May 19th, 2018 | 9 Entries

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9 Entries for “disregard”

  1. the bundle of old rags languished by the stairs.
    motionless, though the city hummed around it.
    it slept, uncaring and unseen.

    By batteryman on 05.19.2018

  2. Your safety is important but it is also limiting. At times keeping you out of harms way stops you from doing the interesting things in life. Time to disregard your personal integrity and take a little bit of risk for once. Go out and enjoy.

    By Joaquin on 05.19.2018

  3. Dear Madison,

    Please disregard that last message I sent you. Truth be told, I wasn’t in my office when I wrote it. I was, in fact, at the Teddy Bear Tavern downtown, and I had drunk one too many Moscow mules, and quite frankly, I’m embarrassed by the entire thing. You deserve better than to have a lovesick, inebriated moron spill her guts out to you like in such a horrific, unprofessional way that causes discomfort or confusion.

    the Village Idiot

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.19.2018

  4. When this site wants me to write quickly it disregards my enthusiasm to express my thoughts and feelings. But it inspires me a lot.

    By Olga Kiss on 05.19.2018

  5. This passionate apathy, with which I render my enemy and friend in complete oblivion. Disregard is damnation.

    By Lance URL on 05.19.2018

  6. Nevermind the explanation left in letters. Nor the enunciation of some random word mispelled. Or the lines around one’s eyes, made deeper by the mar of sadness. Or maybe it was laughter. You can’t see what you don’t look for. Likewise, when it comes to matters of disregard, you’ll always find what you want to see. Such is the unwritten law of love, mishandled.

    By SarahsGurl on 05.19.2018

  7. he disregarded my feelings with a cutting knive

    By Gracia Obalolayama on 05.19.2018

  8. if señorita smiles at dawn
    aching to be heard
    there’s a sentence left unsaid
    a moment in time of hers
    if she says she loves you
    disregard her words
    she believes it to be true
    but only for as long
    as her smiles at dawn

    By Matt m. on 05.19.2018

  9. Disregard this message entierly. It was writen by me someone who can’t spell for shit. Someone who can’t do anything right. Someone who thought about putting shame on other people to feel love. When in reality it should have been love to feel love. Disregard this message enetierly

    By Ezekiel Matthew Rashid on 05.19.2018