May 8th, 2008 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “scent”

  1. He smells warm, so warm, and it’s behind is neck where I most like to hide and when he’s not there it’s still lurking in my head. Another man had the scent of warmth once, but when I seem him now it’s not there at all.

    By Wasurepoi on 05.09.2008

  2. the scent of a lady who is long gone. it should linger. it’s fleeting. i sensed that you knew my scent. that you would be able to recognize it or feel it somehow. remember me? forget me? crave me? think of me on hot nights or cold days?
    my scent keeps changing. to keep you off gaurd.

    By dzaed on 05.09.2008

  3. scent:- sent

    By ronald on 05.09.2008

  4. Scent invokes so many feelings in people. A scent can bring you happiness, sorrow, pain, joy, it can remind you of the best night of your life, or it can help you pass a dreaded test. When sitting in the class room, staring at the sheet of questions, a scent can remind you of the time you learned the material, and can bring you back there, just as it does with memory.

    By E. Dana on 05.09.2008

  5. the nose has sensed the beauty of life, the passage of the living. the intoxication and allure of who draws the life from you towards them.

    By elle glaze on 05.09.2008

  6. I like the way he smells when he’s been running. He comes in, chest heaving, grinning like a little boy, and his shirt’s all plastered to his ribs. I just want to put my face against his neck and breathe him in entirely.

    By Jackie on 05.09.2008

  7. we want to see whats behind the door.
    I dont know whats behind the door.
    Red hair
    And a teapot
    What teapot?
    The one that smells Jasmine?
    The one that belongs to Hanna.
    She smells like a teapot that contains jasmine-flavoured-tea.

    By marika on 05.09.2008

  8. damn that scent. her scent. I can’t get enough of it. Or at least, I couldn’t. Now I know its just the detergent. I’m getting sick of that scent.

    By m on 05.09.2008

  9. the smell of someone…if they have taken a shower or not. breathe in. this word is an acronim, mabye there is one sound but 2 meanings. scent, smell, money

    By cng on 05.09.2008

  10. You love the scent of a woman — no, not the movie, but the subtle intoxicating aroma of smooth skin and soft hair that you breathe in when a woman strolls past. You can’t quite describe it; you know it when it’s there, and when it’s there, it’s beautiful.

    By bb on 05.09.2008

  11. a cent for a scent? how long do i get it?
    the scheme sounded somewhat suspicious to me. a cent’s rather cheap, a scent holds so much, why if i only bought one, let me see…

    one scent a day for a cent, that is free. a scent for a scent, however, is a concept much harder to foresee (functioning).

    By joni on 05.09.2008

  12. He ran through the woods, branches clawing at his skin. He needed to get away. He knew the tracker models would have captured his “scent”; His DNA profile would be all over the place.

    By Stratcat X on 05.09.2008

  13. They say our sense of smell is the strongest of the five. A single scent triggers more memories, conjures more emotions, and our recognition is nearly instantaneous. A library book becomes a musty reminder of the attic in your childhood home. You feel a familiar swoon as you pass a stranger wearing your ex-lover’s perfume.

    Our strongest sense, but always in retrospect. Holding so much of where we’ve been, what we already know… If only a scent could teach us something new.

    By bb on 05.09.2008

  14. is the way I know you are there in the morning. I love the way you smell and feel when you are lying next to me… I just want to stay here forever, but alas I must get up and leave for work!

    By robin on 05.09.2008

  15. “this smells nice,” she says. She picked the flower up from among the bushes and gently shoved it towards him. “I like it.”
    “So should I take that as a hint?” He smiles and takes hold of her hand. They walked up the sidewalk and into the house.
    “It’s a nice place.”

    By anne on 05.09.2008

  16. A smell, an odor, a fragrance, like perfume or a beautiful rose. Detected by olfactory glands in your nose, I think. It rhymes with “cent”, which is another thing I like. A scent can be good or bad, but everyone needs good scents.

    By Travis on 05.09.2008

  17. the smell of you fills my nostrils. it reminds me of love. it reminds me of the way you wrap your arms around me… and whisper in my ear sweet nothings. the sweet breath on my nape, the mild cologne on your neck. i wish i could be with you now and smell you once more.

    By eve on 05.09.2008

  18. Smell

    The overpowering stench of death filled the forest. Dead bodies littered the floor. Birds, shrews, mice, even badgers, you name it, it was dead. She walked along the dappled path until she came to a clearing. She burst through the bushes- and shrieked.

    By Abba on 05.09.2008

  19. A scent is a smell. You pick it up with the organs in your nose and mouth. They can be of any variety, given off from objects and found as particles in the air. Poo smells bad.

    By Arnie on 05.09.2008

  20. Scent is a word describing what our olfactory sense picks up off of an object, it is normally a evaporated chemical mist which, while light in the air, is detected by our noses and formed into a message for the brain, this can at as an instinctive warning to some creatures and can also be pleasing and have other, hormonal affects on the smeller.

    By Paladinsl on 05.09.2008

  21. scent was yesterday’s word and I can’t smell anything nice right now but if you changed the spellingn to sense because the they used the same word in two days….boring!

    By Matilda on 05.09.2008

  22. They say that scents make you remember the past, but sometimes, for me, when i’m remembering the past, i feel the scent.

    By grandexandi on 05.09.2008