December 16th, 2010 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “stick”

  1. There was a stick in the mud. I tried to pull it out. But it was REALLY stuck. So I called over a friend and he tried to pull it out. But he couldn’t do it either. Even with all this strength. This stick was really stuck in the mud. We decided to surrender and play in the mud.

    By Kurston on 12.16.2010

  2. s and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me, she said, knowing it was a cliche, but she couldn’t help herself, it was the first thing that came to mind when he said that insulting thing. She didn’t even want to repeat it, it was so horrible, and she had to do something to deflect it somehow, and a cliche was all she had.

    By Ilene on 12.16.2010

  3. i have a stick, it is not sticky
    it looks so nice oh stick oh stick oh stick.
    you fell from the tree
    you fell from the sky
    you will die here on the ground or in a beaver dam
    the end

    By lindsay URL on 12.16.2010

  4. Sticks are weapons for children. Plucked from trees before their time or retrieved from the grass beneath, sticks can be found in all shapes and sizes. From huge logs to thin wisps that make wonderful sounds when you draw them through the air, they are

    By Joe on 12.16.2010

  5. found on the ground
    fallen off a branch of a tree
    breaks in two
    used for bird’s nests
    the arms of a snowman
    fetched by a dog
    a bundle is named a faggot

    By Melanie on 12.16.2010

  6. I threw a stick for my dog in the pond the other day. He jumped into the water to get it but he kept swimming right past it. To me, it felt very frustrating.

    “It’s right there!” I kept yelling but he couldn’t see it.

    After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it must have been frustrating for him too. He couldn’t find the stick and no matter how hard he swam all I did was yell.

    By Kat on 12.16.2010

  7. people have stick up their asses. if stick weren’t up their asses wed get along better. the world would live in harming and would be simpler. life would be better if people would stick together. and would be together.

    By sara macd on 12.16.2010

  8. Her spine was as straight as a stick as she shot up in her chair. The clap of thunder outside had awakened. She had fallen asleep on her math textbook. Again.

    By Jodi URL on 12.16.2010

  9. my feet stick from here to there never moving always in a stick. like bubble gum or mush, it so squishy this stick i’m stuck in.

    By megan on 12.16.2010

  10. Does everything remind you of your mom? These sticks remind you of your mom? — Yes, because they remind me of the ones we have in our yard at home.

    The week I heard that conversation was the most frustrating week of my life.

    By Anna on 12.16.2010

  11. Wade’s boot heel ground the pebbles beneath him as he turned to face Knoxman. The man looked 58, with a furious tangle of gray hair covering his head and face, and yet Wade knew him to be in his 30s. This was the man who had killed his son in a stick up ten years earlier, never paid the price because the magistrate convicted a prizefighter from Tucson instead.

    By brendan on 12.16.2010

  12. His stick grew large not with pain but with pleasure she wanted to see him but she was too afraid to break it off as she was pruningg the bush she stared at him in awe ot knowing what to say.

    By whitney on 12.16.2010

  13. Stick the bickering witch with hot-ironed wick and make her hair slick with heavy licks.

    By Jhosy URL on 12.16.2010

  14. i hate when my bowling ball sticks to my thumb. it’s the worst. it hurts and it goes flying 8 feet in the air till it lands with a thud in the middle of the lane! it’s pretty bad.

    By stellar URL on 12.16.2010

  15. I once picked up a stick in the school yard when i was in elementary school… i got in trouble for picking it up… werent supposed to pick up sticks they could put someones eyes out. i was mad for getting in trouble.

    By Justine on 12.16.2010

  16. I see sticks in the park. Dogs usually like playing fetch with sticks but not all dogs. Sticks come from trees. They are usually brown.

    By Steph on 12.16.2010

  17. Don’t just stick to things you know. Never be scared to learn.

    By Steven Anderson on 12.16.2010

  18. Falling and tumbling past other
    More fortunate branches
    I envy those
    Lucky enough to keep holding on for
    Just a moment more.
    Falling and tumbling past other
    More fortunate branches,
    I’ll watch from the ground as all I get
    Is the chance to wait someone to step on me.

    By Sara URL on 12.16.2010

  19. I prayed you wouldn’t stick. I prayed I could peel you off like a label or some kind of sticker. But you held on. Glued yourself to my inseams, through the caverns of my pores, you settled and stuck. You have been so stuck. So deep inside of me. Every time I look at your face I feel the hot glue gun of my heart. It is gluing you, adhesing you to my core. I do not want it to say you anymore. I don’t want you to stick. I want stickiness of real things of speakign things. Of more than elevator stares and stupid blushed cheeks. I want to stick inside of you. I want to burn you through. I wish you wouldn’t be so stuck and I wasn’t always so tolerant of your glue. Get off of me please! Stop stitching yourself so close. Get out. Get out. Get out. Get out. Make yourself thin and wet. Slip out the side door. Turn out the hall light. And the one in the living room. slip your wool coat on over your thick shoulders. Buckle up your shoes and lock the door. Leave me with that sealed door. Don’t walk around with your eyes in mine. Don’t smile or stick yourself on someone else. Don’t bury into the confolds of her stickiness. YOU HAVE LEFT ME SO STUCK. It is almost a year ago that I really got lost in you, in the new years brush. We skimmed our sweet salty ice with our matching skates. But we never stuck. We couldn’t figure out the best way to stick to make it work. You never wanted to stick. That was all I ever really wanted.

