September 7th, 2010 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “stroller”

  1. I am a neonatal nurse. I am blessed and privileged to work with infants as they take their first breath in life. And sometimes, I sadly see them take their last as well. For either situation, it is among life’s greatest blessings to work with life so fresh and innocent!

    By mceeh URL on 09.07.2010

  2. The woman walks down the street with stroller, looking so blissfully happy it makes my heart ache. I can never have that. She doesn’t even know how lucky she is, can’t possibly understand the concept of never being able to have a child. It makes me so jealous I can hardly breath. It’s no her fault, but I can’t help but despise her.

    By Katie F. URL on 09.07.2010

  3. “Stroller? I hardly knew her!” And he laughed so hard that little bits of french fry came flying out onto the table, and I decided then and there this would be the last time I found a date off the internet.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 09.07.2010

  4. he was a stroller, a rebel of the unwalked roads, the shortcuts and unknow.stroll through ur life, be a stroller and ur steps will make a difference

    By adina on 09.07.2010

  5. I will probably never have to own a stroller. I will never fall in love again, I will never get married and I certainly will never have a baby. No strollers for me. So, sad.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 09.07.2010

  6. The biggest purchase I’ve ever made in my life is the stroller. I’ve bought a house, it made a home for me and my wife, and, of course, our soon-to-be born child — but it’s just bricks and wood. I’ve bought a car, it gets us around from point A to point B; but it’s just metal and plastics. The stroller, though…it makes me a Father; it makes us a Family, its importance is too often underestimated.

    By Manata URL on 09.07.2010

  7. I was born pushing it and never wanted for a passenger, a silent companion who like me was watching and waiting but content to see all around until filled with light closed and slept behind the eyes and then began anew the stroll.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 09.07.2010

  8. The stroller held her in shaded comfort, and as people leaned down to look upon her she held a smile in her sleep for all to see.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 09.07.2010

  9. i sit here, watching the sheep go by. one by one, they patter down the walkways in the park. baaa baaa, they think in their little heads. some are in a hurry – cantering, thundering down the walk. watch out i’m coming through!
    Still others are simple strollers, grazing their ipods and other gadgets as they amble down a shaded lane.

    By cleany URL on 09.07.2010

  10. The typical image comes to mind, of a suburban mother taking a walk with her baby in the stroller she’s pushing in front of her. It’s rather stereotypical and narrow-minded, though. Why can’t the father do the walking? Why can’t societal norms be overturned? Why does there need to be a baby at all?

    By vish URL on 09.07.2010

  11. As she put the child in the stroller, Mary looked around to make certain no one noticed her. mary has precious few minutes to strap the child in and make a fast getaway.

    By Lori Anne Sickman on 09.07.2010

  12. babies ride in strollers you can get one at babies r us and they are mobile haha

    By Amahdi on 09.07.2010

  13. My beautiful baby girl curled up in her stroller as we walked along the by-way, daydreaming of what the future holds for our family. At that moment, everything seemed perfect. Then, in a flash, I saw the carrier flying through the air. The car in front of me, it all happened so fast and yet so slow at the same time.

    By Pamela on 09.07.2010

  14. There she sat, a baby in her arms and the stroller parked beside her. The baby giggled as she placed her own flesh and blood into that seat and pushed her down the long, winding road home.

    By Julee.a Wables URL on 09.07.2010

  15. stroll down the lane on a sunday afternoon. penny lane where memories tumble on ice candy sticks. strolling strolling – how droll it is to take a stroll on a sunday afternoon and forget all about the girl next door, who screams at midnight. oh yes, strolling is good for the soul.

    By dee URL on 09.07.2010

  16. The new strollers are so much more hi-tech than the old one’s. Are kids more hi-tech? No, so why the hell do we need $400 strollers? The stroller conglomerate mafia is getting stronger everyday.

    By Nick on 09.07.2010

  17. Most share the experience of riding in one, although none of us remember it. Strange how this thing that unites us is unknown to any of us…

    By imperfectskye on 09.07.2010

  18. its a bag on wheels a mother puts her little offspring in. she pushes it around all day parading her baby in front of the women that dont have one.

    By sammie on 09.07.2010

  19. For sale: stroller, used twice.

    By MCRoger on 09.07.2010

  20. Could it be me, walking the walk of life? As time goes by, should I stay or should I go? I m walking, wondering, imagining, hoping, visualizing my dreams.

    By lars URL on 09.07.2010

  21. The stroller was running away with her, who knew these things were so heavy and unwieldy, especially downhill

    By polgara URL on 09.07.2010

  22. I bought a new stroller as the baby shower gift for my new nephew. He will come into the world on November 19th and I can’t wait to meet him. If he’s anything like his big sister, he’s going to be the most precious little boy that ever lived.

    By Hilbit URL on 09.07.2010

  23. I want to be that mom pushing the stroller with her husband right beside her, showing my kids the monkeys at the zoo and making silly noises, but my life isn’t seeming to lead that way and I worry that no one could love me anyway.

