December 15th, 2010 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “wrong”

  1. your face. i don’t like it. you’re wrong because i don’t want it. it’s wrong becauuse the standardized testing system is a fluke and children are being taught ridiculous thigns that will never be relevant to their lives. but i do like theprice is RIGHT.

    By katrina on 12.16.2010

  2. It is wrong that I have to wonder if she is in love with me. It is wrong that I am loving someone else too. It is wrong that there is someone who wants to love me but my loyalty keeps me here.

    By Tracey on 12.16.2010

  3. what’s wrong? nothing.
    i swear.
    i’m fine.
    will you please just stop?
    i’m fine.

    By courtney on 12.16.2010

  4. What exactly makes something wrong? Is it solely the fact that the majority of people don’t like it? So if you’re wrong, you may not be wrong at all. You’re just not what people expect you to be. And really, what’s so wrong with that?

    By Madeline URL on 12.16.2010

  5. The word wrong was incorrect

    By Jonathan on 12.16.2010

  6. i only got six answers wrong on my bio test. which means that i got 61 answers right. when you say you got six wrong it seems like a lot.. but you really need to look at the whole picture and realize it’s important not what you did wrong but what you did right. that way you’ll feel better about yourself

    By susieq on 12.16.2010

  7. What I have done? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. This is the exact same as last time, and everyone was right. Mother was, and father. Katelyn and Scartlett and oh my god, Liam. There were all right they called it; I’d fuck up again. Why am I always wrong?

    By Jessica URL on 12.16.2010

  8. Sometimes we are making mistakes. Does that make them wrong. I don’t know. We all are brought up to believe that people are supposed to make mistakes to help them learn. So are we wrong? Is society twisting everything up? Lets believe its not. for a moment. one moment.

    By Ashley on 12.16.2010

  9. one day there was a little boy named billy. he pulled a little girls pigtail on the playground and laughed at her when she cried. he didn’t care that he was bullying her. what he did was very wrong. it is not okay to bully someone that is smaller than you. now he has no friends. and no one cares about him.

    By Shelbi on 12.16.2010

  10. wrong is the way we say that we are not right. We can not possibly be both wrong and right. But can we? In all actuality, isn’t wrong right and right wrong. It our hearts, thats what we feel. society….well. that is different.

    By Ashley Earl on 12.16.2010

  11. I hate being wrong. Being wrong makes me feel incompetent.

    By Gwen C URL on 12.16.2010

  12. You were never one to think things through.
    Honestly, I want to tell you.
    Say with my clear.
    You are wrong.
    You were wrong.
    And I will never forget the things you said that day.

    By Fuzz Bucket URL on 12.16.2010

  13. you are wrong, never, i could never be wrong…but then again aren’t we all wrong at some points in our life. this is true, i am not fully right, nor is everyone around me… oh what a beautiful life we have come to live in, one with rights and wrongs but still balance and happiness…but wait is it not true that sometimes there is not balance and happiness.

    By krista on 12.16.2010

  14. It’s just wrong that I had to create a new account. It was wrong that it broke in the first place. It was wrong that I had no way to report the problem. It was wrong that I had to do without OneWord for so long. I hope the wrong is now right and no more wrongs.

    By tig6 URL on 12.16.2010

  15. i made a mistake. actually i have made many mistakes. i felt guilt. i felt wrong. however, in the ned, it does not matter how i felt but what i did to make the wrong a right. i never did. my worst mistake and i never fixed it. my worst wrong is never forgiving her

    By Frosty URL on 12.16.2010

  16. William was always an uneasy child with a weak stomach. He got carsick a lot. A lot. Was it wrong of me to take him with me on so many trips to the grocery store with the windows and the doors locked? I didn’t seem to think so.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.16.2010

  17. a lot of time people are afraid of being wrong. it really set people back i think. being wrong is just something you need to accept. if youre never wrong youll never learn. it teaches people to become better people when they are wrong. dont be aftaid to fail just try and believe (:

    By sarbear on 12.16.2010

  18. this is all wrong. just wrong. nothing works, people die all the time, there is nothing you or I could do about it. the world is fucked up, and there is nothing you can do about it. it’s a sick twisted joke, all around you, you hear “people are dying, hungry, tired.” but you can’t do anything about it. all wrong.

    By Valerie URL on 12.16.2010

  19. I think it is so wrong for man to decide all the rules and laws on animal preservation. They are wanting to kill all the wolves now, Don’t they see what would happen if they did this?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.16.2010