August 17th, 2011 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “succeed”

  1. If she was going to suceed at anything she had to follow through with this. She would never give up, no matter how many rejection letters she got. She would continue to write, every day until she was done, and then write some more, revise some more and she would continue to send out her stories . She would suceed!

    By anne saan on 08.18.2011

  2. When we run out of time, there’s nothing left to do. Not time to change anything or make any more difference to the world. Your times over, your life work, you’ll never succeed.

    By Sienna URL on 08.18.2011

  3. i like to succeed in anything. in school. with friends. it’s definitely a word that comes with joy and happiness and feeling of completion. it is a nice feeling, to succeed. i don’t think i know anyone that would disagree. i like to succeed. in anything. succeeding is a good thing, i promise you.

    By Paloma URL on 08.18.2011

  4. it is your own personal journey – it will always be challenging and hardwork is a must to achieve, you can always be it.

    By grace on 08.18.2011

  5. rwefsdxdzxczv

    By weawe URL on 08.18.2011

  6. win
    chouk ball
    tennis swimming

    By Olivia Pratico URL on 08.18.2011

  7. Succeeding is a part of life. It is essential to one’s life and succeeding means you gain a lot achievements and others. To succeed is to be wealthy. Succeeding is a fulfillment of life.

    By aira on 08.18.2011

  8. To succeed is so different for everyone. Its hard to really define it. It seems that for me to succeed would involve having an awesome job that I love going to every day and come home with awesome stories to tell. I don’t need money or the fame or the acclaim. Just the knowledge that I did something worth doing!

    By Kazzi URL on 08.18.2011

  9. Success is a vast spectrum of opportunities made most of. To Lipi, in Bangladesh, success is putting food on the table. Come to think of it, success is very simple, you just need some perspective.

    By Nishat URL on 08.18.2011

  10. sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to get where you want to be. if you don’t try, would you succeed? when you want something you can’t just wait around for a miracle. you have to go, put yourself out there, take a risk, maybe even make yourself look stupid & you will get it.

    By Lauren Labeff URL on 08.18.2011

  11. successful
    goal in life
    rich people

    By Sam URL on 08.18.2011

  12. I would succeed when I know what everything is, why everything happens, what to do when you don’t know what to do. I will succeed in life. I will succeed in relationships. I will be happy and success with be the definition of it.

    By elisadelina URL on 08.18.2011

  13. succeeding is often something we fear and never try and reach for. we are powerful beyond measure and that is what scares us. we often need that ‘kick’ to even try and do something and it might get you no where. we’re scared of not succeeding and succeeding too well. succeeding is strange.

    By Ezekiel on 08.18.2011

  14. Succeeding. Everyone wants to, but how many people actually do succeed? and wo judges, if someone has succeeded or not? Yourself, probalby. So it all lies in your hands. I guess. I don’t feel like I succeeded at anything today but sitting around, being useless. Might want to change that.

    By Fyriia on 08.18.2011

  15. Well? What is succeeding in the first place? Who decides if something succeeded or failed? Isn’t this our whole life? Trying to succeed?

    By life URL on 08.18.2011

  16. i want to succeed. failure is not an option. failure implies that i did not do what needed to be done. not wanted. needed. and for that i need, ney, must succeed or else i will simply be ashamed of my own abilities.

    By Tess on 08.18.2011

  17. My passion, my destiny. I wish to speed the pace up to this level in life. To see myself successful and happy. Not only successful, but also healthy, happy and loved. Living the life I want.

    By Yara on 08.18.2011

  18. All I see is success as a goal. Success as a reason to live. Success as a way to make people do crazy things. Crazier than what many may do. Crazy like the Al Qaeda. Crazy that can make or break the world.

    By henshinger URL on 08.18.2011

  19. Succeed? What a word to give me the first time I try this. It is my ultimate goal, and I depend on it more than I do on food on water. Which is why I became anorexic. Either way, I have to learn to let go of my necessity for it, and cope with failure. Perfection is not success, but learning to live without it, I rate. I stillvhave lots to learn though. What is succes anyway? Just something defined by our society. Personal success is what everyone raves on about, but even that is based on the expectations of society, and that’s nt right!

    By Kara B on 08.18.2011

  20. Everyone wants to succeed, but we all define success differently. As Katharine Hepburn said, you can’t have it all. If you want a terrific family life and your focus is there, your work life is going to suffer, and the converse is also true. So we all seek a balance somehow between all the conflicting demands on our time and energy.

