November 15th, 2009 | 297 Entries

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297 Entries for “cards”

  1. Cards are the best way to make an easy living the hard way, deal those cards.

    By Herb on 11.16.2009

  2. play cards . texas poker or teen patti or any thing cards with money and you could get bankkrupt.

    By Anonymous on 11.16.2009

  3. playing them, they are fun. you can play kings or spades or pitch. palace. poker. gamble. lose money. win money. lose a lot more than some.

    By ahdslkf on 11.16.2009

  4. I love getting birthday cards in the mail. Well not just birthdya, but really any cards. I used to get cards from my grandma for all sorts of holidays, but now that im in college, I guess she has decided to stop that. You know, I have yet to recieve any mail here.

    By Erin Nichols on 11.16.2009

  5. Ugh, cards. I hate business cards especially because everyone knows they don’t want you to get in touch with them but they want you to know they have enough notoriety to own business cards.

    Birthday cards? As long as there’s money in em it’s good.

    Wedding cards. Peeshaw.

    The best cards are playing cards and card stock for printing.

    By Amaris on 11.16.2009

  6. credit shoppi,g gist congratulations nice today clothes aver body need merry christmas happy new year it’s a boy nice well done red yellow green blue what that

    By Anonymous on 11.16.2009

  7. The deck of cards laid on the table for over a week. It wasn’t like they ever played, but the brother and sister had neglected to put them away after their last venture. They weren’t able to finish the last game, which frustrated them.

    By Mandy on 11.16.2009

  8. I found a joker on the dryer the other night, just when I thought about calling her. She’s told me stories of finding them all over the street- always jokers. They’re supposed to mean life and death. I never thought it would happen.

    By r.a. on 11.16.2009

  9. I

    By YunaVieira on 11.16.2009

  10. trading cards, greeting cards. they make people feel better, a nice opening to a present or worthless? does anyone really care about a card? they just get to the present.. the older generation is who they appeal to but in todays society they are worthless even trading cards arn’t worth much these days. I used to collece mike pizzia cards

    By Jessica on 11.16.2009

  11. The other day, my little one gave me a card she had written to her uncle. It has the funniest words and mis-spellings in it. So cute. It is so strange things like these can make all the hurt and trouble of child rearing worth it.

    By LC on 11.16.2009

  12. cards. hm maybe ill start writing again…

    By elizabeth on 11.16.2009

  13. Put your cards on the table. We all get a set of cards. They are all different. You can win with a losing hand and lose with a winning hand. It isn’t about the cards, but about everything, including the glint in your eye.

    By jobo on 11.16.2009

  14. Playing cards is an enjoyable past time. I love playing card games ranging from Slap Jack to Sheephead. Cards can be mindless or can also be challenging and mind stimulating! Playing cards can keep you as sharp as a tack.

    By mrsw on 11.16.2009

  15. cards

    By Anonymous on 11.16.2009

  16. Cards are somehting that you can give to others. They can be bought, made, or downloaded off the inter.

    By test on 11.16.2009

  17. queens is an awesome fucking game

    By kpb on 11.16.2009