May 16th, 2018 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “staggered”

  1. I am on the edge of my seat. I click on to the entry button and wait to see what the word is and the word is up to here and it is staggered over one minute.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 05.18.2018

  2. The time-machine malfunctioned again. She would not come out at the time she was expected. Now she wondered, how much the machine would put her wrong again? A few minutes? An hour? Would not be critical, they had that covered. Anything more and she might be too late.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.18.2018

  3. My tuгn, my turn.? Larry stated eagerly wiggling too get a chance to talk.
    ?I beliеve the very Ƅwst factor aabout GߋԀ is thаt he
    can beat up the satan as a result of the ѕatan is horrifying and mean and ugly and bad and Goԁ can beat him upp so the satan can?t hurt us like
    he did these demon stuffed folks in Јesus day.

    By Jack URL on 05.18.2018

  4. one step, another, a third, his legs like the twisted branches of a graveyard tree, his hand extended forwards and shaking as he snatched for my sleeve.

    “Please, he said. “If you would only –”

    “Not in a million years.”

    “A million point three?”

    By asdfghjk on 05.18.2018

  5. lost within the swamp, staggered, limbs hanging against sides,
    the way marred with bloodied feet
    and the darkness broken across his brow
    and the endless forest with its maw opening
    in wait

    By batteryman on 05.18.2018

  6. Two lollipops met in the middle around the same time, drops of human spit and high fructose staggered through bits of sweet mist, while they kissed. Am I still in my own eyes? Does it count if it’s part of the time? Everything counts, of course, on something, until it might be.

    By smurfstoestar on 05.18.2018

  7. She waited for the group to go in ahead of her and then ducked through the door. The bar was stuffed to the brim. She weaved her way through the bodies, trying to make as little contact as possible. Any proof she was here, any at all, and she was toast. Better to stay invisible.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.18.2018

  8. Writings that came
    tumbling out his hands

    battered between the paper and pen
    the bleeding ink
    staggered all over
    filling the cracks
    and crevices of the fated canvas

    the final words
    in his story.

    By Lynn on 05.18.2018

  9. She was drunk, and she was sweating, and as she staggered toward the bus stop, she was groping for the wall as if it would hold her body up. She knew she shouldn’t have downed so many bourbon shots – but it was Friday. THE Friday. The anniversary she dreaded reliving. She finally managed to get to the bus stop bench and practically faceplanted onto the splintered wood.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.18.2018

  10. All things in life is best if its in a staggered way. be it wealth, trials, hardhisps, good or bad, they need to be staggered so i can handle them easily.

    By Shanmuga on 05.18.2018

  11. The king was staggered by the crowd

    By Victor Hurtado on 05.18.2018

  12. She staggered through part of the way and rode in a wheelchair for the rest of the way, but she completed the challenge.

    By okayfine on 05.18.2018

  13. Whether you stagger, walk, run, roll, or crawl through the challenges in your life doesn’t matter. There will always be only two categories of people. Those that make it to the finish and those that don’t. Everything else is just noise.

    By Kristian Pierce on 05.18.2018

  14. you have reached the end of the internet
    staggered through gigabytes
    seen all that you can see
    when there’s nothing left to click for
    there is nothing left to live for
    reload redesigned restaged
    a life made up of bytes and games
    shut it down
    shut it all the fuck down

    By Matt m. on 05.18.2018

  15. their mind staggered to keep up with the brutal pace that he was keeping, she struggled to comprehend what was happening around her as he rigged her to more and more machines littered around the room. Even though she was confused and disoriented one thing was all too clear. She was going to die here.

    By Kai Carter on 05.18.2018

  16. He staggered down the creaking, wooden steps, loosely gripping a half empty bottle of booze. “I can’t keep doing this.” He moaned, sitting down at his desk and picking up a pen.

    By Livia on 05.18.2018

  17. No course true ever ran smooth, truth being a thing to come to in jumps and starts, a mountain that must be climbed over all the drunken missteps of what we must unknow.

    By Lance URL on 05.18.2018

  18. He staggered down the creaking, wooden steps, loosely gripping a half empty bottle of booze. “I can’t keep doing this.” He moaned, sitting down at his desk and picking up a pen. His movements were shaky, he fumbled through his desk, searching for a spare piece of paper to pour his thoughts on.
    ‘Dear Julia, I know it’s been long since I last wrote, but I can’t hide the way I feel anymore.’

    By Livia on 05.18.2018

  19. Cross-eyed, she made her way through the crowd. Everything was on a loop, or in a loop around her. She remembered the scene in Finding Nemo, with the turtles and everything tubular, the spinning and how it always made her both excited and nervous to watch. That was how she felt. Excited and nervous. Or like a turtle, stuck in a jetstream, submerged in an ocean.

    By thefinalcam on 05.18.2018