October 14th, 2013 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “stamped”

  1. The man told me his great grandad had been blinded by either
    pygmies or lemurs. He couldn’t quite say which.

    By jack blake URL on 10.15.2013

  2. When I went to the post office, you we’re there holding a letter that had no address. When I asked where the letter was heading to, you said; “it wouldn’t matter because it isn’t even stamped”. I thought about this. And I bought you a postage.

    By Rebecca on 10.15.2013

  3. I giggled with glee as I thought of the upcoming
    Scrap book Expo I would be soon attending with my two partners in crime and laughter, my sisters. Shantel, Colleen and I, who all live in seperate states and divided by many miles, all come together each summer over this highlighted event in Deluth, GA. We share a common love of scrapbooking, or, uuh hmm….collecting scrap book craft items and ideas. We begin planning our escapades months in advance, where we will stay overnight, where we will eat, what stores we will shop and whether we will do the late night crop at our favorite scrapbook store, Archiver’s. There was one problem, my older sister Colleen had realy gotten into stamping lately and wanted to do a class on stamping cards, but I had never really stamped before. Should we do that one, or another class?

    By Jerijo on 10.15.2013

  4. this idea of homecoming:
    that after the long end has passed
    you will come to me
    as though i am an identifiable place that can be found, and static, and claimable;
    i would love to map the movement of people
    like constellations,
    if your morning route left traces
    i could see from the sky

    i have been less romantic than this
    but one day we’ll be old
    and think of all the stories we could’ve told
    and even loving you will be finite

    By robyn URL on 10.15.2013