    By jenna on 12.16.2010

  20. throw a stick and a dog will catch it, take a stick and build a fort out of it, burn a stick and create warmth, take a stick and drop it in the ocean and watch it float

    By oskhinka on 12.16.2010

  21. a stick of wood you find in the woods, build a fire and toast some marshmellows! Scary ghost stories with gathering friends make a fun night. Bundled up in a tent to end the night, and packing up in the morning to go home to the civilized world!

    By Kelsey on 12.16.2010

  22. I picked up a few sticks and carried them to the bridge. The current was fast, and we threw them in. Then we ran to the other side to see whose stick appeared first.

    I won.

    By Maureen URL on 12.16.2010

  23. When I was a kid, my family and I would go up the mountain behind our house. There was a lake up there. One time when Eric (my brother) and I were swimming in the lake, he stepped on a stick. But he was young, and he couldn’t exactly say stick. Instead he said, “I stepped on a dick and hurt my foot.” It took about ten years before we understood why our parents thought it was so funny.

    By Monica on 12.16.2010

  24. there was a stick named jon. he was shorter then the other sticks but he was very happy. one day a ballon flew over and he wanted to get it. he went to grab it and it popped. jon cried for days. months. years. till he grew into a beautiful tree.

    By sam on 12.16.2010

  25. A stick is something that you throw to a dog in order to play fetch. You can also hit people with it because not only will it be funny, but if going at the right speed, it’ll sound really awesome. Some people make a stick to be a sexual thing, but come on, it just falls off a tree.

    By Erin on 12.16.2010

  26. I’m not going to stick with you forever. you know how much I want to, but you see, I can’t be here forever. I can’t live forever. What about the other guys? I need to learn about your kind, therefore, I can’t only just stick with you.

    By Afifa E. on 12.16.2010

  27. I hate sticky things. They’re nasty and annoying and never seem to go away… tree sap for example. I takes a freaking week before it finally fades from your skin…..why do trees even have sap? What’s the point of it? -__- Anyway, I hate it.

    By Kỳlynn Evergreene URL on 12.16.2010

  28. It was only a few weeks ago that my nephew, Jackson, was here. I took him on a walk in the park and he loved to find big sticks and carry them around. When he would find one even bigger he would throw the old one down as if it was no longer “any good” and his face would light up at the sight of a bigger stick. He is only four but he is fascinated by nature.

    By Alicia on 12.16.2010

  29. ill stick to you forever. ill stick with you and by you. no matter what anyone says, i love you.

    By layla on 12.16.2010

  30. stick em up
    keep em high so they won’t
    catch you
    with them down
    down down down

    stick em up
    and stick it out

    stick your chin up
    they can stick it up their ass
    stick to the plan
    and stick em up

    By Tiffany Ann URL on 12.16.2010

  31. sticks are fun to find when wandering in the woods or on the ditch bank. I like to throw them in the water and watch them float away like little sail boats on the open seas. Sticks are good for building too..

    By Luvlylici URL on 12.16.2010

  32. “I knew we shouldn’t have used so much super glue.”
    “Do you think we’ll need surgery? Do you think one of us will die when we don’t get a big enough piece of our kidney?”
    “First of all, we glued our faces together. There are no kidneys in our faces. Secondly, I don’t think we’re going to need surgery. I think we’re going to need to start going to church. Our mom’s aren’t going to believe that they were passing so much glue around during mass.”

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.16.2010

  33. Stick. Dick. Flick. Crick. Wick. Lick. Mick. Hick. Nick.

    Seriously, what the hell am I supposed to write about a stick?

    Stick in the mud.

    Stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Stick on me like butter on bread.

    By Jeran URL on 12.16.2010

  34. Picked up a stick on the edge of the water and drew pictures in the mud. It was just after a rainfall and the red clay stuck to the bottom of my boots and stained my hands. The gray sky above rolled with clouds and peaked-in sunlight.

    By Laura on 12.16.2010

  35. The stick was on the ground, laying there without a care. First a rock came to say hello, and the stick was more than enthused! He wanted a friend, and who could be a better friend than the rock. The stick smiled brightly, as his new friend came into view. It was the sort friendship that people would be jealous of. The stick was rugged and the rock of smooth.

    By Brittani Dockery on 12.16.2010

  36. I have so many wishes. Too many, actually to call me human. I’d just like myself to stick to some sort of schedule, meaning NO procrastinating, NO more embarrassing amounts of time on the computer…

    By danielle URL on 12.16.2010

  37. hello my name is chase and im king of all road. i drive my evolution viii so u gotta watch out this beast car drivin around in austin city! see the bright white with black biohazard sticker on the front hood and left fender. u will know who own this evolution. this evolution have name, its evohazard and u are

    By Chase on 12.16.2010

  38. When I was around eight I found a huge stick outside as I was walking home from the bus stop. I brought it home because I was a sentimental kid with delusions about my oneness with nature. I left it in my room for like 7 years until I finally put it outside. It was one huge stick. Super giant.

    By jj on 12.16.2010

  39. there was a stick on the ground, a little boy came and picked it up. he dragged the stick along the dirt road on his way home. when he got home he went to show his dog, rusty the stick. rusty, infatuated with his new gift was more than happy to play with it.

    By bryant URL on 12.16.2010

  40. a branch with leaves
    forever burning in fire lifted to the sky
    In a bright salutation to the sun
    Made to last and to die
    In the barren earth below
    straight and steadfast
    strong and weak

    By Molly URL on 12.16.2010