June 13th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “straw”

  1. That was the last straw. All his moaning and whining. She had had enough. Snapping her purse shut she stod up and marched to the fornt door. “Grow up” she snarled to the infant lying on the floor, slamming the sdoor shut behind it.

    By anne saan URL on 06.14.2012

  2. Slurp.

    A resounding slap echoes through the room.

    “I thought I told you to stop that.”

    “Nuh-uh, you didn’t say anything.”

    Another slap.

    By Melissa on 06.14.2012

  3. The long straw sat in her chilled glass by the pool. Her svelte, tanned body glided past the edge making small ripples beneath the waters surface.

    By Jenna on 06.14.2012

  4. strawberries. it reminds me of strawberries. and strawberry kisses that we shared. strawberries are pretty and tasty and remind me of love i have for you. i love strawberries <3

    By Ana on 06.14.2012

  5. There wasn’t anything like coming home, home way out here and across the ocean, after that. After all that. Home was like a dream and war was your life. You wouldn’t believe it ended, it was too big for that.

    It wasn’t until I smelled home that I knew I was there. I saw the house and the plowed fields and the big patio with the chipped, blue chair. But I didn’t know it until the breeze of the plains floated through the window. The breeze had passed through the barn before the car, and I smelled the barn; the hay, the straw, the musty. It brought my whole childhood back to me along with the war.

    By natty URL on 06.14.2012

  6. Straw in the shed,mouldy. No movement,no sound. A window cracked and dusty, a long time since visited. A haven once. A host to quietness.a chance to whisper secrets.Two girls with nothing in common, but horses, realized they had something to share. A story of a lost summer of innocence. One girl lost in crowd, a familiar welcoming face, older,wiser. A firm and reassuring hand. It was a night of rain with warmth by the fire,a wine to warm her up. Confusing her thoughts,her judgement,her fears. A warm embrace, a gentle lowering down to the floor. Flames highlighting her hair, red for danger and passion.
    A scurrying girl pulling her coat tight, a man twice her age left sleeping. A cover story, a fraud to cover her disgrace, she entered home prepared for questions. A phone line down, a bed at a girlfriends, oh yeah they dropped me at the corner, her mum was late for work.
    Whispering the story, just between two girls, in a forgotten horse shed.

    By Recallbook on 06.14.2012

  7. The straw that broke the donkey’s back is an age-old adage referring to the “end of one’s tether” as t were – in a sense, the final weight one can metaphorically carry until they reach their emotional breaking point. This leads to months of intensive therapy.

    By Jon on 06.14.2012

  8. Klammerst dich fest,
    du weißt niemals kann er dich halten
    hälst dich fest mit aller kraft
    doch es ist nur ein Strohalm
    er kann dein gewicht nicht tragen

    By anuri URL on 06.14.2012

  9. I was grabbing at straw always, when ever I have to make a decision as to whether or not my girlfriend, was serious about me.

    By victor URL on 06.14.2012

  10. She stretched out on the golden straw, looking at the birds roosting on the roof, rolled over, lazily scratched an ear and then after a full body stretch and a loud contented purr curled up to sleep in the sunshine. The birds could wait.

    By Semolina URL on 06.14.2012

  11. I fell backwards into the straw from my position on the side of the stall.


    That’s right, we were selling the farm.

    I couldn’t believe it. After all this time?

    By Kate on 06.14.2012

  12. straw is a funny thing which you only see in the city if you watch cowboy films and the farmers always have a piece of straw in their mouth. Straw is also often seen with Rabbits and nowhere else in the city.

    By Trystan Davies URL on 06.14.2012

  13. Straw was a young lad who had always wondered where his father might be hiding out. His mother had remained tight-lipped on the topic from the day Straw had been born and the likelihood that she would ever reveal any, even minor, details were slim

    By Aoife on 06.14.2012

  14. She chewed on the end of her straw, considering. “I’m not sure,” she murmured, turning her head to look out the window at the clouded gray sky. “It could have been anything. How am I supposed to know?”

    By LILYhibiku URL on 06.14.2012

  15. The straw sat in his smoothie as he watched it. He was contemplating the world’s problems by looking at that straw, as if it had all the answers.

    By Chelsea on 06.14.2012

  16. Happyness. Itchy pointy bits flailing. collapsing in confusion on top. best childhood memory seen thirty years later. Jumping off hay bales with kids I didn’t know and can’t remember. Straw. Funny..

    By Nandor on 06.14.2012

  17. straw; as day as a bone, yellow as the sun, rich as the earth and creating so much fun
    i feel it at my fingertips, it tickles at my toes. i smell the sweet scent that no one seems to know.

    By ally on 06.14.2012

  18. hat. i like straw hats i feel like a farmer when i wear one. i don’t actually own one, i just feel i will look cool in one. unbelievably cool. straws also come in drinks. but not umbrella drinks. i had a black straw once.

    By nikita chauhan jain on 06.14.2012

  19. this is a thing that you put into a glass. You use your mouth to suck fluid in. It is used in soft drinks. Straws come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. I have used many straws in my day.

    By Brendan on 06.14.2012

  20. I like straws. In fact, I think it is one of man’s greatest inventions. Using physics. The genius of mankind had been shrunken down for the use of people without thinking.

