May 24th, 2010 | 293 Entries

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293 Entries for “clash”

  1. It clashed with everything. I couldn’t believe how much everyone was looking at me. Judging me. I wanted to die. I knew that if I could just make sense of it all I would be alright. I could get through the next stage and into the valley below. Now I stuck out like a soar thumb and “they” were going to notice. It was all her fault.

    By Tim URL on 05.25.2010

  2. The Clash, Clash of the Titans, and I am sure there are others that have such an impact as the meaning of the word.

    By Sonny URL on 05.25.2010

  3. So when you see the word ‘clash’ you think about the band, right? Well I do. And I think about how I SAY i like them but can name very few of their songs and that’s actually applicable to so many bands that I feel bad. I feel like I can’t say I like anything, really.

    By Kirsty on 05.25.2010

  4. movie? no, crash. band. yes. the clash. should i stay or should i go? i’m going, of course, but how will others feel about it? how will my family feel about it? we love better from a distance anyway.

    By Shawn on 05.25.2010

  5. Clash of the titans. Whasn;’t that a television show or something? Maybe a movie. Hmmm… I don’t know, but it’s whatever. Let’s get it on. (:

    By Megan Bray on 05.25.2010

  6. of the titans. of the sea. of the world. of me. of the time. and growing old. I learn to talk. I learn to hold. a weapon ni my arms. I fight. I raor mighty and feirce. I am myself. I am the sea. I am you.

    By Riley on 05.25.2010

  7. chest to chest
    teeth to teeth
    crashing burning dying
    fuck, fuck
    and walk away

    By laura on 05.25.2010

  8. She hugged me with aggressive clarity at the party. It was a quiet clash, her skinnier form sweaty and vindictive in my arms. Her boyfriend, now ex, stood to the side, ogling me as though I were his prize.

    By Ella Emma Em on 05.25.2010

  9. musical group, a rage against one an other, two conflicting patterns that don’t go together, brown belt and black suit,

    By Sam on 05.25.2010

  10. This is the planet Clash. You have to believe in it in order to see it some day. Please, be patient, everything comes for a reason. This is your quest.

    By Nick Malfarepel on 05.25.2010

  11. Wow, again clash? Hmm, What can I write about clash now? Yes, I ve read some others efford and now the movie comes in my mind. Stupid movie wasn’t it? And was about my country’s ancient Gods. Pff.

    By Nick Malfarepel on 05.25.2010

  12. Cars crashing… I suck at this; I’m definitely not a writer. What does clash mean? Is it talking about fashion?? Cuz I know some people who definitely clash with their clothing. And by “some people” I mean “me”. I need help to not clash fashion-wise. Maybe a personal dresser like they have personal trainers.

    By Jess on 05.25.2010

  13. The clash of a drum was heard unexpectedly in the crisp morning air as the marching band unloaded its precious contents. Idly waiting for the parade to begin, James thought about the past parades and wondered whether he would see anything new this year.

    By DIllon on 05.25.2010