    By elizabeth b URL on 08.18.2011

  21. One day I’ll succeed, I’ll climb that ladder of success, far above the glass ceiling, far above my parent’s failures and the success of my peers, I;ll climb so high, the sky will belong to only me. I will claim it as my own. I will win in the end.

    By Gemma on 08.18.2011

  22. it is a fulfillment of dreams. achievement of what you really wanted to get/ have. Winning moment

    By Jaemie URL on 08.18.2011

  23. To succeed, you have to ignore. Minimalize. Filter. Win.

    By slater URL on 08.18.2011

  24. To succeed seems somewhat impossible. What counts as true success? Emily Dickinson says “Success is counted sweetest by those who ne’er succeed” and if you look at the world today, her words from all those years ago ring true, people who are “successful” are unhappy… so what is true success?

    By Grace URL on 08.18.2011

  25. It’s a verb. It’s hard to succeed in everything so you have to pick a few things to invest your time in.

    By M on 08.18.2011

  26. To succeed is vital. This is one of the most important words in the English language. To succeed is not to beat others out, it is to help and ensure that you have left a positive mark on society. To succeed is to live fully. To succeed is to influence.

    By Ali URL on 08.18.2011

  27. I’ve let my self come along with nothing but this in my head and I’ve seen a lot but failure to achieve it scolds. I crave and don’t understand it. I try so fucking hard. Why aren’t you here to help me through to this seemingly unachievable word? Where have you gone.

    By Aaron-colby on 08.18.2011

  28. He wants to succeed but his inner-most fears stop him from even trying. He gulps and takes a step forward and recognizes the old feeling of a butterfly – no – a bat fluttering in his stomach.

    By Shawn Kelley URL on 08.18.2011

  29. it’s a thing in life that everyone wants. everyone want to succeed, but will success really make you happy? it can often isolate you from the ones you really love and make you become obsessive…so it’s not always a good thing i suppose…yeah. bye :D i hope you enjoyed my rant on success <3

    By zen on 08.18.2011

  30. i promised myself at the age of young, id grow up to be whatever was fun. im doing what i what as well as what i need, at the speed of my choice and the speed of the scene.

    By gerald on 08.18.2011

  31. It was dark outside. The person attending to him was different, now a young nurse with “Danielle” pinned to the front of her uniform. Although her motions were gentle, Joseph found himself wishing she hadn’t succeeded the kindly old woman, the one who would hold his hand, Grace, was it?

    By Luke Z URL on 08.18.2011

  32. This is the time to succeed.. We all need xto fight to succeed …weither it be in…or family….this is important.

    By Zelda on 08.18.2011

  33. something that everyone wants is to succeed in whatever makes their life more exciting, fun and with meaning. I want to succeed!

    By Janus Christiansen on 08.18.2011

  34. everyone wants to succeed in like but not many no how, some cant be bothered to try. But others will do the best that they can to try and make something of them self and succeed in their like and i will try to be one of those people.

    By Lauren Hemmings on 08.18.2011

  35. succeed is pretty vague, right now it’s basically just getting good grades. It kinda makes me think of motivational speeches.

    By Isabel DePaul on 08.18.2011

  36. a good job making lots of money..true love and a great sex life with a like minded person enjoying everyday with out stress and grief living life to the fullest by never hurt anyone intentionally if it harm none do as yiou will without taking anything for granted

    By Kathie on 08.18.2011

  37. success is very important but also very is the goal of everybody in their life but it is different from one to another can succeed if you try hard but always keep in mind the possibility of failure.

    By ritsama URL on 08.18.2011

  38. Luke looked through the glass window, staring at the shiny jewels. If he could keep up his good work at his job, he would buy that ring, and present it to his love. He would succeed his goal. He just wished that he could meet the girl first

    By penguin on 08.18.2011

  39. Why this word again. I tried it last time. I don’t think my result was a…success. I can’t even use this exact word. How lame is that? Why not give a better word…like… frogs for example. I think I could succeed at writing a short diddle about frogs.

    By penguin on 08.18.2011

  40. Success is a relevant term, therefore making it’s past tense a relative one as well. Contrary to popluar belieft, I don’t believe that money equates to success. To succeed,, you must find peace.

    By Ellis Fields on 08.18.2011