September 27th, 2013 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “squint”

  1. Wind rushes in my hair, tugging at the tangles. The tracks in front of my vibrate so rapidly noise pulls itself from the metal. The sun lowers itself to bed, snuggled into rooftops and treetips. The train roars past.

    By Beth A on 09.27.2013

  2. She squinted at the hot sun beating down at her. Her cheeks were covered in scratches and her clothes were torn. She wasn’t sure how she’d gotten here in the first place, it was like her memories were lost in the back of her mind somewhere a long time ago. She felt stuck.

    By Kitty on 09.27.2013

  3. If you squint when you see a tiny upside down question mark. That, curious onlooker, is what is known as an “irony” mark. No joke. Totally serious. It’s obscure punctuation for sure, but that’s what it means.

    Yet as far as I know, there’s no mark for sincerity. I guess that’s something you feel as you’re reading.

    By Intuition on 09.27.2013

  4. She squinted up at the lights that gazed into her vision like a beating drum. “Is this better?” the doctor asked. She narrowed her eyes slightly more in an attempt to make out her surroundings. “Not really,” she sighed.

    By Aine Foran on 09.27.2013

  5. The lights inside her helmet caused her to squint as the light from beyond the visor suddenly went out. Unsure of her surroundings, of her footing, she warily inched herself forward into the doorway looming in front of her.

    By John on 09.27.2013

  6. The way her eyes squinted up when she smiles, when the sunlight shone on them, turning them into that forest green I loved so much. When the squinted up when she laughed, and it was just so beautiful, the sound, her face, everything about her was wonderful, her eyes especially. I could stare into them all day long and not care for a worry in the world.

    By Chenade on 09.27.2013

  7. If I squint I can just make out the outline of your figure at the end of my bed. Smiling. Laughing. Talking to me like nothing happened and that we’re still a thing. Like everything in the world is alright and there’s no rift; like there are no goodbyes waiting to be said, hanging precariously in the balance between our lips.

    But I can squint all I want and I know that there’s no person waiting for me there. I’m just blind, that’s all. I could never see clearly. I guess that was always my problem.

    By SC on 09.27.2013

  8. the red lines ran together, apart, and tangled
    a never-ending flurry of motion.

    how dare they resist appropriation
    was the only option
    the brain ordered him to contain, measure, subdue.


    By S on 09.27.2013

  9. In that moment, half squint, half shut, I finally saw the beauty in him. Almost, just almost, the same beauty he saw in me. Then again, I’ll never really know. After that night, i learned just to close your eyes, and breath it in. Inhale your surroundings.

    By Christie G on 09.27.2013

  10. She squinted. The light hurt. So much light and so much pain. What happens now? Does she continue? Does she open her eyes to the knowledge? Does she continue in ignorance? No she pushed forward and takes the images one at a time. Sometimes that’s all we have. One at a time. The pain, the light, the hurt, the curiosity, the denial, then will power then courage then self doubt then fear then complete and total terror as the first step is taken.

    By alex on 09.27.2013

  11. when i squint it is like i am looking into the sun, when i am looking into the sun it is like i am looking back into my soul, back into my own squinting eyes and it is not the very best thing for one with bad vision, to be unable to see their own eyes but for me it continues and from childhood it does, first i couldn’t see for those object nearby and then it was for those i couldn’t see faraway, the problem continues and from now on i wear my sunglasses at night.

    By Fatima on 09.27.2013

  12. “What do you see?”
    Kara frowned. “Clouds,”
    She sighed, though the sound was tinged with affection. “I mean, what do they look like?”
    She turned her face from the sky to meet her eyes. “Clouds,” she repeated.
    Kaylin chuckled, shaking her head as she raised her arm and pointed. “See that one there?” Kara followed her line of sight to the cloud in question. “It looks like a horse, doesn’t it?”
    She squinted, brow furrowing as she tried to make the offending cloud form the bidden shape. “It…looks more like a bull to me,” she said, though there was a note of uncertainty in her voice.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.27.2013

  13. “Martin, are you alright?”

    “Yes, Douglas. Of course I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

    “Because Sir is squinting at the controls as if he doesn’t know how to operate them, despite the fact being that he has memorized all 6 flight manuals cover to cover?”

    “Oh, just.. shut it. I’m concentrating.”

    (I should continue this one…)

    By smoothmovebro on 09.27.2013

  14. He would cock his head to the side whenever he thought that nobody was looking, sending a slanted squint over at the blackboard. His vision wasn’t everything he led us to believe it was.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.27.2013

  15. Hana likes to pick out Todd’s scruples, and daily she tries to pry one from him that hasn’t been thinned out several times before. “When you squint, your brows pinch and make a wrinkle. Did you ever notice that?”

    Todd Allison already knew he had wrinkles when he squinted but who gave Hana the right to point it out? He’s still one jab short of an outburst. “Well..now that you mention it. Do you really pay that much attention to my face, Hana?”

    “Wh- Oh! You think you’re so clever!” Hana’s apron flutters when she spins to meet him and his wrinkly brow head on. Nora sweeps silently and dutifully beside them but still smiles when she realizes that when Hana squints through her glare, it matches Todd Allison’s exactly.

    By kristen on 09.28.2013

  16. I’ll never forget when I squinted at the Super Bowl in Kelly’s and found out I needed glasses. Ever since then, these glasses have been like an extra limb, a much needed reminder that I am not ‘normal cool’ but I am unique and will defy expectations in my own way. No contacts either.

