May 25th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “string”

  1. no strings is all i want. actually, i want to have some strings in my life, but the way i want them and in amount that i want them.
    strings are bad. i don’t want no strings. not now. i’m not prepared. at all.

    By Ana on 05.26.2010

  2. I came up with a huge string of excuses on a daily basis, each one more mundane or absurd than the last. In truth, there were no excuses.

    By polgara URL on 05.26.2010

  3. strings of cheese hanging out of my mouth while eating pizza. looks not so sexy. but mmmhhm

    By rememberjosilovesyou on 05.26.2010

  4. a candles but a simple thing i starts with just a bit of string but dipped with patience yet in hand it gathers wax upon the strand, life’s like the bit of string each deed we do a simple thing

    By peyton URL on 05.26.2010

  5. I was trying to figure out how to tie it up. It was a present; how was I supposed to tie it up with mere string? Not right. Okay, so how about lace, I thought, trying it out. Not working. Okay, so ribbon – and, finally, we have a winner!

    By Alicia on 05.26.2010

  6. The string theory proposes that everything in the universe is interconnected with everything else. It is a theory that resonates with many in the scientific community.

    By ardeeann URL on 05.26.2010

  7. Small white shoe string
    Hangs so loose
    drips droops and flops
    from my shoe
    Small White shoe string
    that hangs so loose
    Tie it up, before it turns loose

    By Quincy URL on 05.26.2010

  8. the words string along like paper chains, folded and haphazardly snipped at until a jumble of syllables is spilled out like confetti. you don’t really understand what i’m saying, but the emotion in my eyes says it all.

    By Meghan URL on 05.26.2010

  9. a little string was all that was needed to start the knitting. just a little string tied onto the bigger skein of yarn. why does this pattern have this starting way? just a little string was all that is needed…

    By ko on 05.26.2010

  10. it’s wrapped around your finger.
    Tugged in your heart.
    Keeps feet and shoes.
    And brings things together.
    it’s pulling people along,
    tricking them into thinking they have a chance.

    By NuSol URL on 05.26.2010

  11. Stringing the cord around his arm as tight as he could, Jason found the vein he wanted. Injecting the trip, he laid his head back as he was taken for the ride of his life. Into a planet he never knew existed.

    By Brandon Christian on 05.26.2010

  12. it was on a golden glimmering string of light staring back at me with surprising intensity and a lost love from the days of yesteryear and the bright dunes of crystal. sapphire. ruby. emerald. shining in the sun.

    By martha. S URL on 05.26.2010

  13. beyond the matter lies particles woven on the loom that times fingers tickle. stuck together at times in a ball or a tattered mat of knots and knuckles but at times, in a sudden burst of ateleological serendipity we see the threads that weave the cloth that wraps up little bundles of dirt that we are.

    By paul on 05.26.2010

  14. it’s long and thing and never ends, you think you find the end but in continues until you hang yourself from the end of it, hang me now, string my laces, suck the laces of my converses, there’s no string in my mind, only edging threads, if you see my string in the air, kill me

    By Charlotte on 05.26.2010

  15. I once had a pice of string. Once i pulled on that string, nothing would happen, except that it would fall from it’s designated place. One day, i felt bold- I didn’t pull the string and my room was engulfed by a black-hole of nothingness.

    By taylor on 05.26.2010

  16. string theory is like cheese, it is confusing but makes everything so much better! until you divide by zero, then you’re just fucked.

    By Baker on 05.26.2010

  17. the string was the only thing holding me back. until the final thread broke. and then it was all over. fin. completed. unleashed. i swung my head back and roared my rage out into the world as i crusaded down to the mill where i knew you would be , sittting unaware of everything that was about to take place the unforeseen events which were about ot unfold. life from that day on would never be the same for the either of us.

    By jessica on 05.26.2010

  18. cat playsall night long, the buzzing fills my ears.
    i yell “STOP”
    no cease

    meanace, string is.

    my ears hurt.

    By katkidd URL on 05.26.2010