December 17th, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “boa”

  1. there was a snake in the woods. most everyone i was with ran away, scared of nothing. it was just the skin. the most beauitful part of the snake, with none of the venom. i stood staring at the beauty. everyones heart was racing from fear, mine was racing with excitment. i wondered where the beautiful snake was now.

    By Caitlin Zammuto on 12.18.2010

  2. Justine has a snake. Her name is Sandy. She loves it alot. Wait, no, her name is Twister. She’s an Albino Corn Snake. Close enough. She loves it. Like I said. OmNOMNOMNOM. She found it in her bed once. Scary times. Cooper is her dog and he found it.

    By Olivia Spidel on 12.18.2010

  3. We were in the jungle when we saw a boa. Everyone ran scared, but i stayed behind. I saw it was not the actual snake just the casing. It moved me in its beauty, and made me wonder where the snake was now and hoped it was happy and striving. While others hearts were beating with fear, mine was beating with excitement.

    By Caitlin Zammuto on 12.18.2010

  4. Boa…as in, constrictor. My younger brother, Jack, has a corn snake named Izzy. I like the snake a lot. When I leave my parents house to live alone or go to college, I want to get my own snake to take with me. I love my younger brother, a lot, too. It would sure be nice if I could get him to take with me, too. We are quite similar people…we could live together and be cute with snakes. We would get along quite well without parental supervision.

    By Elise URL on 12.18.2010

  5. snakes are pretty awful, but feathers are fun. it makes me think of a fabulous gay bar or the PRIDE parade. also, i think of someone like marilyn monroe, a wonderful image of sexuality, sensuality, and pop culture.

    By Chris on 12.18.2010

  6. Tightening its grip on the reality of death. Squeezing so tight that you can’t suck in the air that you once took for granted. Tighter. Constrictor. Eyes get wide. You squirm for the air. You yearn for it. He doesn’t stop. He goes.

    By Jessica Davis on 12.18.2010

  7. They call it the boa and it doesn’t kill with venom. It kills with its embrace.

    By Thalia-Aine URL on 12.18.2010

  8. a boa constrictor, the scale filled tube that lurks through the rain forest. They don’t wear feather boa’s though, only the craziest of people wear those. Those people often

    By Ruth on 12.18.2010

  9. are fluffy and pink and you wear it on your neck but sometimes its a snake that will kill you by sufficating you and also it will squeeze you until you die and then you will be swallowed whole. both boas like your neck alot.

    By allison on 12.18.2010