November 23rd, 2012 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “square”

  1. Square reminds me of the time I took geometry in 9th grade, I did poorly by my standards, but it helped me view the world in a whole other ways, helped me square up. (pun intended)

    By lyshkong URL on 11.24.2012

  2. The square was the basis of the house. Sure, that sounds like a childhood drawing, something we all would draw countless times on our papers at age six, but that was what the house looked like. A simple, sturdy square. Square frame, square windows. Just as square as the family who lived inside it.

    By Tabitha on 11.24.2012

  3. Some things are squares. Thoughts are squares, not circles. Thoughts should never come full circle, but should rather come to a complete point. And if need be, another. Over and over again until the thought is completely considered complete. Thoughts and squares go hand in hand. In order to become a square, you must first think. Give your writing a direct point.

    By Rick URL on 11.24.2012

  4. Every table at the pizza joint was square except for mine which was a circle. I turned to a few friends of mine and said, “You guys are all squares, but I’m well-rounded”. One of my best bad jokes if I do say so myself. Haha

    By Kirk URL on 11.24.2012

  5. A square is a shape. It has four equal sides. It is also someone who does not like to have fun. Simply, a squre in both contexts has no edges and is simple, it is what it is supposed to be with no variables.

    By Nic on 11.24.2012

  6. What am I supposed to say? All I know is that a square took her. A square, nothing more. That’s all it took, one square and she was gone. I couldn’t stop it from happening, God knows I tried.

    By Travis Kirby on 11.24.2012

  7. I think he is a square
    Said the circle girl to the circle boy
    He just doesn’t know it

    But everyone thought she was a square–
    the circle girl who was talking to the circle boy
    But she just didn’t know it

    By Perri URL on 11.24.2012

  8. It’s something we see everyday and even though i have been called one all my life up until now i still don’t understand what is so horrible about being called one. Equal sides and everything. Why is that a problem? Precision is a good thing, I believe.

    By alex on 11.24.2012

  9. “Don’t be a square,” yelled Ruby from the height of the second storey window.
    In my mind I heard my parents saying, “Don’t get sucked in by people who try to persuade you to be cool.”

    By Dan on 11.24.2012

  10. round sharp heavy black lined blank thought think

    By Mary on 11.24.2012

  11. A quare is many things. It’s a shape. It’s a special kins of rectanlge. It’s a kind of person. It’s even a kind of dance

    By Kati URL on 11.24.2012

  12. What is a squares roots? I suppose it could be argued that a squares roots are wherever that particular square grew up as a child.

    By Lome URL on 11.24.2012

  13. It lived in a square black box, all taped up and sealed.
    “A monster,” one of the Uniforms said. He was jailed and promptly executed.
    “Yes, a monster.” They thought, but they knew it would be opened soon.

    By ewelina r URL on 11.24.2012

  14. Boxed in. Stuck in a room, tucked away safe, horribly lonely. Neat, clean, tidy, box.

    By Amanda on 11.24.2012

  15. Square is a shape so magnificent that it goes beyond the proportions of the word that it actually is. What most people see is a shape. What I see is the proportionality that makes it the way it is. Just like any other set of lines drawn together, but different in its own way. We’re all squares.

    By Shravya on 11.24.2012

  16. is a shape that’s all me. i love it. i live it. it’s a philosophy. it’s music without movement. it’s drama. it’s all i ever want to be. square.

    By radi on 11.24.2012

  17. Walking through the Square after the worst concert either of us had ever been to, I realized the importance of a companion who could turn something dreadful into one of the most enjoyable nights of your life.

    By Kathryn URL on 11.24.2012

  18. bold, we have no way out, all these corners, every corner is as if you stand still, they all look the same. its sad to be in a corner but you have many ways to go, don’t follow corners just take the diagonale

    By Kristina on 11.24.2012

  19. my hands fought a losing battle
    with the endless words

    my bones gave up
    but still, they’re

    By h. b. URL on 11.24.2012

  20. Triangle. How silly that’s my first thought, and another shape too, when ought to be thinking about squares. And then I think of that chocolate the one we always bought in Germany with the different flavors, Ritzersport or something. I think the German slogan was something about the chocolate being square, practical and good. I used to really love that chocolate.

    By Boo! on 11.24.2012

  21. I am in a square cycle. I think everyone gets in a circle and know each other. But. I. Stay. And. Stay. And. Stay. And. Stay. In. A. Square

    By Tania on 11.24.2012

  22. The square was as frightening as can be. All four sides were staring up at me. I knew if it moved, it would be the end of me. Me, Marty the Pointless Circle.

