July 26th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “statement”

  1. Zwei Seiten einer Münze
    zwei Seiten einer Wahrheit
    zwei Seiten einer Aussage

    zwei Seiten

    By anuri URL on 07.27.2012

  2. everybody wants to make a statement. a statement is something that describes itself. people make statements through what they wear, what the do, how they do their hair or make up and much more. when someone makes a statement, they are telling the world how they want to be portrayed through this statement.

    By Hannah URL on 07.27.2012

  3. He’s always saying things that don’t need to be said. His unnecessary statements always bring me down… “Have you gained weight?” “You should have put on more makeup today.” “Chill out with those clothes, you’re not twelve anymore.”

    By Destinee on 07.27.2012

  4. therefore i must ask you to say something. anything.
    state your status, your location in the universe as of right now.
    describe me, describe yourself.
    say something

    By Diego on 07.27.2012

  5. something that is not a question. often stating the truth, never will a person stand more ground than one with a statement they provide help in cases both court and personal. Without them the world might never make sense to one person.

    By Kiah Ann URL on 07.27.2012

  6. Funny how a simple statement can offend people so much. Because you support or disagree with one thing, it potentially changes the way people look at you. We often end up censoring ourselves just to fit it… But that, in some ways, takes away our freedom of speech and right to share our own beliefs- plain, simple, and honest.

    By SkyeDreamer on 07.27.2012

  7. making one in any way is very important. Make it after you have thought long and hard about what you want to say – feel it, know it as truth for you and then stick to it with all your heart.

    By Catherine on 07.27.2012

  8. Make a statement with your hair! New color treatments available in fifty shades–no more boring blue or grey. Pick it up and have cool hair today!

    By Erma on 07.27.2012

  9. and thus shall all the men and all the horses!
    stand and listen as i endorse this!
    lewd testament of what a man can do!
    as we make potestant statements like Erica Bhadu!

    By Pfungwa on 07.27.2012

  10. a thought, feeling or emotion that can be said or shown through actions and words. It says something about you. short or long. powerful or stupid.

    By Chelsey on 07.27.2012

  11. A statement is when some states what they feel or believe. For someone to state their feelings and beliefs out in the open can be hard at times because some people don’t always accept others opinions very well.

    By Sam on 07.27.2012

  12. The way you say it is how you meant it.
    The statement is clear and final ever binding ever bending
    In the centers of my mind where pleasure meets fate and fate wears a disguise
    Every time you enter me
    I will be thinking of you
    and every time you say you love me
    I will wonder if its true, if i will truly ever have the real you.

    By Melissa URL on 07.27.2012

  13. A statement is a sentence. It commands attention. It is an opinion or can be an opinion. It is not a question. It can rattle people or make people happy. It can inspire people. It can make people sad.

    By Dave on 07.27.2012

  14. another day goes by and i still cant draw. i dont even know if i really want to draw. i just want to create. I spent so much time collecting items and utensils to build the perfect toolbox for creation. However, my mind is still lacking inspiration.

    By Antoinette URL on 07.27.2012

  15. Don’t you know what this Statement means?
    It’s about you loving me,
    You see what I wish to be,
    You say what I want to be,
    You make beauty look easy,
    You see past my small envy,
    You’re the statment, dont you see

    By Antoinette Rene on 07.27.2012

  16. A statement can have a small and a large impact at the same time. While a statement in itself is small, the words that comprise it could speak volumes. Volumes and volumes.

    By Emilia URL on 07.27.2012

  17. Um I really don’t know what to say about this but I’m just going to put words down because I just feel like that’s what i’m suppose to do right? Man I get lonely. Where did that come from? Blah.
    alsdjkf;s kljf

    By Tessa on 07.27.2012

  18. If I can write one statement down, I’ll have unlocked my writer’s muse.

    By Emi URL on 07.27.2012

  19. “That is an outrageous statement!” Father roared at me. “We cannot, under ANY conditions, revoke the law of forbidden love!”
    I cowered from my stand in front of the throne.

    By Kristina on 07.27.2012

  20. Oh god I could just stare at this word all day and have nothing to say about it. Well, no I have too much to say about it and I can’t say anything. Currently interning at a law firm, and “state” and its derivatives are pretty popular.

    By rushtail on 07.27.2012

  21. sometimes you have to keep going even when giving up seems easier.
    if you give up, then what is there to show for? nothing.
    so give everything your all!
    you can do it!

