October 27th, 2011 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “still”

  1. Silently, still she sits thinking. She’s wondering if she’ll ever survive. Her faze follows to the window where the still river lays and above the shining moon.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.28.2011

  2. Still is sitting and thinking about what a mess you’ve made of your life, and how far you still have to go, but how grateful you are to have people helping you every step of the way, for as long as you live. Still is the feeling you get when watching the sea waves.

    By tilsim URL on 10.28.2011

  3. Lie awake with your headphones on. You don’t care, you don’t care. You just need the music to drown out the noise, the cacophony of city noise. Be still, be quiet. Sleep, and leave reality. When you wake up, you can face the music.

    Or not.

    By :) on 10.28.2011

  4. my heart is anything but still, pumping faster and faster the more I think about what happened, the more I think about you… I did you no wrong, you did the wrong, so why am I being punished by being forced to just sit here and wait? Waiting and thinking is the worst punishment there is.

    By Emily T. on 10.28.2011

  5. still- it shows rigidity
    stoppage of activities.
    but stills may yet show activity ie snaps
    snaps that can show energy, intent etc
    so a ‘still’ may be a full stop or a comma


    By jeejo on 10.28.2011

  6. he hasn’t moved yet. he hasn’t spoken in a week. an echo of a smile, in his eyes, fixed.

    By Jez Owen on 10.28.2011

  7. The water was not moving as much as before. The waves had stopped and the fish were no longer making circles while coming up for air. The wind had stopped and the trees were quiet. Everything stood completely still.

    By Luna on 10.28.2011

  8. Be still, she said.
    He did not reply.
    They’re in love since then.

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.28.2011

  9. S.T.I.L.L.

    (S)orry about your luck.

    (T)imothy didn’t believe in luck.

    “(I)believe in the Lord”, Timothy explained.

    “(L)ove the Lord with all your heart.”

    “(L)ove your neighbor as yourself.”

    By URL on 10.28.2011

  10. He was still. I knew that was coming. Dead people tend to lay still. As I had thought about this very moment in the car it had never struck me that he would still be beautiful. I thought he would be gross and I would be conscious of everyone waiting for my reaction while feeling utterly empty and not being able to offer the right one.

    By Prolli on 10.28.2011

  11. Still? Still still? I was hoping for something better, so I refreshed, but I see now that there is nothing beyond the stillness, no change, no hope – for it is still still and thus unmoved. I wonder if I can ever escape the doldrums of serenity, the stagnation of this placidity. I don’t expect I ever shall.

    By Rachel on 10.28.2011

  12. All of your threats are simply stillborn. As I sat and drank my tea this morning I was thinking to myself that if I just sit and be still, quit grinding my teeath every time I think about you and mainly move on with my life, I might be able to consider that you are smaller than an ant…and so am I.

    By URL on 10.28.2011

  13. I’m still in the class. I’m still writing, we are still learning to make a good short story in the computer room at TBI Jakarta. Hopefully we can speak English fluently. Now it is the third time we submit this because we forgot to put an email and name.

    By nadia on 10.28.2011

  14. He stood amidst the battlefield, time impossibly slow. He could not tear his eyes away from the obscenities unfolding before him anymore than he could stop himself breathing. Despite it all, he could only stand and watch as the blade invaded her body and tore her to pieces.

    Years later he would imagine the same scene over and over again as he came across little reminders of her and her warmth. And always, he would wish that time had stood still for just a little longer.

    By Star URL on 10.28.2011

  15. I sat so very still in the corner trying not to breathe trying not to cry

    By Cordelia URL on 10.28.2011

  16. i lay here; still, in your soft arms. i feel nothing. no pain. no heartbreak. i want you. i need you. forever.

    By Manders on 10.28.2011

  17. “Why are you still here?” she had always told him as he lingered in his movements. She wished she could take back those words now. She would do anything just to have him return and be there once more.

    By Star URL on 10.28.2011

  18. quiet no movements frozen stopped silent calm nervous slow asleep helllo?

    By alyssa parkhill on 10.28.2011

  19. i lay here; still, soft in his fuzzy arms. i love my dog more than anything, what will i do when he dies? buy a new one. still……

    By alyssa parkhill on 10.28.2011

  20. Corpses lay scattered across the field. None of them moved. I stood there surveying the battleground. How had this happened?! The utter stillness was frightening. I sank to the ground amongs all my dead comrades. Why? WHY?! Tears began to slide down my cheeks, leaving clean lines amongs the blood and grime. I couldn’t live like this. Another battle would destroy me. Always shouting and violence, and then stilness. Just stilness.

    By Antonia on 10.28.2011

  21. Hold your breath.
    Stand completely still.
    She did so, praying that the tests would show what she prayed, what she wanted to be told. She stood perfectly still, because she didn’t want to chance the possibility of messing uo the X-Ray. She didn’t want it to still be there.
    Please, she prayed, let it be gone.

