October 27th, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “still”

  1. A still is a photo. You can also be still. Like if I weren’t typing right now, or moving my feet, I would be still. I was just still for three seconds. My parents also tell me to sit still, but I can’t.

    By Damaris URL on 10.28.2011

  2. Be still and know that I am God. Often we think that busy equals productive. But, actually, if we are still and trust in God and His will for our lives, we will have more productivity than we ever could in our busy-ness. Not only that, we will have a peace that passes all understanding.

    By Brittany on 10.28.2011

  3. still . . . quiet solitude, a quiet place in my mind, where the ripples and waves of life don’t touch my spirit. It’s a place of calm and rejuvenation.

    By bearface URL on 10.28.2011

  4. waves ripple on the shore and still i stand tall
    land all around me yet no one can hear
    my silent proclomation of safety, of hope
    i shine my light into the distance for you.

    By DLSH on 10.28.2011

  5. I still don’t see why she doesn’t see it. I can think. Don’t you dare tell me I can’t. It is not simple regurgitation, though I am good at that too. Throw me in a ring with any of these people and I will eat them alive. You know it is true. And perhaps that is reason enough for you to dislike me.

    By rubymarlin URL on 10.28.2011

  6. Love is the greatest power in the universe

    By wealth URL on 10.28.2011

  7. I am still waiting to hear back from the doctor, am I really going to have to live with this for the rest of my life? What is this growth that has developed under my arm? I am afraid that I actually saw a tooth in there, maybe even an eye lid. Siamese twin development at 42, who has ever heard of that? This has got to be one for the annals of medical history, I am a walking freak show, now to just make sure no tank tops

    By manwhoknew on 10.28.2011

  8. I lay on the ground as still as a mountain. I had to wait until l could get at my target and properly engage.

    By Dummy on 10.28.2011

  9. Time stands still as one enters a tragic event. Like a car crash, we feel like time stands still as we slowly collide with anouther vehical. The results are tragic and often result in an injury.

    By Frank Reuter on 10.28.2011

  10. still is to stay.
    not to move.
    or go away.
    we are still
    standing here
    hoping that
    we wont fear
    what is coming
    to change our lives
    and stop our worlds
    from the great collide.

    By Adriana on 10.28.2011

  11. i still love youu
    i still remember all the bad things you did to me
    i still remember the lies
    the way i felt
    the moments we shared
    i still think of you before i got to sleep
    and the first thing in the morning
    it still hurts in all my body

    By K on 10.28.2011

  12. She was still after being bitten. The man stood above her, his mouth covered in her blood. Waiting. Watching. Would she get back up? More than likely, no. He was only new. It wasn’t his fault…

    By Poppy on 10.28.2011

  13. This really happens to some people. Even after all this time. Even after years. There are still people who stand up behind a counter, when they’re twenty-five, when they’re thirty. There are people who are fifty, now, and they’re still standing there, pretending to smile and reciting lines they’ve memorized.
    “Welcome to McDonalds; how may I help you?”
    There are things I don’t realize on a daily basis.
    But still, things that ought to mean something more than they do. In the end.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.28.2011

  14. Be still and know that I am God! Christ spoke and the wind and the waves were stilled. In spite of all our sins, Christ loves us still and allowed Himself to be crucified for us.

    By Dawn on 10.28.2011

  15. I’m standing out here in the cold. It’s snowing. What did I think would happen? Did I think he would drop everything for me, drop his entire new life just to make me happy?
    I don’t know if breaking them up would even make me that happy. We’d both be so guilty – I know what he’s like with guilt. I just know him so well. It’s strange having someone in your life for so long, you think everything’s great, then they just leave you. Maybe I’m too lonely. Maybe I should get a dog. Maybe it’s the alcohol or all the photographs that I need to throw out.
    Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. He didn’t say a word, just shook his head, and when they asked who it was he said it was noone and then closed the door on me. He still doesn’t want me. I still need him.

    By Katy URL on 10.28.2011

  16. nothing was still. everything moved. everything breathed, but it was peaceful. the trees swayed in the wind and birds sang. the brook babbled away, gurgling water rushing over rocks.

    He would enjoy this last peace, the stillness of life, before it was snatched away

    By Kenda URL on 10.28.2011

  17. Still I am. After all those times, those days, I’m still existing, more than existing, living. I’m still me.

    By Eva URL on 10.28.2011

  18. Still, she couldn’t stop her arm from shaking. It kept a pulsating rhythm that began to infect other areas of her body. She couldn’t slow it down. Now it had reached her feet. She couldn’t tame it.

    By Dave on 10.28.2011

  19. the stillness surrounds me, my heart, my mind, my world-everything stops functioning. nothing can comparet ot his sweet solitude. nothing can compare to the stillness around. the lack of life. the lack of emotions. the lack of complication. there is nothing aside from me and the beautiful stillness;.

    By emily on 10.28.2011

  20. i was as still as a deer, frozen in headlights. i didn’t move. how did i get in this situation? everyone was looking at me. i couldn’t move, at all. “move!” bianca said to me, shoving me backwards into the lunch bar. i was covered in macaroni, and i felt humiliated.

