October 17th, 2017 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “stylized”

  1. This is a stylized font. I now to stylize resumes for my friend. I don’t know how to style my outfits, but I do now how to style a document! So all I can say is this is a nice font. THank you. for this. How is it giving me the time to write more if I thought that my time was up? THis seems to be a bug in the system.

    By Aviva on 10.17.2017

  2. The stylized logo at the top of the page was one Victor would probably recognize, because it seemed he knew all of he print shops in the city. Émile could barely read it, though.

    By Kit on 10.17.2017

  3. when you get to a store an u are a girlly girl and you like stying you coth

    By emonie URL on 10.17.2017

  4. I think mostly about the clothes you are wearing or a stylist. I hate getting dressed up for something but this is the opposite. You are liking getting dressed up to me, especially since you are stylized.

    By solara URL on 10.17.2017

  5. Jeffery’s hair was stylized beyond a doubt . He just came from the barbour shop . Where there is flat screens, comfortable chairs, and the smell of hair gel.

    By Caleb on 10.17.2017

  6. It was stylized. it was new. it is…THE NEW AND IMPROVED COW!!! the cow is in fact, a living and thinking being, created in the labs of Dr. James C. Mayors, who was sent to jail for illegal experiments on humans, trying to create the mythical cow, but only succeeded after being released and finding a lab deep, deep in the jungle created by prehistoric scientist who, in the past, have succeeded in making the cow. there was a lot of papers in an obscure dialect about making the cow, and, being on who is learned in the language arts, he managed to decipher and improve it, making a better cow. all who laid eyes on it practically fell in love with it, meaning that they couldn’t resist doing it’s every demands, and soon, they started making more cows, on the originals instructions, and then the reign of the cows began.

    By Secretcommander on 10.17.2017

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    By Secretcommander on 10.17.2017

  8. the house was stylized to look like Hemmingways’, the booze counter, the ink-splotchy pages, the overturned ash tray. he was an artist who lived in a dumpster, a crusader without a cause, but still I loved him, somehow.

    By athekolt on 10.17.2017

  9. The sophisticated young man known as Edgar Vale was clad in a tailored black shirt and tight skinny jeans, and he was painting a portrait of a stunningly gorgeous dark-skinned man.

    Sophie Anderson, his longtime assistant, poked her head into his studio. “Edgar, someone’s at the door for you.”

    By Annie URL on 10.17.2017

  10. This was an odd choice for a font. I would have expected something, sober, professional. Maybe a bit of an hard edge, some classic panache. But not this.
    I pressed the button of the intercom. “Dan! Get your ass in my office! Now!”

    By Pierre on 10.17.2017

  11. Style is something that can at times be important to me. It sets a tone and an intention. I guess it provides a focal point for our vision board that we live everyday. Everyone has a style even if it doesn’t take a form of effot

    By nat on 10.17.2017

  12. It was the kind of movie that had been intentionally stylized to be over the top – an 80’s kid’s wet dream as everything from leggings to bad hair to Belinda Carlisle to NES console games popped up onscreen. The story itself was straightforward, reminding its viewers of the many tales of teenage love and friendship as seen in the already established classics. The director, of course, was proud of his work, and the screenwriter was, too – after all, they were both tormented by the daggers of nostalgia.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.17.2017

  13. It was excess. The city. The lights. Everything was stylized. Even the people seemed to have been created by men in boardrooms, who knew the best way to make everything commercial.

    By jade on 10.17.2017

  14. She loved stylized clothing. Boring was not her ally, so she customized everything, starting with her wardrobe down to her night lamps. This brought so much more color to her life. It was her joy.

    By Bianca on 10.17.2017

  15. My doctor’s stylized handwriting was just as uninterpretable yet comforting. It meant that I wouldn’t have to go another day dealing with the pain that had long crept from my back and into my heart. 

    By LifesGrey on 10.17.2017

  16. What a ridiculous word. What does it really mean? In the land of fashion magazines and moguls and high heels, is that where this takes you? Or. What?

    By sher on 10.17.2017

  17. Hair carefully stylized, and pants sitting just-so, Eaton sat comfortably across the table, and stared his producer down.

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.18.2017

  18. Under the swish of her brush, an image forms. How she condenses so much meaning into black lines with the elegant movement of her wrist.

    By and& on 10.18.2017

  19. It
    my style
    to lie
    but sometimes I simply cannot
    help myself
    Because Life Is Cruel
    and looking into a 7 year old’s eyes
    and saying
    that somethings just cannot be fixed

    By K Dale on 10.18.2017

  20. stylish, fashionista, Fashion week, clothes, accessories, furniture, Lifestyle, glasses, scarf, shoes, Fashion industry, children labour, deve

    By Eva on 10.18.2017

  21. fashion personal taste erudite word symbol maybe not fashion meaning never used it in English puzzling

    By kc on 10.18.2017

  22. 1stylized = Sew To You Lives ‘z’ Echoes Domain.

    By Garz on 10.18.2017

  23. She flipped her coiffed hair, trying to keep it out of her eyes. You would think the stylist would have known that she needed to be able to see.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.18.2017

  24. es tea why el Iz z echo does

    By Garz on 10.18.2017

  25. My ideal of life is one that is stylized. Aesthetics, photo-worthy moments. Not one of little unremarkable moments, but one that can be admired from afar.

    By Amanda on 10.18.2017

  26. Making one’s one based on preferences and tast. I stylized my classroom to relate to students’ interests.

    By Dave on 10.18.2017

  27. this website is stylized…sort of. I have said this many times, but the people who make/update this website need to get new words. i have done this word yesterday and other words multiple times and it is getting boring, or it would, if i didnt like just typing whatever comes to mind, like yesterday, and you should read it. you will know which one it is if it starts something like this: “It is Stylized…it is the ALL NEW” and so on. just click on yesterdays word, look for an entry by Secrecommander, and enjoy! i hate doing the same word over and over again, but hey, if i write something good the first time, I can just tell you about it and you can read it!!! also, i am going to start a YouTube channel soon, so stay tuned to find out what it is called!!!! please like and subscribe!

    By Secretcommander on 10.18.2017