    By ashley URL on 07.27.2012

  22. i like statements better than questions. they have far more confidence than questions and know exactly what they want. they tell you what to do.

    By elle on 07.27.2012

  23. i like statements better than questions. they have more confidence. they tell you what you want. they steal the thunder if its well put-together. a single statement from a person in power can change the world.

    By Elle on 07.27.2012

  24. statement:

    something important, something that could possibly change the world. or maybe just a certain person’s life. or a couple lives. anyway, it usually changes something. for good or for bad, its a statement.

    By kate on 07.27.2012

  25. A sentence. The way someone says something, or the way they write it. It could be an expression or something stupid or even something funny. A statement can be unpredictable. You never know what someone is going to say or type next.

    By Destini on 07.27.2012

  26. i have done statement so many times now. how do i write about a different word?! someone help me pleasee cause i mean this seems like a really chill site and all but for some reason i keep getting the same word- STATEMENT.


    By Elle on 07.27.2012

  27. He made the statement that his mother was not in town at the time of the murder. “She was in Chicago.” , he explained, “She couldn’t have done it, This is ridiculous that you would even think someone like my ma would do that to anybody. She wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

    By Megan L. on 07.27.2012

  28. I heard a statement once. I wasn’t sure if it was true, or false, or neither. I just heard it. I comprehended. And I observed.
    I have no idea what the statement itself was. What it was about…
    All I remember is the feeling. The emotion.

    Ive always had trouble remembering specific things, I only know emotions, feeling, and thoughts.

    By virlomi on 07.27.2012

  29. This is one. Everyone’s made one, whether with their clothes or their actions or their words. We are constantly saying things.

    But who will listen?

    By D. Chan on 07.27.2012

  30. “Well, that’s quite a statement,” I muttered from behind the counter. My job as a cashier at Wal-Mart can be quite amusing. If I could take pictures of the people that come through my check out line could easily fill up a humor website. This man, was wearing hot pink leggings. Yes, leggings. On a man. And does it make me a terrible person to say he actually pulled them off with style?

    By Isilo Aranel on 07.27.2012

  31. Making a statement is a real bitch to do. You can either be a bitch about it, bitch at others about it, or become the baddest bitch. All of these things help someone make a statement. So do it already, bitch.

    By Robin on 07.27.2012

  32. Whenever someone tries to make a statement with their words, body, actions, or thoughts, they are usually misconstrued. So why even try?

    By Erin on 07.27.2012

  33. heartlove is the most painful and sublime of all love there is. Love is all.

    By gina on 07.27.2012

  34. Well, that’s a first. I’m being told about a new fashion trend in a writing exercise? Or well, that’s what comes to mind when I read the word statement. It might have something to do with me watching all those outfit of the days video on youtube – what with their statement necklaces and neutral outfit combos.

    By Momina on 07.27.2012

  35. Balloons flew in all directions as she relaxed her grip on the bunch of threads in her hand. She had never anticipated what was now materializing before her. Her host she’d been told was an eclectic woman but this, she had not expected – the new guest for whom she held the greeting balloons had clearly made a statement.

    By Momina on 07.27.2012

  36. What was going on in the muddle of her subconscious – clearly something dark. It was dark back there and she didn’t like her mind travelling back there during her sleep. It did no have to be dark though. It just seemed that way.

    By Momina on 07.27.2012

  37. That’s simple. Is it a matter of a financial declaration? An utterance? Sounds rather dull, regardless.

    By rubi on 07.27.2012

  38. Brief and to the point. State to the ment. Clearly states something in a short time

    By Sabrina on 07.27.2012

  39. This is a statement that I have declared in front of the presidential society in which we are seated in front of. The statement includes what rules have been established among the people that sit before you, as wellness some rules that individuals have declared as important here too otherwise. Please read the statement carefully and with important meaning ths statement will be rented when it is needed and must always be obeyed from here on out. This is why this is important and we are looking to see further improvements following the issuing of the statement by the city. Thnk you and have a great day.

    By Caeli on 07.27.2012

  40. I want people to know where I come from. I have an endless story to tell. I have millions of statements to explain. My life stands before me and I seem to have no way of grasping it fully but by words. Statements of my life.

    By Viki Martinez on 07.27.2012