June 24th, 2013 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “arthritis”

  1. Bone -on-bone, femoral surface rubbing against the acetabulum. Walking like a drunken sailor . Aching joints. Feeling stuck at the crease of the thigh.Each step more painful than the last. Time for a THR. And then you can say hip-hip hooray.

    By marylee on 06.25.2013

  2. The pain began to set in the veins of my hand. It was searing hot and shot into my elbow and then to my shoulder blades.

    By Hailee on 06.25.2013

  3. Fuck. My whole body aches.
    Thanks mom.
    I have to keep pushing, but the pain becomes unbearable. I look around and see the others pushing just as hard.

    By Dean Marshall on 06.25.2013

  4. He stood there just waiting for her to come out. It was hours of walking from one side to the other of the small hall in front of the surgery room. Her arthritis was curable he knew that, but he was more nervous because of the delay.

    By Stef URL on 06.25.2013

  5. I wonder if I have arthritis sometimes. I mean, why not? Everything hurts. I want and need to feel better.

    By Jennifer B. on 06.25.2013

  6. Painfully, Alice ascended the stairs to her room, her bones creaking and groaning under the weight of her frail body, her age was catching up on her swiftly now.

    By Serena on 06.25.2013

  7. I can’t think of anything.

    My brain is dead, motionless, still and silent.

    The only thought forming at the back of my mind—an echoing sentence from years past—-

    “In here, he’s respected; he’s an educated man. But out there, outside, he’s nothing. Just another old crook who couldn’t get a library card if he tried, with arthritis in both hands.”

    Redemption from Shawshank Prison.

    By Vivainne Lyssa Visrin on 06.25.2013

  8. arthritis is a bad disease because it hurst and hurt to your bones. there can be very few things worse than that. i hope we find a cure for it soon because there are many people suffering from it, and i might start suffering from it too. i dont want my grandparents to get this disease because all bones start crumbling and aching.

    By Mahi on 06.25.2013

  9. It’s impossible to age gracefully when your body attacks you from the inside. The burning and cramping. The ripping and tearing. I could use all of the classic examples of how things I once loved only cause me pain, but there is no help for me in repeating what others have said. Getting used up sympathy.

    By Amanda on 06.25.2013

  10. painful, my mother has it. can’t move, still. useless. cannot function. limited to things. no time for family, friends, or yourself. a death sentence. done. no hope for a better life. suicidal. misunderstood. you suffer, everyone suffers. dead.

    By gloria on 06.25.2013