January 23rd, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “stencil”

  1. a plastic thing that goues on an overhead. a paper from the teacher. a shape that will become something else. rhymes with pencil. in school. a fool. oldfashioned

    By Jo Torvik on 01.23.2014

  2. Lots of people used stencils on their lives. Set them down on crisp, bright white paper and trace your actions and thoughts inside of it. Use a dark pen to make it black and white- give your life something to bind into.
    Once you pick the stencil back up and look at the outline, you can barely how it was before. Take long, sharp scissors a cut around the lines and see what perfect shape you have now. You can hold it up to the light and carry it over to your cork board and pin it up with two lime green push pins. This is who you are now.

    By Katie Bryant on 01.23.2014

  3. Her face was a stencil of the mountains, the hard line of her nose mimicking the steep drop of the mountain slope, her cheeks as soft as the snow-covered tops.

    By Jill on 01.23.2014

  4. I stenciled out my life in a way, kind of looking at it from a younger age perspective. I thought about this when I was in the 5th grade. Use the stencil to help keep your life drawn straight. I’m gonna have to learn that this love will never beaten. Crazy stuff, huh? I know that last night was more like a stencil due to all of that crazy shit but it’s all good, i

    By alex on 01.23.2014

  5. discovering art, a template, a cut-out, children’s fun, ABC, patterns, sounds like pencil, cardboard, plastic, big or small..

    By Sally on 01.23.2014

  6. I carefully peeled the stencil off and placed it on your arm. You laughed because the red pen tickled your arm. I remember holding your arm tightly with my left hand. I didn’t want to let it go. Eventually you grew impatient and tugged away, smudging the little heart I drew into nothing but a red streak.

    By Bethany Jade on 01.23.2014

  7. stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil stencil

    By marciliana medeiros de andrade on 01.23.2014

  8. people are stencils of one another. everybody’s basically the the same shape with different insides. there sould only be certian amount of combonations, but there isnt. its infinite.

    By Tobin smith on 01.23.2014

  9. Graphite imprints-
    Temporal tangible thoughts,
    Yet still they are erased-
    After just a second of light and life…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 01.23.2014

  10. Art. Drawing. Re creating. Picture. Eyebrow. Pencil. Graffiti. Chalk.

    By Madds on 01.23.2014

  11. A stencil allows you to paint things without having to make them over and over again. Banky used stencils to avoid getting caught by the authorities when he grafitited on the streets this was the reason of his success. Derren Brown once posed as Banksy as a joke on twitter

    By Isabelle Tower on 01.23.2014

  12. Inky black hissed from the can and covered the sheet of cardboard beneath, turning the outline of the stencils the same shade and making it hard to discern where one layer began and the next ended. When he lifted the cutout, beneath was a single dark, six-letter word:


    By Courka URL on 01.23.2014

  13. As the children walk over to the art table, they take out their crayons and scribble lines all over. He walks over and asks for the plastic stencil. He says he likes the pictures that he makes with them.

    By jovi5jovs URL on 01.23.2014

  14. The flashing lights burn through the dark night leaving patterns behind my eyelids. I run slowly, then faster. My house. No, it can’t be my house. Bright yellow tape encircles my square yard, the one dad always works so hard to keep perfect. People in uniform mill around, as if it is their property now. My eyes are drawn to the outline on the driveway. For a brief moment it looks like a child’s stencil, a human form on a stretch of paper waiting to be colored.

    By Hannah on 01.23.2014

  15. stencil pencil drawings of city like on an etch-a-sketch; sketching out Chicago the way it was when I was little, but the picture doesn’t do the city justice; it comes off gray & lifeless, static. But what do you expect; still, it’s good practice for this art class, Mr. Rice will be pleased: I;m getting these perspectives right. My hands are actually obeying me, without tremors, for once.

    By ... on 01.23.2014

  16. Stencilling is a great way to copy. Someone, though, created the stencil. I want to be the creator of the stencil. Creativity seems to be the only way that someone could survive in the future. Jobs. Who’s going to hire you. Even for the most simple jobs, there is so much competition. Better to create your own stencil, your own model for others to coyp, even if it is more work.

    By Ruth on 01.23.2014

  17. Your body is a stencil. Laid out on the bed for me to trace. Slowly and eagerly, I run my hands over you.

    By Stephan on 01.23.2014

  18. She stenciled his face in her mind, traced around the edges until she had a perfect silhouette, and then filled it in with black charcoal. As the details of real life faded, this became his image in her mind, a shadow of someone walking out the door.

    By Iam Me on 01.23.2014

  19. what the hell is this|this sounds like a pencil
    hmm \i have no idea what that means
    \i dunno what to write
    stencil sounds like a place to put your pencils in? I have no idea
    do I have to dill the 60 seconds
    this is tooo much time
    finish already
    I need to gfinish fast

    By Bassam Sherif on 01.23.2014

  20. who are you?
    lay beside me and let me trace your outline with my eyes

    draw on everything
    smile, let me see if there’s
    something missing

    By Jem Page URL on 01.23.2014

  21. Killen’s drink was refilled by a gorgeous young girl, who smiled blankly at him as she put it down. Their eyes met for an instant, but he felt that she didn’t even see him. Looking down at his glass, he noticed a tattoo on her wrist. A number, designed to look like it had been done with a stencil, as if marking a piece of equipment. The old man made all of the girls who worked for him get one.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.23.2014

  22. stencil…When I was growing up my mom was obsessed with stencils. Every room had something stenciled on it and I didn’t care for it much. Exceot for the front hall that range out distinction with the words of Emily Dickinson amongst green vines.

