December 16th, 2010 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “stick”

  1. “Do you know what is happening to me?” I asked.

    “Yes,” he answered.

    “Tell me.”

    “I cannot. You must find this out for yourself.”

    “Then what possible USE are you?”

    “Why don’t I just stick around? Then you can see what possible USE I can be.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.17.2010

  2. Don’t be such a stick in the mud.

    But that’s what I am. I am a piece of wood in a puddle that has become muddy.

    Then stop being such a smartass.

    By J URL on 12.17.2010

  3. Poke.
    Poke, poke, poke.
    Nope, I think it’s dead.

    By Thalia-Aine URL on 12.17.2010

  4. In the beginning there was a stick. At the end, there were two. You can fill in the blanks with some existential shit if you want.

    By Aaron on 12.17.2010

  5. sticks that walk a walking stick
    bugs that talk and stick their nose in the mud
    i find a twig and carve it
    i call it a magic stick
    suspend banners from it
    and think of growth

    By Rick D. URL on 12.17.2010

  6. Sticks can be used as weapons to poke someone’s eye out. Sticks are made of wood and can be dangerous. Everything started with a stick especially drawings. You can make anything out of a stick. Stick figures are made of sticks. STICKS FTW!

    By Jean Foley on 12.17.2010

  7. tree bird blue birds sweet love peacocks fashion newyork I love new york I want to move there and be on saturday night love like tina fey shes my idol I admire her more than any other women in the entertainment i want to be in the entertainment industry.

    By Jade on 12.17.2010

  8. this is what I do.
    this is how I turn iron
    into a Goddamned dream,
    & this is why you will FEAR me.

    is the reason
    I am what I am,
    & you will feel it
    when I approach.

    terror or awe
    so some combination of the two.
    you will love me.
    you will hate me.
    I will intimidate you.

    I am
    I made myself
    out of fucking iron.

    By doc. URL on 12.17.2010

  9. at wooden straight object. i don’t no what else to talk about so how was your day? it was good? my day was really good also. so what do you want to talk about? i like to talk about sports.

    By Student URL on 12.17.2010

  10. some things stick. some dont. sticks hurt when they are thrown at you. my sister hit me in the head with a stick when i was younger and i coulndt stop crying. this thing says dont think write and i am and this is not turning out good. stickyyyyyy

    By Student URL on 12.17.2010

  11. The stick was sharp now, no longer just a peice of wood but a spear ready to be used to fight that bastard. Let him come and find me, I’ll hold up here and wait for him. . .let him come!

    By J Williams URL on 12.17.2010

  12. sometimes, especially on a Friday, i just want to stick it to the man, pull a Steven Slater and pop the escape chute, give the finger, and get the hell out of work. but then i realize that i would starve, freeze and be homeless. so i smile, and say “yes sir” and continue on my day.

    By dotto URL on 12.17.2010

  13. What’s brown and sticky? in the mud–like white on rice–in the middle with you–a fork in it….to it…it to the man!

    By boromker on 12.17.2010

  14. Stick to it, and stick by him, and then you’ll realize in the end that it’s really only disappointment where he’s concerned. You’ll be disappointed in the way he doesn’t wake up when you come by in the mornings, and how slow he is to act like you’re there at all. You stick with him, by him, beside him, you’re going to end up regretting it, unlike regretting the scars just thinking about him caused. It’s a problem, y’know. It’s a real problem.

    By Thirteen URL on 12.17.2010

  15. A stick is usually long and thin. It is used to encourage people to do things as in the phrase carrot and stick but is generally the bad part of that phrase. Other than dogs no one likes the stick.

    By Jenny on 12.17.2010

  16. stuck….. not able to set free…… held solid…. bound by truth and your values…. you stick
    you stick to me…… not wanting to let go……. always resolute……. I will stick here, I will not move….. I will make myself a memory long after we are both gone.

    By kevin on 12.17.2010

  17. lets have some fun this beat is sick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick :D :D this is awesome. haha :D i have n

    By delaney on 12.17.2010

  18. sticky and sweet was what that candy was like and it was all over his hands. However, that didn’t stop him from picking up the big sticks that he always tried to bring in the house and in the car. I just have to laugh because his sticks get bigger each time he comes home with one.

    By Justice on 12.17.2010

  19. I used to use sticks as fake swords and have massive play fights with my friends. One time, we pretended we were the Fellowship of the Ring and another time we pretended we were the characters from Vandal Hearts. We were nerds.

    By Gio on 12.17.2010

  20. A stick on the branches of a willow. They scrape on my windows like fingernails on a chalkboard. They hold leaves that whistle in the wind. Find them on the ground.

    By Broke825 URL on 12.17.2010

  21. sticks are made of wood. I know of 100 places to find sticks. You can use sticks to make arms for a snowman.

    By Remington URL on 12.17.2010

  22. A stick can be wood or something else like for a sport. For hockey it might be a hockey stick that is composite. Lacrosse is the same thing

    By Remington URL on 12.17.2010

  23. I like poking people with sticks. Sticks are pointy and long. I use sticks to make arms on my snowman. Sticks are super fun to play with. I have never tripped on a stick… I like sticks.

