October 18th, 2017 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “backpack”

  1. Everything I own
    I wish I could fit it all in
    And walk the road in freedom
    Because freedom is not a destination
    But a state of mind

    By smattc URL on 10.18.2017

  2. A remember barely opening my eyes. I was so tired. I didn’t think I could make it out of bed. Somehow I found the energy. Maybe it was the smell of pancakes that gave me that extra motivation to raise my head off my pillow. Or maybe it was my dad pounding on the door. There was n sleeping in, in a military family. It was the first day of school. And as I stood in front of the door after putting on all of my first day of school clothes my dad asked If I was ready. Work time I screamed as I ran down the street. My backpack was wide open and so went a trail of my excitement following me from the house. By the time I got to school everything was already gone. Inside the classroom, my teacher asked the class if we were ready. I would have said work time, but I left all my work at home.

    By Jbeale on 10.18.2017

  3. The backpack weighed heavy, dragging me down. It had what was left of my brother who I’d left to drown..

    The backpack weighed heavy, its contents so red… It had what would doom me to hell if anyone saw the head.

    By Lee on 10.18.2017

  4. I got my backpack at school. Saw another girl at school with the same backpack. My backpack is usually full of a lot of stuff I don’t need. If there was a contest for who had the weirdest, most random things in their bag. I’m pretty sure I would win.- I don’t clean it out very often.

    By Jeannine on 10.18.2017

  5. In my backpack were the makings of a dilapidated second home. I had the proper tools, and now all I needed was to invade Mother Nature’s bosom and extract the remaining shards of wood and foliage that still grew within that earthen, metaphorical cleavage. I fetched a hammer and my pocket knife, and once all the pounding and whittling was done, I had a roof away from the rain, and I could eat my last bagged dinner in peace.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.18.2017

  6. “put that sac back
    and get a backpack
    black – not bushwhack”
    he starts to backtrack but gets caught up playing blackjack
    in comes the lumberjack on horseback
    he’s eating flapjack flavored crackerjacks
    asking about his black backpack
    I say “not yet, Max”
    and we play jacks to pass the time, joking and trading wisecracks
    my partner still hasn’t returned – the eternal amnesiac
    the lumberjack’s patience has fallen with a thwack
    I expect an axe attack
    but he just got up, left, and gave us negative feedback

    By omqwat on 10.18.2017

  7. I can fit at least a month’s worth of my life into my backpack. Like, I wouldn’t need anything else. It always fascinates me how you can have so much shit strewn about and pack it all up into your backpack and it fits. If only I could have fit you in there. Maybe then, I could retrieve you now that you’ve gone away.

    By Anna C on 10.18.2017

  8. I have a blue backpack and it has been worn out since I have been using it for a long time. The only reason why I cannot throw it away because my grandmother gave it to me as my birthday present.

    By Ayaka Naomi on 10.18.2017

  9. Everything I owned was confined to a single bag that I was carrying on my shoulders. That said a lot about me. When a person decided to leave all the distractions and stressors of the world and take all their worldly possessions, they should have more than just a single bag, yet that was all I had as I hopped on a bus out of town, everything important to me packed away neatly.

    By MissRainbow13 on 10.18.2017

  10. 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backpack pack

    By Ayaka Naomi on 10.18.2017

  11. A pack on your back its a backpack! my lovely backpack will tell me the way, i can t find anything today Oh! wait my backpack holds it all silly backback

    By Beckay on 10.18.2017

  12. when i used to go to school, i would wear a backpack.

    By noor on 10.18.2017

  13. Backpacks are helpful for many different reasons. First of all, we can use them for school, work, trips, etc. We can use them to carry essentials and belongings such as books, clothes, important papers, laptops, and much more. Backpacks come in many different sizes and shapes which makes it easier for us to bring it anywhere and everywhere we go. It might also be helpful to carry a lock with your backpack if you have important or valuable things like phones or money. A few possible downsides of owning a backpack can be if your school or workplace doesn’t allow them and depending on how much you carry in your backpack, it could cause back pain throughout your day. All in all, backpacks can be a very useful object for many different reasons but may come with minimal downsides.

    By kaylee on 10.18.2017

  14. I watched the strap of my backpack hang low on the hook. It dangled, that single thread did. That singular, lonely attachment tethered to the mass it had once been sewn into. Taut and worn, it hung on for dear life, fighting to the very last fiber.

    By LifesGrey on 10.18.2017

  15. My worldly positions kept or shall i say crammed neatly(ya right …lol) into the linings of a garment called a …backpack

    By RaShelle on 10.18.2017

  16. Shuffle everything in to it and go to a place where you can take everything out, your books will have clues and yourself will have truths that you can use.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.19.2017

  17. When I think of this word I think of a vacation in the mountains. I will make my own coffee over an open campfire.

    By Alwin on 10.19.2017

  18. I take my backpack everywhere. I need it it is my life. I guess you are curious what is in it? Well I don’t feel the urge to tell you at this moment. So I will let you guess.

    By eelkje on 10.19.2017

  19. People always assume in my line of work a backpack would come in handy. I always disagree. Backpacks are cumbersome and require you remove them to retrieve your gear. Vests are, by far, the superior accessory for the man on the go.

    By Dresden St James on 10.19.2017

  20. She had everything in there. Everything that mattered to her was in that strappy bag on her back. Nothing else was out there in the world that she could call her own. She walked under each street lamp as it illuminated her face and the world in short little spots every twenty feet or so. She remembered all she had left. All of her things in the world were on her back.

    By Amanda on 10.19.2017

  21. She filled her bag with books, clothes, whatever would fit. It was a hurried packing, not thought out, not organized, not calm. She barely got the zipper closed when she realized she was overreacting.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.19.2017

  22. I’ve never been a user of backpacks. Growing up, the Walmart bag was by far more useful for my gifted brain. Backpacks required too much organization. You would see me walking down the hall with 4 Walmart bags full of lunch, homework, textbooks, and my favorite journal.

    By Melissa on 10.19.2017

  23. and amazing tool for students to store things and carry them anywhere. It is used a lot for schools and really good to use for light things as a book.

    By laura on 10.19.2017

  24. rekjfnjkrgnberghe, djffn sknkenrkwnd wkdker

    By hjb on 10.19.2017

  25. As I quickly dressed myself, I remembered that i had not removed my backpack from my closet. I opened the closet to find a family of

    By mark Tackett on 10.19.2017

  26. i got this cool looking backpack it is like coolness. IT has red plaid with back and it had a light brown leather bottom and it cool. IT had a tablet holder in the back it is pretty cool!

    By Mikkala on 10.19.2017

  27. it was in a backpack of an unsuspecting kid, walking home from school. there was nothing extraordinary about the backpack itself, but what was inside it…thats another question. it was waiting in the backpack until the kid got home, went into his room and closed the door, for that was what the kid always did when it had watched him for the past week. now, when the kid got home, he went into his room, but didn’t close the door. it got out and attacked, but his parents heard it. when they got there however, no one was to be seen, because it was hiding in the backpack, after a good meal. this was how it lived its life. it would watch the kid, and then…all of a sudden the kid would “disappear”. it was…THE NIGHTMARE THAT LIVED! no one could ever find any of the kids.

    By Secretcommander on 10.19.2017