September 27th, 2013 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “squint”

  1. I squinted into the dark, my hand trembling on the door handle. Behind me, I could heard the clock ticking, seconds slipping away like sand slipping through the fingers.

    By Pippa URL on 09.27.2013

  2. Can’t see! Have to squint – causes wrinkles on my forehead. Now I’m an old man squinting with wrinkles on my forehead. At first I thought it said squirt…THat’s a soft drink ya know.

    By Mr. L on 09.27.2013

  3. Squinting into the distance, Appolowyn was scouting for the enemy. She knew they were hard to spot, but she tried anyway. Her dark brown hair fell over her shoulders as her hood fell down.

    She saw nothing.

    She took up her pack and walked down the hill, right into their trap.

    By Lightsandcandy on 09.27.2013

  4. As she looked back at the road below, her palms started to sweat. It made her nervous even thinking about the meeting. She squinted through the fog. She could see nothi g. She felt totally lost.

    By Pencilpen on 09.27.2013

  5. “What? No!” Gwen laughed, trying to judge the look in Lyra’s face for good or bad. The popular girl squinted back at her. “Yeah. School never did me any thing but a decline. Mum isn’t with it but I just told her that I’m quitting anyway.
    Gwen’s face contracted tightly. She knew she had to win Lyra’s trust – or else.

    By Pencilpen on 09.27.2013

  6. My sight is almost gone.
    No more shapes, just colors.
    If squint I see more.
    The values the textures
    begin to emerge.

    By Yuki URL on 09.27.2013

  7. Sunshine. It hurts your eyes, doesn’t it? Or is that tears? Ice cream? I forget why you’re in pain. I don’t think it is the sun, not really, the sun that makes you twist and turn away from me like that, squirm and squint and squeal in mock delight. Oh, I do not know. I do not know of your hats, your suncream, such necessities to you that mean so little! You are shallow and you know nothing and yet you can still laugh! Lick your icecream and laugh like you are happy. You know so little. So very little.

    By con on 09.27.2013

  8. i squint when i cant see, even with my glasses on sometimes . i get told not to squint all the ti

    By cherokee on 09.27.2013

  9. Squinting his eyes at the sun, it almost seemed like the plane overhead was a figment of his imagination. Three hours and she would finally be here. He tapped his foot. He loved non sequiturs.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 09.27.2013

  10. we stared into the sun.
    we left the cave, blinking at the ruthless lights, free of our captivity and naked in our bodies and souls.

    the landscape of the world and our minds was barren, we walked as children, the light and sound and fervor causing us to squint into the dawn.

    By Alana L on 09.27.2013

  11. If I squint at the light, it fractures and spangles and goes all firework-y.

    By mrsmig on 09.27.2013

  12. I looked up at the sun, eyes squinted, the breeze rolled through my hair and in that moment i felt serenity. Love flowed through my veins and i laughed aloud..

    By Terah on 09.27.2013

  13. I contact you
    for eye contact
    and you decline.
    A game we’ve played
    for half a decade.

    By Destroyer of Man on 09.27.2013

  14. “Where is he?”

    “There. By the lower deck. See?”

    “I don’t see him.”

    “I know. You gotta squint a little. See, there. He’s wearing the red coat.”

    Josie blinked. “That’s not a he, Rocker.”


    “The Sergeant, the one in the red coat? That’s a lady.”



    Rocker shook his head wildly, his long blonde hair flying everywhere. “Not impossible.”

    Josie smirked. “Guess you weren’t squinting hard enough.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.27.2013

  15. I squinted my eyes as I tried to stare at the figure approaching me from the direction of the sunrise. “Who could that person be?” I whispered to myself. “There shouldn’t be anyone out here besides me, so why?”. As the figure grew closer, my eyes widened.

    By Saomouny Chou on 09.27.2013

  16. Squinting at the long box before me puts me in a difficult
    mood. I am ill, but maybe not quite ill enough to be unable to do
    anything. I feel sort of guilty for not going to work because after
    all, Daniel is very nice, not like your shitty old boss. Not like
    her at all. But you’re so sanctimoniously left wing, is it really
    right to feel guilt towards a company? No idea. Maybe just try not
    to think about it.

    By Josh on 09.27.2013

  17. She squints, watching the man across the aisle. He’s tapping on the safety bar. It would have driven her crazy if hadn’t held the rest of himself absolutely still. Her ears could hear every breath, and the shifting of his hands, fingers beating staccato on the metal.
    Tap, and the bus stops, letting at a few wanderers on. tap. tap, and she shifts, hearing the old woman three rows back cough.
    He stills, and she freezes, curious.
    tap, tap, clatter.
    an umbrella thumps to the floor, and the tapping starts again.
    He wears a hood, but that is all she can identify about him. Her eyes burn and she closes them, listening to the tapping. It was consistent at least.

    By mae on 09.27.2013

  18. in the sunlight
    blurred lines of vision
    eyes going blue and pink
    head feeling light
    where did the comfortable darkness go
    and why is this light assailing my eyes?
    Take the headache away
    stop squinting
    it’s only light

    By Paige on 09.27.2013

  19. closed eyes
    crazy hard

    By hudson on 09.27.2013

  20. Causes wrinkles, my grandma used to say. She was right. Crow’s feet, laugh lines. Call them what you want. Just stop squinting.

