October 13th, 2013 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “parachute”

  1. Gleaming from all angles.
    A fall can be a good as a leap if you let it, the sun shone that day despite the clouds
    and your limerence was was bright as day and rain down on us both.
    Such a beautiful word for one so sad, such a tiny body for one so lost

    By Malaika URL on 10.14.2013

  2. I was falling. Well that’s what my life felt like. I’m not going to be cliche though, I was falling with a parachute. I feel like that just makes it even worse. For a moment, you feel like you are going to die, you even wish for it, and then you are suddenly thrust up into the air, escaping death for another day.

    By Molly on 10.14.2013

  3. flying high and then falling, falling. drifting towards the ground so fast. pull the cord! pull the cord before the impact! don’t let go. don’t stop. the colors, yellow and blue. they are jerking against the wind.

    By Laura on 10.14.2013

  4. It is really refreshing to see that the sky is now bright

    after a tremendous growling of a bad weather.

    I see kites in the sky and I wish I could ride a parachute

    to touch them in the atmosphere.

    I don’t feel like creating a kite to let it fly with my hands controlling it.

    I want to see it up close without even touching it

    observing how beautiful the wing keeps it floating.

    Just like the kite, a parachute has its own way of floating.

    How great the Lord he had created human

    to think and to apply what God wanted us to.

    By Loi Ragsac URL on 10.14.2013

  5. im falling down, but i got no parachute. OH NO. Then I later realzed that I only fell 5 ft and broke my leg. Still a parashute probably would help cushion the fall

    By Jason on 10.14.2013

  6. A parachute can be a beautiful object. It floats and carries to safety. Saving lives is its life’s work.

    By Sherry on 10.14.2013

  7. sometimes i wish i could go skydiving, but then i remember how scared i would be and i back out. I feel so conflicted, because at the same time that i hesitate, i also want to jump and enjoy my life and have a parachute there that would catch me as i fall.

    By morgan on 10.14.2013

  8. I left my parachute behind and decided to try free falling instead! The ground got larger and I felt a lot smaller but exhilarated

    By louise on 10.14.2013

  9. “We could parachute it.” Tori split the lines of Molly with her student ID.
    “What’s that?”
    Tori finished making the neat little rows and looked up at the other two girls. “You fold it up in a small square of tissue and then swallow it with some water.”

    By kristina URL on 10.14.2013

  10. It starts as a tingle in your core that radiates from spine to pelvic floor works its way into the pit of your stomach, spreads like fear and joy, that feeling of falling as you helplessly clench, only to jerk back with a rip cord release, as the parachute deploys, that ecstatic spasm peaks. And there you are, left hanging in the air, totally spent.

    By Intuition URL on 10.14.2013

  11. a parachute is a device that can be used to save lives but also destroy them. This is because without one you would crash and hit the ground however, parachutes are used by armed forces to safely land their troops on the ground so as to go to war

    By nick drooker URL on 10.14.2013

  12. It lets you down slowly, unlike most things in life. It doesn’t drop you to the lowest place you’ve ever been without thinking, without looking back. It’s gentle with you, and it isn’t real.

    By Ama Marie URL on 10.14.2013

  13. “You’ll have to push me off” I exclaimed as we loaded the plane, my mind wanted the thrill of jumping but I knew my body would never willingly let itself fly from a aircraft thousands of feet in the air. Self preservation they called it, its there to protect your body from harms way, what it really was, was a nusience. Fear that paralyzed my body and brain from adventure, constantly afraid of the what if’s of injury and possibly death. But in the end we all die, I’ve never understood self preservation or the fear of death even though that very same fear was programmed into me from the womb. Babies have the fear of falling, they gasp and shake when feeling the insecurity of gravity for the first time when held in an insecure grip, yet they know nothing of the world around them. They only know instilled fear that somehow had been written into their genetic code in the nine months they spent incubated in a safe warm womb. But why are we afraid? We were dead long before we were alive and we knew no different, When we think of the times before we were alive, when we didn’t exist, when we were all technically dead, we don’t feel fear, yet the moment we come bursting out of the womb we fear retreating back into death. Refusing to let some false sense of self preservation hold me back, I tightened my parachute and jumped fearfully from the plane on my own.

    By Mia on 10.14.2013

  14. i get these horrible thoughts sometimes
    bear with me im not a bad person

    (mostly because i dont have the power
    to act them out without consequence)

    when i see planes in the sky and i imagine
    youre in them

    i know you left years ago
    i know youre not on this one
    i know youre not coming back

    but thats why this is a game and thats why
    we have a word for pretending

    i see them tiny and figurine-like
    among the clouds and i think

    i hope it crashes
    i hope it burns to the ground

    and from the flaming carcass one lone speck
    will jump out and sprout wings and descend
    slowly and gently towards the ground

    in this sick fantasydream you’re the lone survivor
    maybe you were the only one on board
    it doesnt matter

    i will untangle you from the tree
    i will cut you loose

    for three seconds i will be happy to have you
    here with me
    until you hear these awful thoughts
    and you will not believe me when i say

    i am not a bad person
    because you are the only one who’s ever known
    that ive alwags been lying

    By h. b. URL on 10.14.2013