    By MorganAshleigh on 10.28.2011

  22. If I were home, in suburbia, the world would be pretty still right about now. Alas, I’m in the lovely city of Philadelphia and the concept of being still is almost contradictory. Though nothing compares to walking along Market St at 12:30 at night and actually being the only one there for a two block radius. Serene. Beautiful. Rare.

    By Samana URL on 10.28.2011

  23. still, i was waiting. still, i wanted you, but you didn’t want me. i just wanted some reassurance that you liked more of me than my taste in music, and still, i waited. but no, because you were still searching for the wrong thing, when the right thing is still waiting.

    By kelsey on 10.28.2011

  24. i still dont know what to do with my life. its very still like a still photography :) i like still photography. it brings life out of a still object. may be thats why its called still photography. am i the only one who likes still photography?

    By bhavya on 10.28.2011

  25. Time stops still for those who see with their hearts, a still moment in time warm embrace, one that needs no mention to a lover in loves warm grace.

    By Joelson Fernandes on 10.28.2011

  26. could you stay – still you go
    still you say NO

    no wonder I went
    but I will always look back.

    By Panda on 10.28.2011

  27. I sat still, letting the tranquil, calm breeze lazily blow by. I listened to the wind whispering through the trees, and the near by ocean coming in and out, whispering in sync with my breathing. This was my place. My place to escape. My place for solitude and peace, to get away from the noise and the sounds, and find comfort.

    By Ian URL on 10.28.2011

  28. i am still drunk, oh my god what a stunning evening yesterday. I had more than just a party it was an event. It took me out of my daily frame and put me into something I really started to love.

    By bjoern beth on 10.28.2011

  29. Be still my heart. I know it beats for him. Him who does not lay his head against my chest. Him who no longer hears the beat. Be still, beat no more for him. You are dead to him, be still.

    By Anita on 10.28.2011

  30. if you even think about moving you are dead. Stop. Freeze. No blinking. Do not reach for your holster. Become a wall.
    All eyes on you, if your heart beats too fast – out of your chest you won’t have a choice. You are a rock.

    By Valerie Henderson on 10.28.2011

  31. Alex sat still, thinking of the past few months. He had many regrets yet also had been successes. During the past few months Alex had flown to the moon.

    By Nick F on 10.28.2011

  32. here is life when you feel good .. the feeling that you have while sitting on the grass in the hills of Holland in a misty morning .. life is still .. it’s so good you can smell happiness all over the place.

    By Bassem El Sawy URL on 10.28.2011

  33. the word is still still. great. i worked on this yesterday. i’m in school and i wanted something to do but now i can’t because it’s still still. i have been sitting still all damn day working on stuff and i was hoping that this would distract me. yippie. i want a new word. please please please please please please please please please please please. i want candy. imma finnish my lunch bye.

    By sarah URL on 10.28.2011

  34. when all is still
    and the world wanes weakly
    when the cold winds chill
    and i remain bleakly
    beside the fires of the hearth of you
    I’ll take with me the knowing
    that truth is seldom true

    By katiekieran URL on 10.28.2011

  35. I am very still right now, except for my hands. When my boyfriend said we needed a break, I was very still. I feel like my life is still right now. But, I’m going to see him today. My relationship with him has nothing to do with the word “still”, but he’s all I’m thinking about right now. I hope he picks me up tonight. I’m going to a costume party for Halloween.

    By Monique on 10.28.2011

  36. My awe climbed its highest branch and sat still on the edge of her last thought that unleashed from out of her mouth like lions from slumber and traced around each body in the crowd weary of defeat, calling each person by the names of the dead people they always wished they could be, calling them to rise like our suns final morning…into a day that would end…but never again fall into darkness.

    By drew URL on 10.28.2011

  37. All was still, but still something was not, a restless murmuring of the walls, or maybe it was the stealthy skittering of mice in the wall but if he concentrated on it in the stilness it went away.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 10.28.2011

  38. Still

    laying in the forest amongst the decaying leaves
    the moist soil crawls
    the cool humid air surrounds a lonely boy
    light shines through the canopy and casts
    leering shadows across his face
    and all the while, not a sound is heard
    no birds, no bugs, no wind
    no mummer from school delinquents
    here in the forest, he is serene
    he owns the moment and closes his eyes
    he grasps the earth beneath him
    everything is the way it should be
    quiet– with only one’s self

    By Chistian URL on 10.28.2011

  39. I closed my eyes and listened. every part of me became very still.
    the sound of the trees, the sound of my heart, the sound of the bees, and the squirrels who dart.
    That moment of peace, is what I needed.
    When I opened my eyes, the sudden chaos filled me again; I was forced to pick up my feet and walk, fulfilling my legend.

    By Alex URL on 10.28.2011

  40. She lay there, stiller than ever. Her last breath already taken, tears filled her parents eyes. They couldn’t believe it. Their baby girl, gone. Only 3 years old when the wrath of cancer took her precious life.

    By Rose URL on 10.28.2011