May 26th, 2010 | 310 Entries

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310 Entries for “pillar”

  1. Roman pillar white and strong and tall. it stands beside where hercules himself stood. reaching toward the sky looking down upon the damned souls who survive this world. We observe and try to comprehend.

    By Laurisse on 05.27.2010

  2. Pillars, the things that hold others up, in social groups these are the people that keep the group together and stop everything from falling apart. They a\zre generally not painted green, which is a very sad thing indeed.
    MEOW, cats are not pillars.
    Which sucks

    By Bass on 05.27.2010

  3. The rows of grey greek pillars jutted out of the thick concrete. Carving white windy… to much time to slow can’t quite ever know what and when and how to say it.

    By Flyderkov URL on 05.27.2010

  4. it stood taller than the sky and no one could see it’s top. No one but him. he sprad out his massive wings and took off, feeling the bite of the cold air as he flew to the top, to his tiny, humble home in the sky.

    By Lii on 05.27.2010

  5. pillar is a word that reminds me a caterpillar

    By angelina Pereira URL on 05.27.2010

  6. I dont know much about the word pillar expect that its used as vertical columns. maybe the romans and greeks used pillar in the buliding of their archetetcure.

    By Brittany Summers on 05.27.2010

  7. pillar reminds me ancient Greece and the wonderful temples they built to praise their gods

    By angelina Pereira URL on 05.27.2010

  8. It was time, she thought to herself. Although she was terrified of turning into a pillar of salt, she didn’t care. What needed to be done, needed to be done and dammit, she was going to look back!

    By Stephanie Mero on 05.27.2010

  9. pillar of salt from the bible, don’t look back or you’ll be stuck in the same spot forever. must just go for it, keep looking ahead. never stop to consider your path, or you might find yourself in ruins.

    By Lori on 05.27.2010

  10. Standing at the top of the mounntain, I am not the highest I can get. There is a pillar, I need to get up and stand to be the god of all the world, but there is no way to climb it.

    By Jason on 05.27.2010

  11. The simple, marble pillar, covered in fresh green, spring moss, holds so many unknown secrets. Secrets that would take years just to understand. Secrets of the world.

    By Mandy URL on 05.27.2010

  12. oh this makes me think of a princess like romeo and juliet. is she a princess? oh well. when i grow up i want to have a really hot husband like juliet except she died…so maybe not! but back to a pillar hmm. it also makes me think of salt

    By Lauren Hebert on 05.27.2010

  13. a pillar holds up a building/ stucture… and is often mistaken for a pillow :) ahha, try rest your head on this,…. i wish i was a fatser typer :/ ahhh well :) bye

    By Siobhan on 05.27.2010

  14. vertical column on a building. dunno how it is made though. it confuses me. men also confuse me, but thats going totall off topic haha, anyhooooo… holds up buildings like that greek thing in athens with that athena woman in it. I dont really know what its called. dunno why but i also think of leaning tower of pizza, does this have pillars? if so, they aren’t right good :) its LEANING! i’ve totally confused myself, thinking of things not to be pondered.. i may just rest my head on this comfy pillar :) haa CONFUSION…

    look how fast i can write duudes :) im am just sooo awesome. nah, secret is i knew what word it was, and just wrote a loada pooop in microsoft word and pasted it in this box :)

    By Siobhan on 05.27.2010

  15. pillars are big some small i’ve never taken a picture next to one. he said it was as big as a pillar but later I foind out he was lying… Very small and unsatifsfying. big waste of time I can’t stop thinking about kevin

    By Elizabeth on 05.27.2010

  16. A pillar of strength, or resolve. Someone with the ability to affect those around them with good values and morals, or the other way around. Strive to be a pillar, strive to be strong. Be unwavering against the winds of change and adversity.

    By Caitlin in Alabama on 05.27.2010

  17. id the thing tha holds up a ceiling.. it suports the weight of the roof and is what lots wife waws turned into as in a pillar of salt. there are a lotof them in greek architeture

    By Ruthanasia on 05.27.2010

  18. strength strong holding up the community dependable
    there for you help base
    need backbone

    By Anetra Smith URL on 05.27.2010

  19. My favorite book right now is Pillar’s of the Earth. It’s a sad fact that I find myself listening to books more often now than actually reading them. Don’t get me wrong, I read all day. But not for pleasure. My pleasure reading takes place in my car, while I drive to and from work. It’s a mechanism I’ve derived to drown out the traffic, downpour of rain, idiotic drivers, stress at work, anxiety to get home and see Kylee… you name it. Just goes to show a good book really does drown out the world and take you to another place.

    By Gina on 05.27.2010

  20. tall, strong, proud. Holding up civilization. The Greeks, with their discoveries and endless intelligence. Tucson High has strong, mighty pillars. Large school, filled with possiblities? Maybe.

    By elaina on 05.27.2010

  21. blah blah blah this is a pillar….like caterpillar. I got this one yesterday. Blah. Time is running out. A pillar. I’m not really talking about pillars. Pillar.

    By Aly on 05.27.2010

  22. She was stoic, standing beside her with her arms folded and her face set in what seemed like stone. As much as she tried to emulate the older woman in her tenacity and courage, she didn’t think she ever could.

    By Colleen on 05.27.2010

  23. pillars of plume in the ocean are dark. dark like coffee and dark like my skin. my skin is smooth like a baby’s bottom. bottomless pits like in lost. lost and found.

    By Chris on 05.27.2010

  24. i am alone on a pillar.

    By oti on 05.27.2010

  25. when you broke the pillar that held everything up, it almost crashed on my head and left me for dead.

    but i don’t think it matters anyways.

    By jillian URL on 05.27.2010

  26. The pillar rose in front of her like a mountain. She couldn’t see the top of it. Who knows how long it had been there. She had heard stories.

    By Jessica on 05.27.2010

  27. I like to think of myself as a willow as someone who can bend. But, now and then I have come to realize it is important, in fact essential that we stand for something. Then, I become a pillar. I am one with my belief and

    By JA on 05.27.2010

  28. She turned into a pillar of salt…salt that had lost it’s savor. She shouldn’t have looked back. What a pity? What a tragedy? Her life was tasteless

    By a p on 05.27.2010

  29. He couldn’t see…He was not weak though. He had one more chance to fulfill his destiny so he leaned on the pillar and pushed with all his might and brought the house down.

    By a p on 05.27.2010

  30. I am a pillar of strength, like all of the women in my family. I love the pillars seen in Europe. Can’t wait to get back to Europe and take pictures of the ancient and gorgeous pillars

    By Jennifer on 05.27.2010