August 17th, 2011 | 829 Entries

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829 Entries for “succeed”

  1. success is success it’s when you achieve and be the best you don’t have any time to think about failign but you need to think about success. success is what makes us happy and it leads us to good things in our life. there is no neccessary need to be failing when you can easily be succeedding why sit here and think abotu being useless when success could be makign a change in the world.

    By kayal on 08.18.2011

  2. i will succeed to achieve my dreams
    permacultural farm
    i want to de independent
    quiero ser independiente
    i will graduate and get my degree
    i will succeed!!!
    success means different things to different people
    i will succeed!

    By hilarie on 08.18.2011


    By BILLO on 08.18.2011

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    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.18.2011

  5. Yesterday my dog tried to bury a bird. After chasing it for a while, he decides that it was just not worthy, so, in a weird kind of way, he succeeded. No more buried birds because of lazy dogs.

    By Cez on 08.18.2011

  6. you must concede if i succeed i will impede your ability to breed.

    By redryan URL on 08.18.2011

  7. getting good at something and winning in your own eyes. As long as you are happy with it, then you have succeeded.

    By kyla on 08.18.2011

  8. artists need to succeed to continue their crafts. Succeed means ‘selling’ and being able to continue to make works of arts. By way of painting, singing, producing, performing, writing.

    By Marisol URL on 08.18.2011

  9. I would like to succeed in life. This word has a very important meaning for me. I can’t imagine my world without it. I will succeed one day. I promise to myself.

    By Oana on 08.18.2011

  10. To succeed is something we all aspire to. But I find myself thinking that some people might be willing to do crazy things to ensure that very same success. Even step on others.

    By Karin on 08.18.2011

  11. I will succeed. I know I will. Or will I truly fail? Nothing is sure in this world. This world, I still can’t call it home. I should. I m stuck forever here.

    By Agathe on 08.18.2011

  12. It’s so far away. The road I’ve taken, who knew I might actually reach the end. This is it! I’ve succeeded! I did it! I did it! …

    I’ve succeeded. Now I want to go home. And rest.

    But then again, the way back home is always further from this side of the road.

    By isabellesc on 08.18.2011

  13. Today I got my place confirmed for University, the biggest success so far in my life. My family and myself felt very proud and I cannot wait to attend in September. Tonight I will go for a meal, drink champagne and celebrate with a night out with my best friends! Yaaaaaayyyy Best moment of my life so far!

    By EmJay on 08.18.2011

  14. Success is my cologne that i like to put on every morning before i head out. Excellence is what leads to success which comes in many different forms. Like everything else success is what you make it; try harder and you will reap good fruit; be a slacker and become a product of failure.

    By Emmanuel on 08.18.2011

  15. All I ever wanted to do was succeed in life. I may only be young but my dream is slipping and slipping fast. My school life was a blur and only ended in failure, similar to that of my college years and what also seems to be my relationship, too.

    By ami on 08.18.2011

  16. Most of us want to succeed. Small successes assist us to succeed. Succeeding help the all to grow in better people.

    By Monkey on 08.18.2011

  17. I hope i succeed. This doesn’t mean that i want a lot of money, or a huge house in the countryside. No, i want to succeed at something which i’m currently failing at; being happy. The success rate is high amongst most teenagers, so i hope i’ll succeed, one day. Until then i shall try and fail and try again to succeed.

    By Maddie on 08.18.2011

  18. aspire to win at something, to look at a problem and find that simple solution that does either require hard work or sacrifice, to become something you want to be by simply accomplishing it.

    By natalia on 08.18.2011

  19. happiness, satisfaction, success, children, family, finally, wealth, safety, security, proud, tears, life, love, long, safety, excited, everything

    By Tania on 08.18.2011

  20. I know I want to succeed. Don’t really know what it means to me though. Probably that I’m happy, that I don’t feel like my life is lacking. That I can be who I am without being pushed into a box, that I can trust those around me, fill my days with love and smiles. That I know that I am doing something that I like, and that even if it is hard work, I want to keep on doing it. That is what I think I need to succeed. To be free, to be happy, to be loved and to love. That is what I find important, the rest falls into place as I move through life.

    By Evd on 08.18.2011

  21. do everything in life to make you happy then, and only then you will be a success. Do not do what others expect of you in order to achieve their idea of ‘success’. Be yourself. Be happy. Be confident. Just be…and success will follow.

