October 28th, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “riots”

  1. I have never seen a riot. But I have heard they are scary things to witness. I think riots usually happen at night. Maybe that is when we are closest to who we are on our dark side. Or maybe the moon has something to do with it. But it’s takes our humanness away. Or maybe it brings it to the surface. Hard to know with riots. Tricky things they are.

    By Darcy on 10.29.2011

  2. They are crazy and they can be for whatever te people want to riot about. I have never really been in one before, but it sounds like some fun. I think they can get pretty crazy and wild. oh wait, i already said that. woops. im no good at these. haha! riots.t

    By Tay on 10.29.2011

  3. People riot when they have a strong opinion. When they feel like they need to be heard and make a difference. It is a way to put how you are feeling and what you believe out for others to know.

    By Syd on 10.29.2011

  4. they terrify me. i know there a singhn of progress but what if i dont want progress what if i am perfectly comfterable the way things are. Maybe i dont want to grow up maybe it safet to stay innocent forever.

    By Ali on 10.29.2011

  5. Charlotte didn’t understand why the concert was so important to Ricky.

    It was loud.

    It was obnoxious.

    Everybody had tattoos and piercings in places that they shouldn’t have tattoos or piercings in.

    Still, she went.

    It meant a lot to him. Proven when he showed up at her doorstep with a bouquet of calla lillies.

    They weren’t supposed to work- she was a raindrop, he was a hurricane, but somehow they made it.

    By just a girl on 10.29.2011

  6. chaotic, spiteful, loud, aching pain, death, injury, broken glass, clubs, blood, bullets, kevlar, police, crying, screaming, fighting, fists, this is a riot.

    By Avalon on 10.29.2011

  7. the city was dark and destroyed from the riots that broke out after the bomb went off. power was not restored to most of the city. and many had yet to learn it never would be. this wasn’t the only city. that wasn’t the only explosion. they were everywhere. and they weren’t stopping. the world was lost.

    By Chemicult on 10.29.2011

  8. riots are necessary and/or justified when there is injustice within a community. but is violence the only route one should take? talking about an issue is better than violence and rioting. one should only resort to this method if there is no other alternative and if everything else had been tried already. ex: nelson mandela in antipathid south africa. he and the ANC tired thier best to be passive and communicative, but when all was said and done, they had to resort to violence to get their intentions across

    By elaine on 10.29.2011

  9. Riots are started when people do not like what is going on in their lives. They riot to make a statement, to cause chaos. They may not be the best way to solve solutions, but are ones that can get their voices heard. Riots can turn into violence that can turn into people thrown into jail.

    By Auika on 10.29.2011

  10. Blood runs through the streets like rain on a London day. Screaming Shouting Running Fleeing. do we have a goal here? Fear does not accomplish anything. Fear in our minds, Fear in our bodies. Fight till we are fought and then we take flight. But where does the madness stop.

    By valentine URL on 10.29.2011

  11. bad, generally a point of view on a topic. Riots are for better or for worse. Everyone hears of them, everyone knows of them, but few actually participate. Riots can cripple governments and topple regimes. Riots are by the people.

    By Roman Reeder on 10.29.2011