October 15th, 2017 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “welfare”

  1. I cannot take anymore of this welfare money, its too much for what trouble? i’m going to die sooner or later from an unknown death and yet they wanna support my bills? Please just leave me alone to die ok?

    By Adrien Santiago URL on 10.17.2017

  2. I am proud. I have dignity. I am a man just like the rest of you. Or, so I thought. It’s cold out here. I shake my cup to the sound of the feet which step in front of me. Begging for life, but I am not even human in their eyes. Just another piece of trash on the street. A penny falls in my cup, but no one stops. I keep shaking my cup, waiting for my next helping hand.

    By Jeremy on 10.17.2017