September 26th, 2013 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “mirage”

  1. Something that seems to be true, can feel like it is solid and real, with a moments notice, can dissolve into nothing. All it takes is pulling the right strings of the fabric that we have called reality and let it all unravel. Then we can enjoy the horror in the faces of those who have crossed us.

    By River Ranter URL on 09.27.2013

  2. He crawled through the desert desperately in search of water…when suddenly he noticed trees. Could this be real? Or is this a mirage? He continued the arduous journey on hands and knees until finally he realized it was all a dream.

    By Mr. L on 09.27.2013

  3. The desert continued forward, and the desert never stopped reaching back. The desert stretched to the left and to the right. He just felt thirsty. Even his backpack felt thirsty. He put one foot in front of the other again, and with every step wondered why in the hell he thought he could walk across the Sahara.

    Ahead, a can of stout stood on the broken road, like a vertical shadow. Must be a mirage, he thought, but when he tried to step through it, the can fell over, and he heard the sound of beer sloshing inside.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 09.27.2013

  4. Leeann

    By Leeann on 09.27.2013

  5. This is a test

    By Leeann on 09.27.2013

  6. “Look!” She shouted, pointing at the horizon. “It’s a cat!”


    “Just over there, by the trees!” She squinted to see further into the darkness. The cat shook itself, glared over at them, and slank back into the undergrowth.

    “I think you’re just seeing things, honey. I didn’t see any cat.”

    “But… it was right there!”

    “Whatever. Let’s move on.”

    By Toby on 09.27.2013

  7. she sat by the waves, thinking of the evenings spent in his arms, an unfathomable lover. was he a mirage? She touched her lips to make sure the love bite he had planted on her skin to make sure he wasn’t.

    By littleglassheart URL on 09.27.2013

  8. She was like a tall glass of water to a thirsty man, a mirage in the dessert of abstinence. Her curves seemed to draw you in and the imagination boggled as to what was beneath.

    By MyBrolly on 09.27.2013

  9. The whole image was a mirage created by my sleep deprived brain. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything. I was paralyzed by the fear of my own emotions and thoughts. Lying on the brink of despair of an abomination worse than my greatest fears.

    By Gilltyascharged on 09.27.2013

  10. She has always been a dream.
    We have spoken, perhaps twice at length,
    Seen each other even less,
    And yet she is the one that is constantly on my mind,
    And in my bed,
    And living in my heart,
    Standing at the door with a semi-automatic,
    Gunning down any other potential suitors.

    She’s the invisible woman
    That can kill
    Robbing other of life,
    And denying me the same.

    By Siege URL on 09.27.2013

  11. We have it in a desert. It doesn’t really exist. It deceives us.

    By colore on 09.27.2013

  12. It took me a while to realise that I got lost in the middle of nowhere. My mobile wouldn’t work and I haven’t seen anyone in this area. I couldn’t really remember the last time I saw a vehicle driving past my car. Surrounded by darkness, I kept on driving while searching for anything that looked like a sign of human life.
    Suddenly there was something at the horizon that caught my attention.
    It looked like a well-lit town, definitely a place where I could get help.
    But the closer I came the darker the city got because all the lights went slowly off, one by one.
    When I finally arrived and got out of the car all I could see was a lonely lit street lamp. There wasn’t nothing else.

    By Alice Shina on 09.27.2013

  13. i thought i saw you smile
    but it was just a trick of the light

    –your eyes eager
    your lips peeled
    your teeth bared–

    hunger and happiness are sisters
    born and raised by greed.

    By h. b. URL on 09.27.2013

  14. stranded in the desert I saw a mirage…or was it real? I crawled on hands and knees to find the water, but I was sadly disappointed to see that it was indeed a mirage! Now I’m stuck without water and languishing in the desert.

    By Mr. L on 09.27.2013

  15. Don’t let the seconds fool you, it’s not really time that’s passing. Time is only a mirage. Something you move towards, against and with.

    By ina URL on 09.27.2013

  16. Everything was wrong. My whole life had been fake, a mirage of good things where there were only bad. Every time something good happened, something bad came to ruin it. Nothing ever went as planned. I hated everything, wanted to just disappear.

    So that’s what I did.

    By WhisperingWords URL on 09.27.2013

  17. Mirage is butts, lol. Big bouncy butts bouncing up and down. Butts pooping, butts farting. Butts farting out big smelly farts. Mirage is also ass, sweaty ass that smells bad.

    By aa URL on 09.27.2013

  18. a mirage of death, hope and endless betrayal
    nothing but blood and rage to end this failure

    By idk on 09.27.2013

  19. I remember driving down back roads to my grandma’s house when I was a kid. When it was hot out, the hills looked like there were puddles of water at the top. I asked “Is that water?” No it wasn’t…it was a mirage.

    By Mr. L on 09.27.2013

  20. I sometimes think my life is a mirage. Are my feelings real? Why do things happen the way they do? What if all of it really wasn’t real and was just a trick. What if I only see the things I wanna see. Mirage huh?

    By Liv on 09.27.2013

  21. “Marius?”

    He’d gotten that far-off look again, the one that sometimes interrupted breakfast or gardening, the one that crept into his eyes when he allowed his brain to idle.

    “Marius.” Cosette turned him to face her and watched the fog dissipate, watched his focus come to rest on her. He smiled and placed a hand over hers.

    “Sorry,” he said. “For a moment I thought I saw…” Courfeyrac with a daughter in his arms, spinning ridiculous stories while her laughter echoed across the twilit street. “A mirage.”

    By Julia A. URL on 09.27.2013