    By Hyperbole URL on 09.07.2010

  24. I don’t know that I can write about strollers… being a sophomore in college the idea of having a baby freaks me out. I want one eventually– after I have some sort of income. I am going to be an uncle soon which is going to be great!

    By Will Murdock on 09.07.2010

  25. A mom pushed her jogging stroller down the street. Someone else had a stroller filled iwth cans that Sandra Bullock nearly mowed down in Speed. JLo is an idiot and bought a huge stroller in The Back up Plan. I hope to never need a stroller.

    By Brittany on 09.07.2010

  26. there once was a baby. it lived in a stroller. yes, it lived. don’t judge. this baby had no home. so it lived in this stroller. then one day this old man came strolling by (lol get it?) and he said “dear baby, would you like to come live with me?” so the baby said “yes” and they lived happily ever after. the end.

    By Sarah on 09.07.2010

  27. She watched as he pushed the stroller smoothly, just a hint of hesitation in the way his body moved. She smiled slightly, deja vu washing over her as her mind remembered a similar scene from centuries and centuries ago. The baby inside cooed softy and perfectly. The young man’s eyes widened in recognition that he was doing something right. Yes, she remembered a similar scene from centuries and centuries ago. And the whisper of familiarity told her that he was going to be just fine.

    By sweeterthansunshine URL on 09.07.2010

  28. I saw the young man pushing something, a stroller. I cringed thinking about my youth and how i thought about fatherhood. I am not ready, I couldn’t be a decent parent, not like this and not like I am now.

    I could if I had to, I would change but I wouldn’t want to, not now.

    By ben URL on 09.07.2010

  29. Along the Pont’s rocky barrier, a stroller stops and checks his shoes for a pebble. I’m watching from afar, my shouts lost in the sea winds, the ocean laughs, and there it is, finally, what I’ve always wanted to see: the merman of Pont Cros, in all his slimy, clawed sleekness. The pebble in his shoe is no longer the man’s problem. The problem is his dismembered body, rendered on the rocks, a bloody sheet down to the foam.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.07.2010

  30. The baby in the stroller had this horrible bonnet on. What is this, the 1900s? Why do that to your child? Anyway, the baby was wailing, probably because of it’s horrible bonnet.

    By Stephanie on 09.07.2010

  31. I have never been a stroller. A marcher, a strider, sometimes even a runner, but not much of a stroller. It seems that if you’re trying to get from point a to point b, why waste time by taking the extra time necessary to complete an activity that has such a leisurely sounding name — sure it rolls off the tongue, but it doesn’t give much of a sense of purpose.

    By C. C. Sheridan URL on 09.07.2010

  32. Den schiebe ich jetzt schon ziemlich lange vor mir her. Schleppt man halt mit oder schiebt man vor sich her. So läuft das. Also… fährt. Nur Kindergeschrei ist keins mehr zu hören. Obwohl ich echt gern mal schreien würde.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 09.07.2010

  33. walking, pushchair and mother, busy street, passing shops, cafes and restaurants. she cannot enter having a twin seater buggy is complaicated.

    By nedy on 09.07.2010

  34. I really love strollers. Although not so much the wheels because they always stick. Yesterday my little sister and I put a titch doll in a stroller and rolled it down a big hill. I’m sure someone called DSS on us… So worth it though.

    By Alana URL on 09.07.2010

  35. stroller? like the thing you push a little human in. i don’t know. it sucks growing up and than being the one who has to push. why can’t we all glide along. forever.

    By andy on 09.07.2010

  36. babies bonnets, stuffed toys and rattlers all stored away for that spring walk in May. Times are changing, leaves are budding and the happy robin sings.

    By LISA on 09.07.2010

  37. You are but a few months now, I can control you with a stroller, but soon your little feet will know our ways. Baby please dont grow up too fast.

    By Mayra URL on 09.07.2010

  38. She pushed the baby stroller down the street, oblivious to the bustling world around her. She couldn’t get that one damned idea out of her head. The idea – no, the fact – that the baby she was pushing – her genetic heir – was a Downs baby.

    Why did this have to happen to her? What did she ever do to deserve this? What cardinal sin did she commit to make the gods curse her with a retarded child?

    By anonymous URL on 09.07.2010

  39. I really don’t know what the hell this means… ah yes, to stroll means to walk almost aimlessly… Well, it’s an activity I like, because purpose is not always consciously built, but often comes from deep inside, and what look like aimless can really be deeply meaningful.
    So strolling, breathing, enjoying the mechanics of walking and colors, sound, the appearance of life and the world around us, can be one of the best and the most fascinating activities in our life. It depends on how much we are able to relate with the contents of our deep mind.

    By Salvatore Uras on 09.07.2010

  40. Well I love to carry strollers around. I’m only fourteen, but one day I wish to have children and I want to push my child around in a stroller. That would be neat. I’d be a super dad. It would be awesome.

    By Jonah on 09.07.2010