    By sinead dunne on 08.18.2011

  22. Try and you will do this. It’s about learning not the result. It’s about reaching for something beyond yourself and achieving it . Be better at being you. It’s not always easy

    By Lauren herschel URL on 08.18.2011

  23. Okay, succeed, it makes me think about how I strive to make everything around me better. How I want to do so well in school, and it seems like no matter how hard I try, I could have always done better.

    By Christina Shaw on 08.18.2011

  24. Succeed. Follow. Lead. A thousand feet tall, the tyrant stands above us all. Dark. Menacing.Shoes caked with attempts.

    By Meggie URL on 08.18.2011

  25. Life is tough. To succeed you need to keep pushing. hmm when i write the word ‘succeed’ instead of reading it on computer font, it looks more correct. Oh shit, this 60secs is faster than i thought. i don’t think i’m going to succeed writing enough or about things that are meaningful enough to be up on the web where everyone is going to read it..

    By Jessica on 08.18.2011

  26. school, when i try really really hard to do this. I always want to do my best, and even though sometimes I don’t, I do more or less… Sometimes I feel like it is impossible to do this though…. Life is hard, and I can’t always succeed…

    By Christina URL on 08.18.2011

  27. to suceed is something really important in human life. Nothing motivates as musch as succeeding !!!

    By Selma on 08.18.2011

  28. Your whole life is about succeeding. That’s what high school and college is for. What you work so hard for. When you do succeed it’s supposed to be rewarding right? But no one really knows what its like, because no one ever completely succeeds. If they did, what more would there be to their life?

    By Anika on 08.18.2011

  29. i want to succeed I have so many dreams and aspirations that I know I can achieve if I can just leave my aprehention behind. Leave all of my doubts that hold me back. I can be successful. I can write I can paint I can create I can innovate. There is hope for me. There is hope for the world.

    By Mary on 08.18.2011

  30. Deny popularity. it is the death of success.

    By Zac on 08.18.2011

  31. something that everyone wants to do. it’s not very easy but it’s not very hard either. its how to define it which makes it tangible and possible. anyone can do it, but the question is…does everyone get to succeed…the answer is no. does everyone try…the answer is no. that’s why not everyone is successful. it’s not given to you, you have to try to succeed.

    By jessica on 08.18.2011

  32. to succeed is what we all hope for to succeed in a relationship in work just in life i general but to succeed in happiness is what we should all be looking to do sometimes we forget to succeed in material wealth will not bring us all the happiness we think it will.

    By Amber on 08.18.2011

  33. How to succeed is the most obvious question, quite apart from how do you actually spell it correctly? Is it two cs or one. I can never remember but luckily spell check and autocorrect exists so we can all spell successfully.

    By GG on 08.18.2011

  34. In order to succeed you must try. You must fail. You must have the strength and the bravery to go where you’ve always dreamed. Success is in overcoming your obstacles to reach a point of happiness. In order to succeed one must be as open to happiness and satisfaction with their accomplishment as they are driven to push forward and achieve more.

    By Jennifer on 08.18.2011

  35. In life. it matters for continuous improvement. matter of self respect and self appreciation
    An award for careful actions and planning.

    By Cym on 08.18.2011

  36. Wow! I want to succeed, but I’m not sure how. Perhaps I should watch other successful people. Perhaps I should watch my friend Jody as she perseveres through the tumultuous waters of a beginning teacher. I admire her drive and tenacity, and most of all, her overarching optimism!

    By Mrs. Weintraut URL on 08.18.2011

  37. I had always known that it would be important for me to suceed in life. this was a fact that was made even more stark when my mother died. Now i had to support my four younger brothers and sisters. I used to do a

    By nel on 08.18.2011

  38. I’m writing about this again. Succeeding is something that happens when you are fulfilled or satisfied with what has happened. For example, if you win something you have succeeded. But if you are happy with something, say life, you have succeeded at life in your own eyes.

    By Kyla URL on 08.18.2011

  39. I know that I have succeeded when my horse is supple putty between two legs, I have succeeded when he carries me with more power than even God knew when he made them, and I have succeeded when I come to realize that I can never tame a wild thing.

    By Melissa on 08.18.2011

  40. money power happiness stress boats trees houses gold lush family kids husband peace quiet happiness love love love love love no stress vacations fame power peacefulness satisfaction pride happiness excitement relief

    By Emily Rose on 08.18.2011