    By anjali on 10.28.2011

  21. The tree branches lay still on top of the ground. The wind whips us all around. The smell of snow is in the air. Do you remember when you used to care?

    By Cassidy Buenz on 10.28.2011

  22. there is a still hippopotamus in the road who may get hit by the rumbling truck coming from afar carrying pineapples!!!!!! and he is fat and has a jolly beard and sings frank sonatra in his free time. he is a glorious hippo, this hippo you see. beautiful!

    By Casey Gray on 10.28.2011

  23. I’m still sitting here, wondering what I should or want to do with my life. Still. Sitting still and motionless at my desk, finding everything to do but write, pursue my life. Inertia. Stillness. What makes a person finally MOVE?

    By Catherine on 10.28.2011

  24. still waiting for that perfect inspiration. In the still of the night. The waters remained still and quiet. I was still waiting for my big lottery win, still I do enjoy my work and that is half the bottle. I am still and always in love and that is still wonderful. still .. used to make booze, isn’t it?

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.28.2011

  25. life is still. everything is still. stillness is silence and the silence is beautiful in a world of caos. Some say its boring but if you like art do you liek still life? Still is not boring. Still is amazing.
    I love stillness. Still water. Still life. Still things

    By jasmine on 10.28.2011

  26. I am still hoping. I still see your face. I still love you. ‘Still’ can express your lost feelings.. as well as the ones you want to save. ‘Still’ is something that expresses happiness and sadness at the same time. ‘Still’ is something amazing. I still miss you. I am still happy. I still live.

    By Tori on 10.28.2011

  27. i’m tired of being awake
    she said
    i want to be still
    she said
    he said
    there’s nothing here for me
    she said
    he said
    look around
    he said
    look around
    because i want you to
    hear with your mouth and
    taste with your nose and
    smell with your ears
    he said
    and tell me what happens
    he said
    i see pink
    she said
    and the rainbow of golden ripples
    that you brought my way
    even though we’re destined
    for a
    lifetime of darkness
    she said
    i see love
    she said
    dressed in a lavender skirt
    and sandy boots
    twirling high
    she said
    i see you
    she said
    looking wonderstruck
    she said
    how did i get so lucky
    into the

    By Iffath URL on 10.28.2011

  28. if you stand still a t rex will not attack you, this is something i learned in my childhood by watching jurrasic park. standing still allows you to see the world move around you.

    By KerrieAnne URL on 10.28.2011

  29. In the dead of night. When nothing stirs. That is still. My soul is not like that dark night. it writhes and screams and pleas. It is not still. Stillness is the peace that washes over us when we have no place for our minds to wander but the present. Still is the cup of coffee on the kitchen counter.

    By Erin on 10.28.2011

  30. Stillness is the cup of coffee on the kitchen counter, absent-mindedly cooling. Stillness is the peace that washes over our souls when our minds have nowhere to wander. My soul is not still. It writhes and screams and pleas. My mind races, my coffee steams and shakes in my hand. I cannot be still.

    By valentine URL on 10.28.2011

  31. there was once a stillness within me, but it’s gone now. i’ve got nothing left. it’s all raining in a slow endless drizzle, and where once i thrived on the chaos and hectic lifestyle, now it pulls at me and bleeds me dry. i cannot handle this anymore.

    By Morgan on 10.28.2011

  32. She was still. And for the first time in forever nothing moved; nothing made a noise, it was just her and the silence and the stillness. The air didn’t stir, the birds didn’t chirp. Every molecule seemed to have finally frozen into place.

    But nothing lasts forever…

    By Emma URL on 10.28.2011

  33. Everything was still. The world was cold. Nothing moved.
    She was terrified. She could barely breathe. One moment, everyone was around her, talking like there was no tomorrow. Apparently, there was no tomorrow.
    She pulled her cloak around her, and moved one step forward, stopping herself immediately once she realised what she had stepped on.

    By Lauren URL on 10.28.2011

  34. Not only will there be silence, but there will be a loneliness that is not lonely, a sadness that does not cry out. Look around, using closed and darkened eyes. Learn while already knowing. Do not forget, but you will never remember. Still.

    By Mary on 10.28.2011

  35. She was standinf still under the the stars. She was sure they were crying, for she was feeling their tears on her face. She didn’t want to run, she didn’t want to hide; she wanted to hear them speak to her.

    By Elli Lake on 10.28.2011

  36. still
    her eyes
    her fingers
    her hair
    her lips
    and still
    still I
    still I could not bear to see her
    still I could not bear to leave her
    “Nothing you could do,”
    they say
    but I
    I still
    I wish.

    By Grey on 10.28.2011

  37. She sat as still as a statue in the still air of a still night, perched on a window sill. And as she grinned to herself in the moonlight, she wondered if he could see her from his perch in the clouds, if he could see her pale porcelain face smiling down at the world.

    By Suwa URL on 10.28.2011