    By Ms. Hershey on 09.27.2013

  21. flies, sun, warm, dark room with light,

    By Lauren on 09.27.2013

  22. Eyes peering, straining… Off in the distance. What am I seeing? Trying, stretching the limits of my vision…

    By Ms. Hershey on 09.27.2013

  23. a room with a trickle of light coming through the attic door, The suns shining on the foggy air flying through and above the snow capped mountains, the eyes squinting

    By Lauren on 09.27.2013

  24. I squinted into the sunset as we were walking. It was almost dusk, and it was getting cold. Jack slipped his hand into mine.
    “Thank you for walking with me, Cilia,” he said. I smiled up at him.
    “Thank you for talking with me. I needed someone today.”

    By Kristina on 09.27.2013

  25. i squinted at her from across the room. Yep, she was definitely the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen. she’s got that hair that’s perfect even when it’s a mess, the type of hair i love, eyes that make you smile, so pretty you squint at her beauty. i hope one day it’s okay for a girl like me to love a girl like her.

    By babe on 09.27.2013

  26. I guess I knew he was the one when I saw what had happened to him. Eyes bent low, almost squint, but you couldn’t really make that out beyond the scars. He had been burnt.
    Was that why he was here?
    Why he was with me now? Not just with me…with thirty-two other strangers all bitten by the world. “We’d all make good novel characters, yeah?” the bald man’s mouth split into a grin.
    The woman with the cigarette rolled her eyes, pursued her red-colored lips.

    By Cat on 09.27.2013

  27. I have friends. This is great. Two of my friends are talking, I walk up. They stop talking. I feel weird. Sometimes they look at me and laugh, I don’t think much of it. I see my best friend with the Brian, my crush. I squint. Why are they together. I watch longer; she touches his leg. She knows I like him. What kind of friend is this.

    By Denise Watson on 09.27.2013

  28. I was walking home from a candy store when I came along a boy that was sitting all alone by the tree. I went up to him to make sure he was ok and not hurt. He told me that his name is Jayce . it turns out that He seemed really kind to me, but he told me that he is not normal. He said that his eyes squint often. I didn’t mind that mostly because he was really kind to me. I said goodbye and continue to walk. then when I was walking away he gave me a note. The note said: A few days went by and I haven’t seen Jayce yet. I went into the candy store and I see him.

    By Diana on 09.27.2013

  29. Squint. Not squat. Whole different words, no not confuse them! You wouldn’t want to squat your eyes, or squint to take a dumb in the woods!

    By Nuno on 09.27.2013

  30. The poster was obviously supposed to be making a statement, but none of the onlookers could make it out.

    “Is it supposed to be art?” The girl asked her brother. He squinted at the page, deep in thought.

    “I think,” he said after a pause, “Whoever made this was an idiot.”

    By mary kate URL on 09.27.2013


    By NASEERA on 09.27.2013

  32. She squints at the blazing ball of light. What could it possibly be? Where she lives, everything is dark; there is no light. There should be no light. Light had disappeared eons ago; it had disappeared along with all the sea-creatures, the creatures of the sky. Light shouldn’t exist. The sky shouldn’t exist. Nothing should exist, not anymore.

    By whiterice on 09.27.2013

  33. He squinted his eyes. The lights in his office is so shiny. He cannot see what he is reading. He got mad and close the book shut out loud.

    “Hey what’s wrong.?” Roland asked.
    “It’s this book. I can’t read it properly. The light was too shiny.” He replied.
    “Too shiny? Are we still talking about the book?”
    Roland asked Greg.
    “What do you mean, you smirking like there’s something else?”
    “Yes there is. That is the book Samantha gave you before you broke up.You still love her.” Roland said still grinning.

    By roze_princess on 09.27.2013

  34. The glaring sun shone forbiddingly on the monument, shining and throwing off colored rays of light. It wasn’t supposed to be this pretty. The war wasn’t, at least. This beautiful structure, glass and steel, pictures and names, memories for people long dead and people dying now represented so much awful that to squint at it in this sunlight felt almost wrong, but still so right.

    By Samantha on 09.27.2013

  35. Squinty eyes. I hate squinty eyes. They seem to hide the soul inside. Eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, and I hate a room with small windows, as I also have a certain disdain for those with squinty eyes. Not Asians, their eyes match their faces, their eyes don’t seem to hide anything unneeded. People who just have a tendency to squint. Always so critical, never accepting life as it is, never letting others in. Drives me insane. Like people who don’t ever smile with their eyes, just their mouths

    By Hannah on 09.27.2013

  36. The light bouncing off of the mirror instantly blinded the man, causing him to squint in an attempt to make anything out. He had been warned to keep his eyes down. That they were not asking for his respect, but out of concern for his safety. That the sight might well blind him. As the room grew brighter and his eyes saw less, he finally believed. He wasn’t sure what he believed, but it had cost him his eyes and he was lucky that the price hadn’t been higher.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.27.2013

  37. He would squint at the screen over an over again as if what he saw could not be real. It just could not be. Such a thing could not happen. He would walk away and then return to the computer, squint again, shake his head in disbelief and wander away again. There was just no way someone would deface the Hokage’s faces like that, just no way. Didn’t they remember what Tsunade had done to Naruto and Konohamaru? Someone was going to wish they were dead, he was just glad it wasn’t him.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 09.27.2013

  38. It’s funny how many details we miss, how many we could notice if we would only squint.

    Just when I think I’ve got you figured out, you blow my mind once again.

    By Jacee on 09.27.2013

  39. I squinted at the bright fluorescent light that hung above me, It was strange, I didn’t know where I was or how I got there. I felt strange, numb, even. It was an awful feeling I didn’t feel comfortable with.

    By Kayley on 09.27.2013

  40. She squinted into the horizon, light reflecting up off the dusty pavement. Heat enveloped her, sticking to her skin. Sweat slipped down between her shoulder blades.

    By Kristin URL on 09.27.2013