August 18th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “deer”

  1. Deer poop looks weird
    and my cat’s tail
    looks like a deer’s tail
    only softer
    deer ticks are gross
    and gave my boyfriend
    a fever last spring
    i like venison.

    By Cava Lavani on 08.19.2011

  2. I deer…So annoying is is, but how calm. Reminds me of Bambi, but then reminds me of when my boyfriend told me of his mom coming in contact with a deer. How the hell did the deer like HER!? of all people??? She’s like the wicked which of the west.
    I’m always worried about deer, since my boyfriend hunts them: that means he’ll shoot it..

    By TK on 08.19.2011

  3. deer, its one of those words that can be singular and plural… always throws me off. I do like them though, they are so sweet and innocent yet I get scared when I see them crossing the street. The deer in a headlight look… I get that plenty of times, its become a way of life :P

    By pk on 08.19.2011

  4. It meandered through the trees, hooves crunching on the dried foliage. Her tail was down and she was calm when the gunshot cracked and she ran as fast as he legs would carry her, knowing her father and brother had just been killed in her forest and was now rotting with the leaves.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 08.19.2011

  5. My mother has always hated deer. She claims that it’s because they eat her tulips, but I believe it’s because she has a slight, unfounded fear of them.

    By Sara on 08.19.2011

  6. There’s always been a quiet, gentle beauty about deer. The way that they move so gracefully, the way that they always seem so innocent. How come they must be subjected to the cruely of humans? What exactly did they do to our species? Simple. They existed.

    By Michele on 08.19.2011

  7. A cute animal. Like the ones in the movie. They have horn type things at their heads. Brown. Spots. Usually lighter spots. Eats leaves and small animals. I think. Or herbivore. Lives in forest

    By Adriana on 08.19.2011