May 15th, 2018 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “departure”

  1. she stood at the raills, awaiting the train that will take her away from this wretched place, so many horrible memories, so much loss, she was excited to leave. it wasnt long beofre the train came and she boarded it with a great smile.

    By Allena Luffman on 05.15.2018

  2. The train was due to leave at one o’clock and we were running late. It wasn’t on purpose, I didn’t want her to go but I wouldn’t do something like that to her..

    By bp coyle URL on 05.15.2018

  3. “Go. Just go.” I could hear the panic in his voice, yet I did not budge.
    “No,” I said, my voice steely. “Not without you.”

    By London Nelson on 05.15.2018

  4. The plane’s departure from the Lyrette Airport seemed like any normal departure from any normal airport. It lifted into the air as gracefully as any large metal hunk could, though not necessarily akin to a soaring bird. Within minutes, it was thousands of miles above the cityscape, the pilot focused on her trajectory. That was when all the lights below turned off.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.15.2018

  5. She sat in the departure lounge and looked at the other passengers. She was sure, that family over there, that was just another terrorist threat, then she remembered, what her therapist had told her – no, not every Arab was a terrorist.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.15.2018

  6. As the plane readied for departure, the air hostess looked outside the window towards the airport. It was the last time she would see the grounds again. But, she didn’t know that.

    By Shalini on 05.15.2018

  7. makes me sad. i think of death. departed. saying bye, i hate the word. i believe in never saying goodbyes, they dont exist in my dixtionary because it feels too painful to me. it reminds me of the airport. departure terminal. doesnt make it seem all that bad.

    By sanjana on 05.15.2018

  8. reminds me of the airport. departure terminal. i speak in broken words sometimes. lol. but departure made me sad the first time i wrote about it and now it doesnt seem all that bad. airport, going somewhere, flying into a new place. trains never seem to have departures.

    By sanjanagl on 05.15.2018

  9. Why the fuck did you give me departure

    Departure is sad.
    Departure is bad.
    Departure is smad.

    The definition of departure is the leaving of a place.

    By Ward on 05.15.2018

  10. Why the fuck did you give me departure

    Departure is sad.
    Departure is bad.
    Departure is smad.

    The definition of departure is the leaving of a place.
    Departure backwards is E R U T R A P E D

    By Ward on 05.15.2018

  11. There’s ice on the train lines,
    And snow in the air.
    Mounding in the corners,
    Melting in strands of hair.

    Shallow breaths makes clouds,
    Waiting boots slip and scuff.
    Bodies sway and stagger and sigh,
    Retreating when they’ve had enough.

    The lights turn off, it’s time to go,
    A voice calls it a day.
    Stuck behind the yellow line,
    If I can’t leave, I’ll stay.

    The end of the ride is frightening,
    But if it never comes, it will never be over.
    If you won’t let me stay, won’t let me go,
    Then freeze me into a winter slumber.

    By Ai URL on 05.15.2018

  12. “It isn’t really difficult,” he said.

    I felt that the lesson he was to give me would take all my patience and might even trigger the end of our friendship. Now was the time for a polite departure, dropping the hint of responsibilities at home, people waiting, or perhaps I could use my personal frailty, my inability to survive wet weather and dark nights, as an excuse.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.16.2018

  13. She watched the plane take off, her heart soaring at the thought of flying through the air. It was still too long before she was going to board. She was ready. She was anxious. She leaned her head back in her chair and exhaled loudly.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.16.2018

  14. I am sitting in the departure lounge waiting for takeoff. It’s time for me to go. I must be off. That’s a good one. I’m sitting in my Florida room watching TV. My dear darling Helen used to call this the departure lounge because we would sit here and smoke pot. Some things never change!

    By michaelbuzz on 05.16.2018

  15. in the movie departed, the departure from one dream to another is probably what gave it the name?

    By Shanmuga on 05.16.2018

  16. An occasional departure from your comfort zone is essential to developing and understanding yourself as a human being. Doing something you would not normally do or taking your mind or body to place you are typically too scared to go can reveal the parts of yourself that typically remain hidden under the standard affair habits and qualities we have developed to make the passage of daily life as easy as possible.

    By Kristian Pierce on 05.16.2018

  17. its time to depart

    By Jasper7722 on 05.16.2018

  18. The gate for departures was, naturally, nowhere near the entrance from the parking structure. I know that we were supposed to have arrived two hours early to avoid exactly this panic, but now it’s half an hour until our flight leaves, the dog is finally with the kennel, my kids have stopped crying, and our car is in long term parking – give me a break, world.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 05.16.2018

  19. Something about the word departure. It seems, to many, like a negative thing.

    We refer to death, or a firing, or no longer being where you wanted to be. All as departures.

