October 31st, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “fangs”

  1. You want to beg for them to stay because suddenly you are afraid. Afraid that this is the day that your sharp protest will be useless. That they won’t be pierced by your quickly dulling fangs.

    By Ara on 11.01.2010

  2. wolf fangs
    pointy shiny
    looks delicate
    handle with care

    By channie URL on 11.01.2010

  3. fangs i think are something that make me think about vampires. They make me think about vampires because thats what they use. They use them to drink blood for food. I’ve never heard of a vampire that does’nt drink blood. I also think fangs are not real at ALL!

    By vaeh URL on 11.01.2010

  4. He stared at me with a come and get it grin. That is when I noticed his rather large fangs. Wow! I said as I took off in the other direction. I did not want anything to do with this crazy looking man.

    By me on 11.01.2010

  5. Fangs are on b ats. They can bite into someone’s skin. Vampires also have fangs. Dogs have fangs as well which they use to chew their food with.

    By Dana on 11.01.2010

  6. he thought about writing trueblood fan fiction where bill kills sookie and gets it on with erik, but realized there was no way he could write all that in a matter of seconds.

    By J URL on 11.01.2010

  7. Well most of the time I was searching for the translation of this word because I have never seen it. Now that I know it some big animals come to my mind. It like in cartoon when they hunt you with an open mouth and you can see their fangs.

    By Therese on 11.01.2010

  8. Seething, spitting, dripping, licking, FITTING (into my neck.)

    By kelseyk URL on 11.01.2010

  9. He sunk his fangs into my neck.
    Wait. His. . Fangs?? He has fangs? how is that possible? Is he a freak? A fairytale creature?
    Then he bit down harder. “Oh. . ” I heard myself moan, to my surprise. . it felt nice.

    By Allison on 11.01.2010