    By Jackee Orozco-Domoe on 01.23.2014

  23. In many ways she was like a stencil. A shape predefined. A tool to create, in the hopes of leaving her mark on the world. She was lines and curves. She was letters and numbers. The only difference was that she couldn’t see what she would leave behind on the paper, once she was finished.

    By Arkanfire on 01.23.2014

  24. I stenciled a face onto the frostbitten window. It condensed under the warmth of my finger, leaving long, watery streaks.

    By Stephanie on 01.23.2014

  25. You give me a pattern I should follow.

    Something I should stick with so I can be perfect.

    But you’re forgetting that nobody is perfect.

    Nobody can follow something so religiously that they forget who they really are.

    You can’t force a stencil on people.

    They are born to be free.

    By Stephanie Jaurigue on 01.23.2014

  26. As an art, one can make artwork in the form of stencil. Some people even decorate their houses with a stencil. Anywhere, artworks, decorating, etc. You can use your imagination.
    Whatever you can come up with.

    By roze_princess on 01.23.2014

  27. “Be careful!” Paint splattered to the sides of the stencil, ruining the wood. “Just go do something else. I knew this was a bad idea.” She turned and left, feeling ashamed. She tried.

    By Sarah on 01.23.2014

  28. tracing
    dragging the pencil inside the line
    using the crayon
    I am five years old again
    the shapes are vaguely familiar
    I sort of know them by name
    I am going to color
    I am determined
    The line is there
    Just need to move my little fingers.

    By Ellie Gr. on 01.23.2014

  29. “Stencils again?” whined Carlos. “When can we do something different in art class for a change?”

    “When Mister Reinhart gets his head out of his butt and buys some paintbrushes and stuff, I guess,” his friend Lisa replied as she grabbed an Elvis portrait-shaped stencil from the box. From the teacher’s desk, they could hear a harsh, judgmental snort.

    “Think he heard you?”

    Lisa shrugged. “He can hear. He just doesn’t listen.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.23.2014

  30. If there was one word that could describe John, it was nondescript, which is unusual if you consider it. For all of his attributes were individual, and in causation, unique to him by face. However due to the various socioeconomic factors that society afforded an individual of his type, the resultant persona was inevitable; as though society held a stencil over each person born, forging them into the cogs that’s filled the narrative.

    By Dav Matthews on 01.23.2014

  31. Stencil on my heart the traces you left behind. a template for the pain you left behind. Trace around it on the next time around. That’s what you get for using greyleads. Rub it out but the traces stay behind.

    By Burger Clap on 01.23.2014

  32. Traced in the expectations of my parents. Like my peers. I tried to stay in the lines of the theoretical stencil with which they guided my pencil, but to no avail.

    By asavas on 01.23.2014

  33. Her eyes carefully watched the page, making sure every detail was in place, every shade was just perfect, every groove was fine and dark, or light and thin. Her eyes looked up again, at the boy sitting on the other side of the little park, on a little bench, sitting still as if he knew what she was doing. Adding a few more finishing touches, she continued to debate whether or not to give him the sketch. What would she say if she did give it to him? She doesn’t want to seem creepy but his rugged beauty couldn’t be ignored. When she first saw him a few days before, her fingers twitched with the urge to pick up a sketchpad and a pencil and just let it wander across the paper.
    He started to move around and pulled somethings out of his red backpack. The first item was unrecognizable at this distance, but then he pulled out some sprays paint cans and a bigger piece of paper. He laid the poster flat on the cement by the bench and kneeled down. Shaking a can, he placed a few of the unrecognizable items on the paper.
    Curiosity ate at her. For a few minutes she watched him switch colors for other colors and paint the poster. She assumed that the unrecognizable items were most likely stencils of sorts. For a second he looked up at her and smiled slightly. It caught her off guard and she looked away, cheeks reddening a bit. A smile pulled at the ends of her lips, while she stared at the little kids swinging to and fro, squealing with joy.

    By umbazachika on 01.23.2014

  34. A stencil, commonly used as a guideline to print a design on a desired medium. Representative of the lines within which we live our lives. We simply take what we’ve seen – what we’re familiar with – hold it up to a canvas and spray paint it upon our lives.

    By Alex_L on 01.23.2014

  35. He used a stencil to airbrush the dragon onto Cassie’s thigh. Its tail make a rude curl toward her labia. The paint was lime-green, trashy, and she wished it was permanent.

    By Janine URL on 01.23.2014

  36. Here’s your spyrotot! You just put your pen in the hole and go crazy! You’re done already? Mommy and Daddy were going to do their taxes. Why don’t you stencil this cartoon from the New Yorker? That should keep you busy for at least 5 minutes, honey.

    By Rover on 01.23.2014

  37. The little five year old careful traced the stencil with her favorite color pencil, red. It was the color of the red lipstick the orphanage’s leader wore whenever she was in a bad mood. Red was the color of the anger that her commands were laced with. The little girl’s pencil tip smashed into the paper. She hadn’t realized she had been applying so much pressure as she thought about Mrs. Stancin.

    By Rosheen on 01.23.2014

  38. I put the stencil left and right, upside down, and right side up. The shape on the page was nothing but a blob and I sighed heavily. Masterpieces are rare to come by and I couldn’t even re-use this art to make it my own. What a rip.

    By Alyssa Parker on 01.23.2014

  39. Amy screamed and threw her pencil against the wall. She slammed her hand against the table and shoved all her hard work to the floor. There was no way in hell she was going to use the damn stencil again.

    By Mary on 01.23.2014

  40. in your eyebrows
    and your eyes
    and fill them in with dark strokes.
    often i draw too much and the light goes out.

    i was never sure which soul window was better
    light and vacant?
    dark and deep?

    By Kairn on 01.23.2014