    By Joe on 06.14.2012

  21. straws are magnificent creatures designed to allow water, or other liquids, to travel from one place, to another place (generally containing some sort of suction). Straws can be straight, curvy, bendy, white and plain, or colorful and playful. Straws are the spice of life.

    By Aubrey on 06.14.2012

  22. in a world where straws rule the world! they drink all the water and make sure humans have no way of getting across the sea. They killed all the fish and all the oceans became new caverns! They are plains across vast places in the world and people have become to live without water and have no need for it anymore. with the world rapidly becoming a dry vast desert she, Harold, must save the world!

    By joseph on 06.14.2012

  23. straw. No, it doesn’t remind me of those twister-like ones.





    Oh gosh, I can’t believe I’m getting upset over some transversal angle and stuff like that.

    Chill, man, chill. :P

    By ollie URL on 06.14.2012

  24. Stroh lag überall auf dem Boden herum. Wie war es nur hierher ins Schlafzimmer gekommen? Suchend schaute ich mich um. Keine Kamera, kein Mann mit Handy oder Fotoapparat hinter der Tür. Irgendwie witzig, dachte ich. Dann trat ich ins Schlafzimmer und fiel fast

    By Nachada on 06.14.2012

  25. straws are great because they making drinking so much more convenient. honestly though, it’s another one of those lazy inventions to make humans find more reason not to move and stuff. yeah… i don’t know what to write.

    By sarah on 06.14.2012

  26. Straw. So delicate, so brittle, so powerful. Consumed by animals, used to consume drinks, a description for hair. Never poweful. Why? Straw is powerful. The straw the broke the camel’s back. Straws that puncture the the lids of cups. Brittle yet powerful. Much like us, much like the human race.

    By B on 06.14.2012

  27. Straw gat over straw hair
    The color of straw
    And the texture
    Crackly and brittle
    The last straw
    Of her fine straw colored hair
    Before she shaves it off
    Goodbye to femininity
    Hello to the battle

    By Lauren on 06.14.2012

  28. That did it. That absolutely did it. That was the last straw. Anna glared at Marissa as the girl plunked down on the bed, spilling debris from last night’s pizza party onto the floor.

    “Are you actually a pig or were you just raised by one?”

    By terradi URL on 06.14.2012

  29. “Welcome to my world,” he said as he draped his arm across my shoulder. It was the last straw. His borish behaviour and ill manners were opressive and physical assault on something he valued was imminent.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.14.2012

  30. Straws, bubbles in milk,
    as you drinking till you tilt,
    All about how your are built,
    if schnoz will be full of milk…

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.14.2012

  31. some are crazy. some are not. some are pink. some are white. some are clear. sometimes, when you bend one just right, it causes a nice sliver into the side & from that point on, you’re slurping as hard as you can to get the least amount of liquid in your mouth. that’s the worst kind of straw.

    By michelle on 06.14.2012

  32. I love straws. They are fun to drink with. They make things more exciting, like milk. You can use the straw to blow bubbles and then it will erupt and overflow down the side of the carton. That brings me back to elementary school days, when everything was simple. I lived in a simple town, with simple stores. Nothing was confusing, complicated or particularly interested. I’ve always described my hometown and the areas surrounding it as “the land of the chain restaurants.”

    By Stephanie on 06.14.2012

  33. One word to always live by is Believe ., if you don’t believe in anything you will fall for anything! And if you don’t believe in anything what is there to look forward to better yet live for! Take each day and live for the day believe in tomorrow and stive for the best! You only get one shot at this thing called life, so use it wisely! Dont fall for anything that is not worth your time! You are your own fortune teller. make life exactly what you want out of it! LIVE STRONG TAA 6-14-12

    By Tanya on 06.14.2012

  34. you can drink through it
    its a material
    horses eat it
    it has 5 letters
    you can make things out of it
    straw hat
    begins with an ‘s’
    straw seat

    By amy on 06.14.2012

  35. I love a good straw it makes me sip with out hurting my teeth what a relief if it wasn’t for a straw I would be in so much pain and my life would not be as fun for drinking all kinds of beverages and the world knows I love to drink. straws are also pretty the ones that bend are so fun too the best is the ones with stripes the old days it reminds me of. There is not enough words to describe my thoughts on the word straw. Life is a pretty sweet fruit!

    By Jenny on 06.14.2012

  36. Your straw is who you are.

    By Steven Czifra on 06.14.2012

  37. drink out of a bottle
    wheat and food

    By Clement on 06.14.2012

  38. Yesterday the word was straw. Today is the same. Is this a
    dream ? Has time passed. Or is it just me that is moving?

    By commonloon URL on 06.14.2012

  39. sipping and dipping i find myself drawing
    straws are flipping and this really sucks!
    how much time to drink this down
    i cant breathe my straws found
    sucking and sucking this really sucks
    find myself drinki

    By erica on 06.14.2012

  40. I already wrote about straw. Don’t you think its weirdthat we have no choice and we’re forced to writeabout whatever they tell us to? I feel trapped in a straw right about now.

    By marcia :) URL on 06.14.2012