November 1st, 2010 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “stage”

  1. I stepped out onto the stage and stared out at all the faces. I could hear my breath in my ears, so loud against the hum of the audience and the light in my eyes. My face burned; i had never felt so hot. This is your time to ruin everything, I thought. This is where it ends. I stepped forward, moving to the music, feel wrong, feeling achiness in my limbs, feeling that everything was wrong, ugly, over. I should never have come, never have danced.

    By somedays URL on 11.01.2010

  2. I’m standing there, trying to recall the words I’ve looked at so many times. But my mind’s a blank. There’s a block somewhere, and I can’t shift it. There’s thousands of people staring at me, waiting with anticipation. And all I can do it stare. I’ve failed. This is it. This is the end… And I’m okay with that…

    By Lou URL on 11.01.2010

  3. The stage was brightly lit. She stepped out and looked across to the audience. Was it possible for her to cntinue in the circumstances? How could she not. She owed it to herself. She had worked for this momet for the last 3 years and this was her time

    By MrsC on 11.01.2010

  4. this is a set up. its a stage. i don’t believe this is all happening at the same time.
    who is going to perform on this stage? i refuse to act out this tragedy. i will turn it around, so it becomes dark humor. and i will just laugh about it. later.

    By Angel Wong on 11.01.2010

  5. I took a deep breath as I stepped onto the empty stage. The creaks in the breaking floor amplified themselves with the absence of anyone in the house.

    Last chance.

    By Ann on 11.01.2010

  6. I used to be on stage as a child. I loved the attention. But as I have grown, I am more frightened of the stage. I am nervous speaking in front of my peers. I absolutely hate public speaking! However, when I teach it is almost as if I am on stage acting in front of my students! Smile on my face always.

    By Jackie on 11.01.2010

  7. Deep breaths.
    In. Out. In. Out.
    No one’s watching, no one’s watching, even when they are.
    Ignore the whispers. Act. You are an actor, a player, right?
    Isn’t that why you’re always on stage?

    By Olivia URL on 11.01.2010

  8. All the world is a stage and we are all but actors on it. Keep this in mind when you are baffled by the people in your world….then don’t take their actions personally….

    By Peaceable on 11.01.2010

  9. i have a stage. we like a stage. i want a stage. we use a stage. i own a stage. we barowed a stage. i lifted a stage. i weighted a stage. i hate satges.

    By ikaika URL on 11.01.2010

  10. Staring at the stage,she took a deep breath. How was she supposed to get up there and perform, especially with all these people? yeah, they were her friends and family, allies and acquaintances. She could laugh it off if it was a poor performance, but it didn’t ease her at all. No wonder.

    By Phee URL on 11.01.2010

  11. I liek performing on the stage at my school it is so fun and cool. All my friends perform on the stage with me. The stage at my scchool is big and it is in the showlow auditorium.

    By Ashlea Schweigert URL on 11.01.2010

  12. The dancer performed on the stage alone. She felt nervous but continued to move step by step. Once in while, she would glance out at the audience and make eye contact with the one person she was most proud of, her mother. It was her mother that provided her with the lessons and continued to support her through her rehearsals.

    By PWenger URL on 11.01.2010

  13. The stage was lit up by huge spotlights. But all she could think of was the thousands of faces staring at her. Waiting to hear the next line. The next line that she had forgotten. Think. Think. But she could not remember. All those faces. All staring at her. How was she supposed to remember the next line? She looked around at the other characters trying to find some kind of hint in their expressions, their eyes, their poses…

    By Misha URL on 11.01.2010

  14. My fondest memory with this word is seeing Gilda Radnor doing her routine on the balance beam! I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes. It was one of my favorite moments of hers.

    By Robin on 11.01.2010

  15. centre stage-the mayor’s office-downtown seattle,the mayor is speaking,”fellow citizens,the volcano errupting near mt.rainer will cause major damage to the city.we advise you to evacuate at once in a safe polite manner

    By Dann URL on 11.01.2010

  16. the stage was lit with the lights of a thousand flames. the chorus stood in awe as everything around them was consumed by lewd, sinful fire. the audience cringed in horror…………

    By kelsey on 11.01.2010

  17. It was huge and I was small, it smelled of wood and old sweat. One light was on and Mr. Stack talked about John Lennon and how he was dead. And then Mr. Stack cried. I’d never seen a grown man cry before, not like that.

    By Elizabeth on 11.01.2010

  18. It’s a stage, the front of the classroom. I’m and then I’m off. But am I ever off?

    By Amiee URL on 11.01.2010

  19. The stage was something she was afraid of. That, until the moment she saw herself in that youtube video. No one else recognized her, but the weird sensation of than instant was something she wanted to pursue ever since.

    By pablo on 11.01.2010

  20. a lot of peple do not like to get up on stae, it is made for some and not all. i remember when i was a kid i had to preform on stage. i can say it is different from playing basketball . i think i would rather play ball

    By nubia on 11.01.2010

  21. She knelt on the concrete next to the truck, looking out at the staging area. The wind was cold, and the light from the street lamps had a strange greenish cast.

