December 31st, 2009 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “stack”

  1. Stack boxes on top of one another

    By Anonymous on 01.01.2010

  2. She stacked the pieces on top of each other in the closet. She didn’t have a specific order to them. He looked on with a sort of subdued horror, wondering how she could stand the fierce stink of blood– even from far away, it was nearly enough to knock him out. She finished, and she turned to smile at him. “It’s done,” she said. “You don’t think I’m going to kill you, do you?”

    By Selva on 01.01.2010

  3. the stack of papers was so high it hid the rest of the office from view. i couldn’t even see my partner, who sat at the desk on the other side. i walked around the stack of papers and said to him, jeez, i only was gone for two days. don’t you do anything?

    By mikeyla on 01.01.2010

  4. By Anonymous on 01.01.2010

  5. Stack the paper high. Dont let it fall, you’ll let everyone down. Why not. make it strong and large and high. make the stack so high it reaches to the sun and burns. burns so ashes fall all over everyone

    By $@R@H on 01.01.2010

  6. Without a word, he walked over and placed another on top of the already towering pile. And another. Another, another, another.

    “Stop!” I couldn’t help but scream. “If you don’t, I’m never getting out of this office today.”

    “I suppose I ought to mark you down for over time.” He sipped his coffee, damned arrogant coffee sipping, and walked back to his office.

    I picked-up the phone to call my husband.

    Fuck work.

    By Bradly Scott Kneisel on 01.01.2010

  7. to pile on top or the siz e of a womens breasts

    By Katie on 01.01.2010

  8. I stacked box upon box. Finally, the day had come. I was getting out of here. As I filled the Uhaul with every item I’d ever cared about, I smiled. Things were finally changing.

    By Savvy on 01.01.2010

  9. I have written a stack of e-mails to present my best wishes for 2010

    By Anonymous on 01.01.2010

  10. I have a stack of money hidden in the bottom of my drawer, in case I need to run away someday.

    By Tamara in Montreal on 01.01.2010

  11. he

    By cansu on 01.01.2010

  12. there was a stack of apples, it reached high into the clouds and tickled the raindrops out of them sometimes but only when the sun shone brightly and the apples thought it might burn the clouds and the rain would stop the burn and flourish the earth. this stack of apples, they were wise and everyone on earth worshipped their accomplishments.

    By EJR on 01.01.2010

  13. Stack the blocks as high as you can. Stack them until you cannot reach any further. Stack the blocks, one two three. Stack the blocks so you can see. Stack the blocks, stack them high. Now they will fall down. Stack the blocks until you like what you see. Stack them.

    By Scott on 01.01.2010

  14. a stack of cards would be useful if you wanted to play poker because you couldn’t play without it. Another stack could be a wedding cake which is quite delicious! Yum Yum. Or a jenga game too.

    By Abi on 01.01.2010

  15. There was a stack of cards on the table, all the things I’d gotten in the mail since I left the USA. But there was one name missing on the return address labels, the only one I really wanted to see.

    By everythingtasteslikecookies on 01.01.2010