    By Jaycey URL on 12.17.2010

  24. stick. A stick is what people in the past probably used as a writing utensil. stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick stick. Bye

    By Jasmine URL on 12.17.2010

  25. Sometimes sadness covers my entire body. I feel heavier and my feet won’t move. It’s like that glue you get on your fingers that you can’t get off for a couple of days.

    By Alli. URL on 12.17.2010

  26. Stick it. Stick your landing. Hold tight and land hard. Balance as well as you can. The first part was easy- the flipping, the twisting, the turning. It’s the ending that matters, that provides the greatest challenge. You can do it, this is what you’ve practiced- but what if you don’t? There’s no time to think anymore. Balance… Stick it.

    By Hannah URL on 12.17.2010

  27. let this stick to you like glue:you’ll never be able to make it with hold every little precieved injustice against everyone that loves and cares for you because you are too unforgiving and too self loathing,too paranoid to let go and love them more than the supposed pity little crime you image they did just to spite eat toadstool sandwiches and suck my blood like a leach,and you will be forever that way until you can accept that hurt pain and lost are all part of the price of loving,and holding tighter and being held closer with more love is the reward for loving beyond the sin and forgiveness is the road that leads to salvation and happiness…you are just too afraid and weak to believe the truth and the good news

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 12.17.2010

  28. I like to put sticks in the snowmen I make in the snow. Also I like to put them in fires during camping trips. But I hate when they are all over the ground.

    By gladis URL on 12.17.2010

  29. one time i told a joke at my summer camp that went lke this: “what’s brown and sticky? a STICK!”
    i thought it was the most hilarious joke ever, but really, nobody laughed.
    stick can have a multitude of different meanings, i suppose.
    a stick is something that is found in nature; a broken tree branch.
    another thing that comes to mind is the sport of gymnastics, when one must “stick” their landing.
    stick, sticky, stickler.

    By sdfsdfs URL on 12.17.2010

  30. Stick…… there are sticks on trees and you can throw a stick for a dog to fetch. Sticks can be brow or they can have leaves on them. Sticks are just sticks.

    By happyfeet on 12.17.2010

  31. I held two poles in my hand, walking forward with vengeance in my breath and my eyes steeled with rage. The branches struck my face and arms as I trampled forward toward the clearing, searching for a glimmer of light from the fire. Finally, I was close enough to see silhouettes.

    “Carter!” I called, staring straight at the man between me and the roaring flame.

    He spun around, knowing instantly who had shouted his name and why I was there. I knife hung in its sheath at his waist, but he didn’t reach for it. “So, the prodigal returns at last,” he finally announced to his companions.

    By Andrew on 12.17.2010

  32. Tap, tap, tap. It was a mindless motion, that of a bored little boy. Tap, tap. He waved his stick around, wondering when his friend would be there when he felt the stick hit something softer. Heard the buzzing. …Crap.

    By Ashley on 12.17.2010

  33. Stick in the mud, stick there until you die, stick until you think of something to write and eventually get over the fear that you’ve got nothing to say and your life is too boring to have anything to write about and maybe navel gaze about a poor stick sticking out of the mud should I write a screenplay about it instead?

    By Christin on 12.17.2010

  34. despite her still being in love with the old flame, i think i am going to stick to my guns and continue loving her.

    By quarkyboy on 12.17.2010

  35. onces there was a tree a tired tree a lonely tree falling from the tree a stick a twig a branch a peice of something bigger better stronger a stick in the mud a stick on the ground a twig for fishing for poking for marshmallows for fires a stick

    By Sally on 12.17.2010

  36. stick it? stick what? stuck. but also, nature. pastoral, stick tree segment? I guess sticks stick to trees? Maybe that’s where it comes from.

    By adrienne on 12.17.2010

  37. There once was a stick who didn’t feel like all the others, he was bare and he wasn’t free to run around a be picked up by little dogs. But then the spring came, and the sun, and took the cold away and that little stick grew a shoot, and that shoot got bigger and bigger. The shoot grew a bud that blossomed into the prettiest, and sweetest smelling flower you have ever seen and the ctick was happy not to be like all the others.

    By Katie URL on 12.17.2010

  38. i see them on the ground and am tempted to pick them up and snap them into lots of tiny pieces. mops have them too. so do brooms.. i dont like lipstick very much because my lips arent very big and i dont like highlighting them. im pretty skinny and often get called a stick figure. sometimes when people piss me off i tell them to stick it where the sun dont shine.

    By chantal amanda URL on 12.17.2010

  39. stick. stick to it. but sometimes its so hard to just stick to things. what happens when your brain wanders or something unexpected happens. its not like i want to give up but sticking with it doesnt make sense sometimes, but others it does. you have to figure out whats important

    By elizabeth on 12.17.2010

  40. i can hear you crunch beneath my feet while i run through thousands of you. if i run fast enough, i’ll run away from what’s chasing me but i’ll never escape the sound of your pain.

    By helen lindsay URL on 12.17.2010