    By Pip_Pipperton on 11.01.2010

  22. A stage is a place where actions are performed, “All the world’s a stage” Shakespeare said, and indeed the entire world is a stage for actions of one kind or another, actions good and bad. Actions humorous and comedic, as well as those drear and dour. If the world is a stage, be glad, for you are an actor in it.

    By Addison Stillion on 11.01.2010

  23. this is the time, when everything matters. when the only thing we have to offer is our identity. Nothing more. Trying with much difficulty to prove ourselves to the world around us. And “superiors” insist it is only a stage.

    By KatherineEmm URL on 11.01.2010

  24. He lived on a stage for his entire life: a virtual stage, one in which his life was documented for researchers. He was unusual in that respect, though not so much that he was unrecognizable as human. On the contrary, he was one of the few pure humans left.

    By DH on 11.01.2010

  25. theatre. work. performance. fake. keep me on this stage because i don’t like what’s behind the curtain. is it possible to ever step down? life is one big stage, and we’re all actors, whether we want to be or not. you’re here anyways, might as well be in the spotlight. don’t forget your lines, everyone is watching. always.

    By Danni URL on 11.01.2010

  26. Lights, camera, action,, excitement, k

    By kev URL on 11.01.2010

  27. Pressure’s building, the whispers sound like screams. You feel you’re face turning red before them all, and this realization fills your throat with bile. Heart’s pounding. You want to escape, but you can’t you’re plastered here underneath the spotlight for them all to see your pain. Fuck highschool.

    By Lizza URL on 11.01.2010

  28. The stage, quite simply, is his life– where he comes alive. With the bass vibrating the floor and the sound of a hundred voices singing along to all of his songs. Stroking the guitar like a lover, slamming the drums as if to break them, and singing his heart out. And when it’s over, when the high has died down, he writes. Lyrics, melodies, journal entries; something about performing makes him want to release the euphoria out onto paper.

    By Julia URL on 11.01.2010

  29. As I sit on stage waiting for the crowd to arrive I think of what a great show this is going to be. All my cast and crew are ready to perform. Its going to be a great night.

    By Jessee URL on 11.01.2010

  30. I think this is the stage in my life where I am not afraid to give up on people. This stage is going to be filled with me focusing on those people who care about me just as much as I care about them instead of with those who don’t really care about me. This stage will be my happy stage even though it may hurt being away from home and my family. I guess I have to realize that this stage will set the stage for the rest of my life.

    By Teeps on 11.01.2010

  31. All the world’s a stage, so said Shakespeare I think. I hope it’s not true cause I hate to be the centre of attention so would not enjoy being on the stage every minute of my life. I wouldn’t mind more entertainment from others though.

    By MichelleN on 11.01.2010

  32. when im older i want to be on a huge stage, in front of a massive crowd doing what i love best, hip hop dancing! ill be up there showing everyone what i got, from backflips to just moving to the music.

    By jsea URL on 11.01.2010

  33. bright lights smiling faces dancing singing and amazing praises…costumes and make up …all for your entertainment.

    By kayla URL on 11.01.2010

  34. bright lights smiling faces dancing singing and amazing praises…costumes and make up …all for your entertainment…..

    By kayla URL on 11.01.2010

  35. The stage is set
    And we all step on
    Raising our hands
    Our voices
    To the heavens that have betrayed us.
    Why is it that we cry
    When it is easier to laugh?
    Why is it that we lie
    When the truth is so much more simple?
    Why do we create these
    For ourselves?
    Why do we do this?
    Save me from my home
    Where darkness dwells
    And evils lurk
    Preying on me,
    The Weak.

    By Kathryn URL on 11.01.2010

  36. up on the stage i scream and fight
    i cower in fright as the
    light shines on me

    By Selena URL on 11.01.2010

  37. It was all just an act to her. She kept coming back for an encore; ripping me to shreds. But she brought actors with her this time around. They tore me open and left me to bleed out as the final act of the night. As the curtain fell, so did my trust in mankind.

    By Marissa URL on 11.01.2010

  38. i once stood on a stage for 4 million hours. the sun radiated my blood and bones and began to walk like a zombie. take this fist full of chocolate and give it to my one true love. thats when youll know…

    By No Tanders on 11.01.2010

  39. The stage was backlit by the mirrors reflecting off the spotlights above. “Welcome, Welcome” said the large man occupying its center. “Come, sit, and be entertained.”

    By Theryn Doty on 11.01.2010

  40. Think. Breathe. You can do it. Step out there, take that figurative leap. No pressure, it’s just your single chance to make it big. Believe in yourself, nobody else does. It’s just you, right now. You. Alone. Against this big city with its bright lights. Don’t blow it. Live it.

    By Katie on 11.01.2010