January 1st, 2010 | 367 Entries

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367 Entries for “coat”

  1. it’s so cold out this winter. i wish we would have buried him in his coat. then he would be warm for eternity. his heart turned cold, he stopped it from beating, and not there’s no way to warm it up again. if only it were me instead of my was not the unforgivable. selfish, yes. but i’d still want him to have his coat. God take care of him.

    By holly bowles, ks on 01.02.2010

  2. I hang my coat on the top of the hook, and look around me. The hallway is warm and cozy, and I can see a cheery fireplace down the hall and into the living room. For once I’m feeling good about the place where I am and I want to stay there. Maybe this time we won’t have to move again. I hope not, at least.

    By EJ on 01.02.2010

  3. Hmm. Well, you were coats in the winter. It reminds me of women-women like moms and girlfriends. You know, the lovely women you meet in your life.I like red

    By Adam on 01.02.2010

  4. my coat is over my overcoat and I like to wear this coat whenever I think I may have need of it. not many people wear two coats at the same tim, but i do. isn’t it marvelous to look at the shiny coat

    By Anonymous on 01.02.2010

  5. His coat was a shiny brown with a black sable mask around his brilliant blue eyes. He was beautiful.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.02.2010

  6. I put on a trench-coat and stepped out into the chill wind. The leaves were tumbling to the ground around me, much like I had the night before. The feeling of shame was overwhelming, and I hoped the coat was old and ugly enough for no-one to recognise me.

    By Slowmo on 01.02.2010

  7. i wore a coat once, and it wasn’t quite warm. It cut through my skin actually, as it was lined with razor blades. I learned to deal with it, and learned to let the blood running down my body keep me warm, but it ruined my entire wardrobe. Fuck that coat.

    By Ram Yuu on 01.02.2010