December 11th, 2009 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “stud”

  1. a good looking man. usually someone who is athletic, in good shape, or has nice hair.

    By katie on 12.12.2009

  2. What dumb girls want, what smart girls will never get

    By erin B on 12.12.2009

  3. i have a stud in my ear, it’s diamond. I like it very much, it cost me $10. I bought it in HotTopic, I think it was a very good bargain. I love my stud.
    My girlfriend says that I’m a stud, because I’m very attractive. I agree with her, don’t you? I’m pretty sexy.

    By Dotz on 12.12.2009

  4. usually a piercing accessory, goes in ear, nose, belly button, and all sorts of stupid places.

    By k on 12.12.2009

  5. It’s like a horse or a beam in a building. Of course, some would say that a stud is a person who can also pick up all the ladies.

    By Anonymous on 12.12.2009

  6. I wonce visited a horse stud in Kentucky. There I saw some marvellous thoroughbred raceghorses. Some yearlings with their mothers and a fantastic colt who I believe later on went on to fetch the biggest prize at the Kentucy yearling sales. WWhilst at the stud I also saw the finest brood mare I have ever seen. Her coat glistened in the sun as she

    By Mark Sullivan on 12.12.2009

  7. Me, I’m a stud. why? because I said so. Not because I was the all-star quarterback, not because I got all the women, not because I got all the money, not because I got the nice car, not because I got the right clothes, because I said so…that’s why.

    By je on 12.12.2009

  8. The stud. The hot guy with the confident swagger and the rocking body. The studs not for me…

    By Kerri on 12.12.2009

  9. a man who is built.
    a burly person.
    tip of a nail.

    By Aaron Gecowets on 12.12.2009

  10. Gleaming godliness, and it makes my thoughts stop. As tendons stretch my neurons brake, making glorious flashes as they go.

    By jorken on 12.12.2009