October 15th, 2013 | 110 Entries

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110 Entries for “stampede”

  1. As the African poachers walked down the trails, the sound of birds, and insects were over head. The smell of dung and humidity ruined their noses

    By Quentin on 10.16.2013

  2. The thundering of hoods could be heard even from high up in Hijinks tree. He looked down is loin cloth dangling down in front of his vision. His lips grew dry, while his mouth salivated.

    The herd of buffalo looked like a deliciously mobile feast.

    He imagined himself dancing between them, joy on his face, and meat in his belly.

    By Max Ryder on 10.16.2013

  3. Stampede. Surrounded by a whoosh of animals of people of foreign objects. Feeling vulnerable and completely incoherent to everything around you.

    By Paige URL on 10.16.2013

  4. Stampede… This makes Me think of how i feel right now, i feel like im being ambushed by this word, And bombarded by stress

    By Spencer Dunlap on 10.16.2013

  5. He ran from his spot at the gate. He was in danger. He would die if he stayed here, he knew it. This was the downside of being the security guard for a concert. Especially one by someone as famous as his brother. The number of fangirls was scary. They were going to run him over, he was sure of it. He ran for his life.

    By Pepper URL on 10.16.2013

  6. It was really crowded and I was so scared. I did not want to let go of his hands but I could not do anything about it. I yelled out his name on the top of my lungs but the sea of people blocked my voice. It was the scariest moment.

    By Lanier on 10.16.2013

  7. so he ran towards her like stampede from lions.
    missing the scent she carried.
    the way sweat would sit on her brow.
    he ran towards her and gave her the warmest, sincere, punch in the face.

    By lace URL on 10.16.2013

  8. We were in Africa and so excited to be going on safari. We watched the stampede of wilderbeests migrating across the savannah.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.16.2013

  9. I thought once I might have become a headline. “Middle age mom trampled to death in stampede at Green Day show.” The crush of people was overwhelming; shows I went to when I was a teen had 20-30 people at them, most of the time.

    By Lisa on 10.16.2013

  10. When the boys get home from school. The suddenness of noise, buffaloes careening and jostling toward a tiny spot of water. I want to say, Drink. Take your fill. But instead, I shove myself into a small corner of the kitchen, and wait for them to leave.

    By Maya Stein URL on 10.16.2013

  11. they came at us. we had so little time. their nostrils, we could see them flare, we saw their widened eyes, they raised dust all around. we trembled, we quaked – Black Friday!

    By Lee URL on 10.16.2013

  12. Over the hill they came, and behind them the city burned. Dogs and cows, men and women, all ran.

    “It’s a panic,” he said.

    “Can you blame them?” she replied.

    People fell; the others ran right over them. “It’s not a panic,” she said. “It’s a feckin stampede. Come on, we have to do something.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 10.16.2013

  13. The doors swung open and the sales staff leaped out of the way as the stampede of shoppers stormed in.

    By mrsmig URL on 10.16.2013

  14. There was a stampede to get into the concert. A little scary… Too many wackos pushing and shoving. But I knew it would be worth the danger.

    By just a girl URL on 10.16.2013

  15. Dang! What had I done to incite the stampede of angry locals. Oh…yes…I am a monster that had just stolen a fair amount of the town’s livestock. Where to hide? Oh…hey, there’s a goat I missed…I’m going for it…I think I can get it and dodge a pitchfork or two for it…

    By Tom on 10.16.2013

  16. A huge stampede was running towards me. Suddenly, I had flashes of memories back to simba. His father. Their terror as this stampede was seeking to destroy them, and everything in its way. It was now my terror. It was now my reality. I Ran. I ran like I never have.

    By Mark Bulanov URL on 10.16.2013

  17. It was a stampede – not of cattle or Black Friday shoppers. It was a stampede for books. Book lovers started lining up for the Library Book Sale every year – some in the wee hours of the morning. By 8:15 the line was 600 deep and growing. The anticipation as they opened the doors was palpable.

    By Another-Mom URL on 10.16.2013

  18. I am being crushed, a stampede through my stomach.

    By P.J. URL on 10.16.2013

  19. “There’s no time!” Grabbing his arm, Marie yanked on him and started to run. Looking over her shoulder, she could see Mark still trying to grab the satchel.

    “Leave it!” She shouted, paranoia edging into her voice.

    The double doors at the end of the hall burst open and the stampede of officers started toward them.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 10.16.2013

  20. They fled screaming from the masses behind them, but they had no hope of escape. None have ever survived. None will survive. All succumb. As shall you, and yet you still try. Why?

    By Andrew Davies on 10.16.2013

  21. Look out it’s a stampede. Run so you don’t get trampled over by the hoard. I would get killed in a stampede because I run really slow.

    By Jason on 10.16.2013

  22. The stampede made it’s way over to me. It got louder and louder, and I got more afraid for my live by the second. Then, all of a sudden, the sound got softer and moved away.

    By Cynthia on 10.16.2013

  23. Standing still, in between all these moving cars, eyes closed and breathing deeply. I’m not sure why I’m standing here, but it feels right. Always alone, surrounded by fast and careless things, I don’t want to be here anymore. Wish they could stampede over me.

    By Macha on 10.16.2013

  24. Running down the hills
    Flooding the plains and landscapes with their hoofs
    The wild boar and bison run from the lions
    The noise is deafening
    Fear and strength in the voices of all

    By Ellie on 10.16.2013

  25. He couldn’t hold them back. It wasn’t possible, not through his shouts or the enemy’s guns. The people surged forward with mindless struggle, blindly throwing themselves into the teeth of the crossfire. But they kept coming, pouring forth like a clothed wave. He saw people step blindly over the bodies of their own countrymen, piling up underfoot. These people could not- would not- be contained.

    By Doug on 10.16.2013

  26. The rush of hooves jolted the ground. He jumped up, still barely awake. As he shook her awake he grabbed the bundle. No forgetting, not one piece of cargo, the horde would go hungry tonight.

    By davydoesright on 10.16.2013

  27. Rushing, rushing, no time to stop. No time to think about the results or the cause. Chaotic madness driving me forward. Wondering, where did my senses go? Rushing, rushing, onward and up. An escalation of the event, no time for thought.

    By Auralia on 10.16.2013

  28. as we saw the light rush in, like the break of dawn, we immediately ran towards the opening, pushing one another and not minding to look at what we step on. after 10 days, we’re finally getting out of the rubble. after 10 days, we’re finally saved.

    By Karen Michelle Victoriano URL on 10.16.2013

  29. and there i was, in the middle of it all.
    the deafening roar of meaningless noise, people swarmed all around me.
    breathing became more and more difficult to the point where, with every step, i was being dragged down. and there was no coming back up.

    By saachosaurus URL on 10.16.2013

  30. ghosts have footsteps too

    By h. b. URL on 10.16.2013