    By Timothy on 09.28.2013

  17. I’ll never forget when I squinted at the TV playing the Super Bowl in a local tavern and my mom knew I had inherited her eyes and needed glasses. Ever since then, these glasses have been like an extra limb, a much needed reminder that I am not a normal person but I am unique and will defy expectations in my own way, as genuine as possible. No contacts, no lasik, glasses for all time.

    By ChiefSavageMan on 09.28.2013

  18. Brad Pitt squints a lot, it’s easy for him to squint, it comes very naturally due to the structure of his eyes, oh those eyes, if those eyes looked at me, i don’t know if I’d survive, it would feel overwhelming, but i wouldn’t want to know him, i wouldn’t want to deal with that again, i once knew a man who had fans, seeing girls say they wished they could be his dog…it made me feel uncomfortable.

    By nodochinko on 09.28.2013

  19. Two slats, a fan of wrinkles, keeping the uncomfortable glare of the afternoon sun at bay. For now. Every so often, a raised hand would relieve their burden, muscles could relax, but then they would again narrow. Behind the eyes, irritation crept in, for he forgot to pack sunglasses.

    By Xavier Vale on 09.28.2013

  20. Squinting is a bad thing. Unless you’re doing it to be cute.

    Squint is a word that applies to a gesture that one makes with one’s eyes.

    To squint is to squeeze one’s eyes almost to a shut position.

    I don’t like the word squint. It makes me think of squeezing citrus.

    By michaelbuzz on 09.28.2013

  21. His eyes could only peer through the darkness, searching for the feminine form in the shadows. He couldn’t find his glasses, so it was difficult to see. He attempted to squint, trying to get a better view of his surroundings, and to perhaps get a glance of the figure. Then he saw her.

    By connor on 09.28.2013

  22. If I squint my eyes, I see it the way I want. Soft, mellow and hazy, like misty dreams made by the sea-side. So much better than this concrete-block reality. I move into my illusion and unpack my bags, I think it’s going to be a while.

    By happyrabbit on 09.28.2013

  23. as she stepped out in the bright daylight, she focused her eyes in the sky as an attempt to locate the balloons. instead, she had to squint her eyes as the blinding sunlight obscured her vision.

    By Ice on 09.28.2013

  24. The more she learned the more her memory, like her eyes, had to squint at the concepts she tried to recall; things once known, even a day or hour ago, were forgotten for want of space. A brain could only bury so much in its folds before the excess was inevitably forfeited to the air beyond.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.28.2013

  25. for the fifth time in as many minutes, she
    squinted up at the clock, still wearing
    that dazed expression.

    five minutes ago he told her he
    was leaving

    five minutes ago she’d felt her
    heart shatter at his feet

    five minutes ago she’d lost all

    and now all she could do was
    watch the second hand
    as it carried him away
    into the void of time and

    By Kalina URL on 09.28.2013

  26. Walking along a perfect beach with the warmth of the summer on my body. Squinting into the sunlight and wishing I had remembered my sunglasses.

    By Alexandra on 09.28.2013

  27. It was too bright.

    The fluorescent light overhead filled the dull room, causing the matted, decaying furniture to throw disfigured, violent looking shadows across the cracking, stained walls.

    By mohtokki on 09.28.2013

  28. the shining face of the man sqiuntwd so brightly that i could not recognise who he was. but the moment i stepped forward i was shocked to see that there wa no one but a small child.

    By nikhil on 09.28.2013

  29. SMASH.
    Oh shit.
    Shit shit shit shit shit.
    Stacey and Stella instantly looked down at their feet.
    Donald’s glasses lay in pieces,
    with bits of dust.
    Their tap dancing routine had been too difficult to control,
    Controlling their impulses,
    Creating frenzy,
    Until their charge they had sworn to protect became the first casualty.
    The first of many.

    Donald came back from the washroom…

    By Siege URL on 09.28.2013

  30. Squintting compresses the light slightly, helps to narrow ones focus. But the disadvantage is that it closes ones peripheral vision. That is why Morris always gave something to read to his dangerous victims, a small letter book with tiny writing.

    By River Ranter URL on 09.28.2013

  31. she goes and sits at the back of the room. walking along the pathway in the middle of the desks. tugging in backpack through the squished area. the teachers squiggling on the board and she puts on her glasses and squints at it. heads turning to see the new meat at school.

    By linda on 09.28.2013

  32. i cut myself
    on your smile yesterday

    i bled like a pig
    happy to become meat

    ( you wield your joy
    and your sorrow
    like a sword, a shield )

    you’ve turned your heart
    into a weapon

    you love
    so hard enough to bruise

    By h. b. on 09.28.2013

  33. I covered the mirror with the frst blancket I saw.
    I, then primiesed myself not to eve rtae a glance, not a squint at that object ever again.
    You’d do the same if you’d saw your reflection wink at you.

    By nicole on 09.28.2013

  34. His big blue eyes like unending skies,
    his quirky smile will be my demise,
    whenever I pass by him in the hall
    I can’t control my laughter at all
    He knows not whether I love him or mock
    His eyes wrinkle up as he walks
    And when I pass by I do the same
    I squint at him too without any shame
    His cheeks turn bright red
    As red as the fiery hair on his head
    How could this very strange boy
    Bring so much laughter and joy?

    By untamedimagination on 09.28.2013