October 18th, 2016 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “steps”

  1. Schritte. Viele kleine Schritte. Ich sehe den Weg vor mir. Sand. Dünengras. Darüber dichter weißer Nebel. Milchsuppe, hat meine Oma immer gesagt. Schritt für Schritt vorwärts. Keine Ahnung, ob irgendwo ein Fluss ohne Brücke kommt, der mich zwingt, den Strand zu verlassen.

    By Lisa URL on 10.19.2016

  2. Steps. Baby steps. Just little baby steps. Take a stride too big, and you could fall off the cliff. You cannot afford to do that, you must rise to the top. Even if by little baby steps. Besides, the greatest minds started with the smallest steps. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t raise a revolution by saying “I have a dream…” right out of the womb. Thomas Edison hadn’t invented the light bulb by smashing together incandescence and glass. They all had to take little. baby. steps. So, take it easy on yourself. You’ve already taken so many steps, so what’s a few more, to greatness and innovation?

    By Luna Canal on 10.19.2016

  3. One ,two ,three… I counted the steps as i went up the stairs when i got to the top i counted 140 all the way to top of the tower when I got to the top I came to a door a great magnificent door made of a dark oak.

    By Rebecca on 10.19.2016

  4. Walking up the staircase of steps. Every step, getting closer to reaching the final destiny. But what is that? I have no idea yet I continue to ponder my way, dragging each foot up each individual step, one at a time, until I reach the next step. It is painful, yet I am curious as to what lies ahead.

    By H URL on 10.19.2016

  5. We use steps to climb stairs. There are also steps which are actually each stage of a method or algorithm in mathematics.

    By Arun Kumar C S on 10.19.2016

  6. He took the necessary steps to make sure that everything was right.
    But with each step he became less and less certain that what he was doing was right.
    Doubt then clouded his every thought so
    he stopped
    and dropped everything and
    went for a walk in the park
    when he came back
    he nailed it.

    By Steve O URL on 10.19.2016

  7. The steps were steep and went, up, up, up. There was no end to them. But i kept going anyway, even though I had no idea what was waiting for me at the top. Step by step, up and up it goes. It had been a long time since I felt this calm, even though me legs were aching.

    By Godruhn on 10.19.2016

  8. The steps up to the front door of the ancient building had been badly eroded by the wind and rain. She walked up them, trying to be brave, but slipping every time she mounted a new steps. Her hands were full of offerings so she couldn’t steady herself.

    After a few hours, the slope lessened and she was walking along a plateau. The building, still ahead of her, didn’t seem any closer than when she started. She stopped to look around, at the unfolding of the scenery below her and around her. Being a person of the plains, being a blur at the edge of the horizon, this was a new world to her.

    She straightened her clothing re-balanced the tray of offerings and continued.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.19.2016

  9. She took a tentative step forward. Solid. She stuck a toe just beyond her left foot. Also solid. She continued in the matter until she was on the very edge of the roof, looking down on the sidewalk below where she could still hear the party bubbling on.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.19.2016

  10. I walked down the aisle, taking quick swift steps. In my mind i was busy working, thinking about the things that i have done throughout the day.

    By zacc on 10.19.2016

  11. Baby Julian took his first tiny steps across the linoleum of the kitchen, where his father was making dinner and his mother was grabbing another beer. His father, Stefan, immediately dropped the ladle he was using to scoop out chicken noodle soup and immediately ran upstairs to get the video camera. His mother, Victoria, who was quite drunk, laughed and hiccuped saying, “Who cares? I know how to walk, too.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.19.2016

  12. There are step by step problems in a lot of things like for starters MATH like,dividing fractions,adding fractions,multiplying fractions,subtracting fractions,rounding fractions,but not just with fractions the are more than that, like LIFE SKILLS.

    By Haley Ramire\Dittman on 10.19.2016

  13. I was walking along a dark lane during a frigid winter night. As I tightened my grip onto my Burberry coat, I took quick steps fearing that someone might be tailing me. The cold air caressed my face, making me shudder. I suddenly heard sounds of boots hitting the road behind me. I turned around; my worst fears came to live.

    By zacc on 10.19.2016

  14. I will do steps
    i don’t steps
    her is steping
    i whant to go steps
    lesening is her steps

    By karol on 10.19.2016

  15. i have no steps in my house (mainly because its a trailer) but my friend has steps in her house

    By Amber on 10.19.2016

  16. As I was climbing up the steps of the building, I fell. Which caused me to bleed, which caused me to go to the hospital… THEN I died. :) Stay off steps.


    By homeschooler on 10.19.2016

  17. How interesting, that the word for today is steps…I am taking steps today in starting to write. 10 mins a day, see what happens. Steps, one foot in front of the other, just keeping the momentum.

