone believe you that you are in some role. the time is squeezing me . i just do not care

    By cem on 11.14.2009

  20. i want different word to write comment about it :D

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  21. i hate the girls in my school. they do things for attention and it seems like im the only one who knows theyre just ACTING. acting out someone who isnt the real them. its someone completely different that they act like just to be “cool”

    By Mollie on 11.14.2009

  22. acting like if i really care

    By Ivan on 11.14.2009

  23. Acting like fine wine. Bullshit I say, for it is a young man’s game. Hiding one’s self for no apparent reason is only for the weak at heart and soul. Do not despair friends.

    By Quincy Delmar on 11.14.2009

  24. it’s something people do when they don’t want to be themselves when they want to be someone else when they can’t handle what they actually are, and it’s an importnat part of our lives where we have to do it in order to express anything. we are all acting a certain way at all times whether it’s our genuine expression of ourselves or just some image we want to project. it’s funny to think of actors as acting all the time because really we all are, they are just given the lines they need to say. all they are doing is openly admitting that they do something that we are each doing all the time. i love acting and i think i am acting even when i don’t mean to be, i am never my truest self, or rarely my truest self.

    By lonelypromqueen on 11.14.2009

  25. Acting… it can either be a person on a movie or a person you’re talking to. The only difference is that the person you’re talking to is suffering from cognitive dissonance and the people on the movies are suffering from excess money.

    By Amaris on 11.14.2009

  26. is awesome, i wish i had enough talent to be an actress myself, but i do not.

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  27. She was acting. It was horrible work she hated it. Did she have another choice? She had been kicked out her house and she was not about to be some waitress. She had always wanted to be an actress but not in the horrible little independent films. In those big movies.

    By Edge on 11.14.2009

  28. acting

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  29. I am an actor. I tell that to a lot of people as if it means something. As if it gives me some special knowledge, some authority on something or other. If it does, give me authority that is, I’m not sure how. Or what or why. But I still say it as if it means something.

    By Silvan on 11.14.2009

  30. This is the art of being someone you are not, reacting to things that are not real.

    You can make a living out of it, but it is not a very stable profession usually!

    If you are good and lucky you can get rich!

    By G on 11.14.2009

  31. when i was just a little girl i used to push the boys around and tell them embarrassing stories about their older siblings that my older sister would tell me and we would tag team terrorize the school. i was the smartest and she was the prettiest, but now it doesn’t matter cause it was all an act and we’re all grown up, right?

    By becca Loo on 11.14.2009

  32. is not life but a form of moving in the world. one sees the reaction and moves forward having to communicate in a seemless way, time is seemless thus our reactions are something of a play. we live our own play

    By Coco on 11.14.2009

  33. why are you so scared?
    they are just images on the screen.
    you shudder, and your arms close around me a bit tighter.
    i say “look at the screen baby, he’s only acting.”

    By danial mills on 11.14.2009

  34. what?

    By Anonymous on 11.14.2009

  35. everyone is acting all the time. and they aren’t doing a good job either

    By chris on 11.14.2009

  36. i joined drama in the first semester of high school. i thought it would let me open up but eventually i switched from that to junior trades. i love it but i wished i would have stuck with drama i might have been a diferent person if i had. oh well life is filled with bunch of tiny regrets or none. i want to persue a career in acting.

    By screeningblyss on 11.14.2009

  37. Acting is essentially the only way to manipulate the world around you, it is a dirty tactic… yet people find it to be more of a skill than a deceptive tool, and often praise a person for having good acting abilities.

    By Tarry on 11.14.2009