June 28th, 2008 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “storm”

  1. lightning, clouds, fresh, rain, earthy smell, countryside.

    By Tania on 06.29.2008

  2. every storm that comes and goes is irrevelent to the chaotic disturbances of your own mind. i mean, i suppose that well if taking into consideration the meaning of dark clouds and rain on such a winter’s day means anything to anybody at all the storm is the ticket to it all. everything is in and out of existence when you’re around. words flow and ebb and tides break and dissipate and leave little to the imagination and i cannot think of more than i want to say or haven’t said or try and try and try again and the wind cries mary.

    By michelle on 06.29.2008

  3. Windy, clouds, rain, thunder lighting. All these things are scaring the little children. The parents can’t go out to dinner for the storm is to hard. “What can we do inside” is the question that many residents of their cities and towns ask.

    By Cat on 06.29.2008

  4. the storm was raging and from my seat at the bay window i could see everything: trees being ripped up and thrown on cars. suddenly I felt the incredible urge to run outside so I di and I will never forget what happend next.

    By catrina on 06.29.2008

  5. god

    By Luke on 06.29.2008

  6. I love storms. I like lightening and thunder. I wish I had a penthouse with lots of glass to sit back and view them when they occur. I miss the summer storms as I have worked indoors in largely windowless buildings for the sake of patient privacy for most of the last 30 years.

    By Bruce on 06.29.2008