January 22nd, 2014 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “native”

  1. Alex is a native american he is 1 128th native, I am inspired by the crying Indian commercial.

    By Juan on 01.23.2014

  2. Natives, all that comes to my head is land with nature trees, native lands. Well I’m not quite sure what to write about oh well. Native lands native food, food sounds good, hamburgers.

    By Sarah URL on 01.23.2014

  3. Native Americans were the first people to inhibit the Americans. Then Europeans thought it would be a cool idea to come and take over the land. At first Native Americans were befriended for trading but then the Europeans became hostile towards them and put them into labor.

    By Shannon URL on 01.23.2014

  4. Native. I dont understand what to write. It can be related to history.

    By Angela URL on 01.23.2014

  5. Alec Ferko is a gurl. I saw him looking down my sock once.

    By David Griffith URL on 01.23.2014

  6. I find my self in a desert MMMM gurl

    By mich on 01.23.2014

  7. She was a Chicago native with a California twist, and when she smiled I swear to god I was transported back to the Ohio river valley, which is a werid but nice place to be transported. With her big mouth and know it all brain she was a mix betweem new york city and washington d.c

    By Abigail W on 01.23.2014

  8. I love to visit many different countries and enjoy the culture there but there is no place like home and I am always happy to be back in my native London

    By Alexandra URL on 01.23.2014

  9. Native to my country. I am a native Russian. I think of native Americans, but I never got kicked out of my land, I guess I left on my own. Or rather, my parents did, I had little autonomy then. I was a little kid.

    By beans URL on 01.23.2014

  10. I am native to connecticut, which is in new england. Really I’m native to Granby but nobody knows where that is. Actually some people don’t know where connecticut is. It’s not an awesome place but most of the natives have anxiety about leaving.

    By Alta on 01.23.2014

  11. I come from Iceland. I love it there. Its rather mild, and beautiful. I love native Iceland.

    By Emily on 01.23.2014

  12. Native…umm….all I can think about is native land or something being native. I don’t feel very creative today. I can’t think of anything. This is terrible. *grumble grumble*

    By neuroticwriter URL on 01.23.2014

  13. the garden, the feather, the footprints in the earth. each of these are sings that i am from here. you have to notice things to exist. you have to pay attention to the way the wind stirs the leaves. you have to earn your right to walk here. no one will make you go away or leave, but the earth will know when you are not at home and it will watch you differently. it knows when you’re not listening.

    By Yona on 01.23.2014

  14. He was not usually this way. He had not grown used to the fire burning in his belly, unaccustomed to the tingling in his fingers or the tightness in his chest. There were few words in his native tongue to tell of how beautiful the man in his arms was to him, but the smile he bore spoke it all in an instant.

    By Ash URL on 01.23.2014

  15. Native speakers are overrated.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 01.23.2014

  16. My estranged husband is a mixed native of British Guyana.Is this really an ethnic category? I don’t think so.

    By Tracey URL on 01.23.2014

  17. It was her native homeland. In her blood.In her very soul.Wherever she went it followed, hiding in the thick air , but always there.It couldn’t bare to leave her and she couldn’t bear to leave it.

    By Ellie on 01.23.2014