    I prefer to consider myself embarking on a new adventure, not departing an old one. Getting out of one thing, to start something better. Departure is a word most used by the people left behind.


    By drewplaysdrums on 05.16.2018

  20. She left him behind. The memories, the piles of accumulated hoard that had no real impact on her life, and the one who used to mean the most to her right along with all of it. His perceived value had faded away like everything else until all that remained was the realization of his irrelevance.

    By Lucas Sander on 05.16.2018

  21. I left. My flight flew away, and he was in the parking lot, tears streaming silently. I was crying too. I’d see him again soon. I was gone. I left. Why did I leave? I could have stayed.

    By Caroline Rimel on 05.16.2018

  22. Some people dream of a TEMPORARY departure from their life but very much want also to keep their current life securely tucked away so they can go right back to it when they are ready. They want to experience exciting, new things but have no intention of diving fully in, because they ultimately do not want it to interfere.

    By okayfine on 05.16.2018

  23. surperflous comma
    common cantankerous
    departure depart me
    a person who knows
    what pain might be
    the sight unseen
    the gestures too mean
    the moment caught in time
    to whit; to love; to mine
    why do we stay in place
    an eager, hunger is strange
    bring me home, my dear
    bring me home where
    i can’t stand fear

    By Matt m. on 05.16.2018

  24. gone, bye bye, thats all she wrote, see ya later, bye felicia, its go time, time to catch a plane, adios, smell you later, cianara,

    By angelo on 05.16.2018

  25. we departure tomorrow, boy. Be ready -he said, closing the door after himself. The kid could feel his breath speed up and each time he breathed in, he couldn’t get enough air. He felt like he was going to pass out

    By Bramsy on 05.16.2018

  26. I staked out a good seat, one in line with the departure board for my flight. I had never missed a plane but I was still nervous. A girlfriend of mine missed her flight once and had to go through all kinds of b.s to catch the next one.

    Since I was running away from everything, I needed to get away before anyone missed me.

    By MsShel330 on 05.16.2018

  27. I took a deep breath and looked towards the security gates as the flight was ready for departure. It was bright and sunny inside the airport platform. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel disappointed. I knew he wouldn’t come. Now, I would be liberated for sure.

    By Shalini on 05.16.2018

  28. As I stood by the gate, I waved goodbye to everything I knew. This was it. A journey that would take me to the new and unknown and for the first time I wasn’t scared.

    By Rosie URL on 05.17.2018

  29. Yesterday I left home for the first time. I don’t remember the journey, but I do remember the feeling of emptiness as I left everything i knew behind me. It isn’t easy when your life is wrapped up in someone who needs to stay behind.

    By Joshua Howard on 05.17.2018

  30. departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure,departure

    By Emma URL on 05.17.2018

  31. Departure was yesterday’s word. We have the same word two days in a row. Bogus, man.

    By drewplaysdrums on 05.17.2018

  32. departure is a much-needed element in life. If you do not depart yourself from something or someone you will be lost in a void of unhappiness and inferior emotions.

    By WingedRider on 05.17.2018

  33. “Train leaves now!”

    He turned to confirm with the conductor and then back into her eyes.

    “I have to go.”

    “I know.”

    And with a kiss, he boarded the train and never returned.

    By Jacob Malicky on 05.17.2018

  34. This pop culture enthusiasm is a departure from the you I know in real time. Or have you hidden these aspects of yourself from me until now, when there’s no chance of being in the flesh?

    By whatever artemesia on 05.17.2018

  35. i love when i depart to go to florida for the summer and i love departong texas. i would love to depart work right now that would be great. pheeewwwww. DEPArture.

    By Ramon URL on 05.17.2018

  36. life is like departure your on this crazy flight with lightning and stuff but once you get to your destination your as happy as ever.

    By Ramon URL on 05.17.2018

  37. there were still so many things to say. but there was no time as the captain sounded the horn. people rushed to hold the hand of their loved ones one last time. george and mary didn’t touch but she could see the pain in his eyes and the promise. the promise that he wouldn’t forget her and that, if the gods allowed, he would send for her. its time to go she said.

    By j on 05.17.2018

  38. She tried not to let her tears show, but she could feel the dam around her eyes breaking as she took a shaky breath. “Yeah.”
    “You’re coming back.”
    “I know.”
    “You will be fine.”
    “I know.”
    “I will also be fine.”
    That got her.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.17.2018

  39. the solution to a problem is the question to an answer
    when do we stay
    or what time is our departure?
    to play the part
    of someone invested in incessant
    is there a smile in a frown i can’t see
    is there a moment of possibility
    or is it raised from the ground
    lifting off in forever
    a departure
    depart me.

    By Matt m. on 05.17.2018