December 30th, 2009 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “discreet”

  1. Hidden and kept from the prying eyes of others. A place to go when I feel uncomfortable with life. A little bit of something special.

    By VirtualPlacebo on 12.31.2009

  2. shy

    By Saurie on 12.31.2009

  3. discreet is what I think of when I am thinking about my feelings, or when I feel things. I don’t normally like to let others know what I’m feeling, but I’m not sure why. Its just how it is. I also like being discreet when I move. Whether it’s in a video game or in life, I don’t like being heard really. In games you can get killed from being loud, and in RL you can bother others by being loud.

    By Jon on 12.31.2009

  4. I’m not usually discreet, because I live in my own world and sometimes I don’t realize there are people around me…and I go out saying: I’m so high…and eeverybody listens, I should be more discreet.

    By Alissa on 12.31.2009

  5. i am trying to be discreet here guys…. your not really helping. look, all i want to do is get this paper bag off the hook without anyone noticing!
    fine then, let me get caught, LET me get shouted at by stall owner. see if i care :P

    By Minna on 12.31.2009