    By Gemma Mikayla on 10.19.2016

  18. “One, two, three, four.” I stop, gasping. Air seers into my lungs as I pant, but I cannot seem to catch my breath. After a minute – maybe two – I convince myself to keep going. “One, two, three, four.”

    By Emma on 10.19.2016

  19. Mom wakes up and bellows, “honey can you come down the steps?” next thing you know the steps are taken and Honey makes is way out of bed one step at I time, “just for you sweety” he says with amusement

    By 22222222222222 on 10.19.2016

  20. I have taken many step she says towards the business men she is interveiwing for the CEO for the company of BUISCO. They told her to expect a call in the next week. She is very worried this is the next step towards the top she will be a proud CEO but then she remembered what if I don’t get the job! She was waiting for so long until the call she was in.

    By jaylen on 10.19.2016

  21. “One two three four, one two three four..”The numbers are silently repeated in his head as he moves along the dance floor, his partner gliding along with him. His partner knew this dance well, but he was learning.

    By Deandra on 10.19.2016

  22. I took careful steps down the stairs. On one step, it creaked. “OH POOP” I screamed. Then, the ghost saw me. My face turned white as snow as I looked at the translucent little girl. “Now we can play…” she said with a smile.

    By Samantha on 10.19.2016

  23. Something about the trajectory of this thing makes makes you shudder. You can close your eyes to it as often as you’d like–there’s no transgression in that. The silence will help you breathe. But the facts remain, regardless of your despaired attempts to rid yourself of the thing. They exist, these facts. They reside somewhere in your mind where they’ve hollowed out a cozy place to sleep.

    By H URL on 10.19.2016

  24. I struggle towards you, taking baby steps
    I’m crossing my fingers and hoping you don’t grow tired of me
    We are a little closer, but I fear you are already sick
    I reach for your touch, will you reach for mine?

    By Ami on 10.19.2016

  25. The stairs are steeper than Mt. Everest.
    I am going to fall if i take one more step.

    By jaycee on 10.19.2016

  26. Why are steps? A way to go up and down, footprints that you leave

    By Muskan on 10.19.2016

  27. I jam using my journal

    By Maggie on 10.19.2016

  28. dear maryam
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    By as on 10.19.2016

  29. I need to learn the steps to do what it takes to do the job I want well. It’s a simple process that I think I already know. Take a class. Read a book. Find out what others do. Then just go and do it.

    By Tricia on 10.19.2016

  30. Steps
    Each foot pounding upon the next stair
    Down the stairs
    Carpet cushions my fall
    Nothing broken

    By Birdie on 10.19.2016

  31. I had climbed up those steps for the last time. There would be no coming back after this. I opened the door and stepped into that foul room.

    By Kisa on 10.19.2016

  32. my baby sister fell down the steps and had a bog fit, tryed to calm her down but she slaped me in the face!!

    By Ashton on 10.19.2016

  33. steps were that band that our year 4 school production was about. tragedy, we sang. also, steps are needed to achieve greatness. my mind is heavily oriented towards success lately. maybe thats a good thing. maybe its because of the house of cards I’m watching, in which Frank is so pragmatic, whatever that means.

    By Haider on 10.19.2016

  34. “There are steps you need to take. This isn’t just a one time thing–nothing of importance ever is.”
    “Okay. So, what’s the whole point of this?”
    “To gain an unbiased and knowledgeable view of the universe we live in.”

    By Shadow Writer on 10.19.2016

  35. She looked down. Could she do it? She felt small and unable to do anything. But at the same time she felt amazing and powerful. This was it! So many years had gone by after the accident. So many operations, last goodbyes and presents. But she made it, she was still here and she was about to take her first steps after so very long. She felt wonderful! And wasted. She felt so many emotions. This was it.

    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.19.2016

  36. 123 its what we see
    123 its what we try to be
    231back to front
    231im all done

    By Mouse on 10.19.2016

  37. I don’t know where to put my next step.
    I am stumping the ground, confused, and crying out.
    I feel like each direction around me is calling me, but on the same time, each direction is pushing me away too.

    By Linne on 10.19.2016

  38. these steps are so hard to climb
    but i can see the top from here.
    it’s far up, but i can see it.
    it’s there
    so it’s reachable.
    i wonder how long it will take me.
    i guess i’ll just have to keep going.

    By stranger on 10.19.2016

  39. What do I say when I reach the glass steps that wind through clouds and into the land of sweets and purple magic? What do I say when I meet her – the witch with the silver hair?

    By Laura J. on 10.19.2016

  40. baby steps, that’s all it takes
    soon you’ll get to where you need to go
    soon change will come.
    maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow
    but never stop taking steps to the next day
    and eventually you’l find yourself stepping into a new light.

    By nemA on 10.19.2016