    By Emily on 11.24.2012

  23. I feel like I’m locked up in a square, Nobody near they’re all way over there, I feel like life has to do this to me, it’s like a dare, To turn things all bad, And to always make me sad, And to always drive me mad, I feel like I can’t get outta the square I’m stuck in, And I can’t swim back or away, it’s like a fish without a fin, It’s either you lose or you win, I’m about to lose right now but I’m trying to stand up but I don’t wanna get smacked down again

    By Malak on 11.24.2012

  24. it has 4 sides,the same lengths. its a shape and you can find it anywhere at anytime.

    By Dania on 11.24.2012

  25. it has hit him flat on the face. that square watch has now become his number one enemy. he picks the watch and turn off the alarm. somehow it won’t work. he frowns with his sleepy eyes. grins are displayed on his face as he looks from the watch to the wall. in a matter of seconds, the watch has met the wall and smashes to the ground. he grunts satisfied and turns to his sides, goes back to his beauty sleep peacefully.

    By qie URL on 11.24.2012

  26. Square takes me back to math
    in high school. How we girls shone
    brightly and loud, how math was our
    salvation because there was always
    one right answer, unlike our teen lies.
    But then in college we ditched math
    for the arts and pleasure but much
    less income than we really deserved.

    By Robin on 11.24.2012

  27. I was stuck inside . Inside of what? Inside of a square. It sounds weird, but it’s actually scary. It’s a really dark square. You can’t see anything. Absolutely no light. You’re just stuck in there with nothing to light the place up for you to be able to see. Some people might not believe it, some people might not understand and conjecture. But believe it or not, it’s true. There is a square like that out there somewhere. I was stuck in it. I didn’t know where I was and why I was there. I really did not. The only thing I remember was that I was sleeping and I woke up in a dark square. It was mysterious and creepy, to be honest.

    By Malak on 11.24.2012

  28. Squares have four sides of equal length. Square can also be ordinary, or too plain and because of that it can be used as an insult. Rectangles can be squares but squares can’t be rectangles.

    By Parky on 11.24.2012

  29. Has four pointed corners all at equal ninety degrees. Also can refer to someone without an imagination. A square, a man in a suite who works a 9-5 job that does not inspire him for his whole life and hopes irrationally that something great will come of it!

    By Adelle on 11.24.2012

  30. The square could suddenly talk. The square turned out to be pretty racist. No one liked the square any more. The square didn’t understand why they didn’t love him -because he was the perfection of shapes!- but he wished he hadn’t gained the ability to speak in the first place.

    By meep? on 11.24.2012

  31. Squares have four sides. Like prison cells they trap their contents inside. There is no escape. There is no way out. All that exists in the square existed before the walls were established. Likewise, we build our walls around ourselves. Trapping ourselves in our self doubt, fear, inhibitions, and insecurities.

    By Mike on 11.24.2012

  32. It’s hip to be square…when your hips aren’t square but rounded and soft like marshmallows. When your thinking is well-rounded like the hips. When coming to terms with the roundabout is the the square thing to do.

    By Theresa URL on 11.24.2012

  33. I live in a square. I don’t mind, it’s quite cozy actually. I like to sit in the corners and just think. One of these days though, I will break free of the square – this box. It will rip it apart.

    By Katrine Panch on 11.24.2012

  34. A square. Commonly called someone who does things by the book. A “T” Square keeps things square. We used to use them in drafting class. I also used them a lot when I was printing t-shirts. It helped to line up the shirt pallets/platens.

    By M on 11.24.2012

  35. The square object lay forgotten on the dirty floor. In it was an immense wealth of knowledge. A person tripped on it, thinking it was just a toy on the floor. No one knew

    By Edt on 11.24.2012

  36. There once was a square whose name was Tim. Tim tried hard to be accepted, but he was unable to think outside the box. Tim met a circle names Joe and they became good friends. One day, while the two were walking, they tripped and fell inot eachother. Tim broke one of his corners and when he did, he felt agonizing pain, but he also was flooded with thousands of thoughts that he had never been able to have before, and that made him very happy.

    By AnnieB on 11.24.2012

  37. There once was a square named Tim. Tim was sad because he could never think outside the box. One day Tim met a circle named Jim and the two became very good friends. When they were walking, Tim tripped and broke one of his corners. He was in horrible pain, but at the same time, he was flooded with thoughts that he had never had before, and it made him very happy.

    By AnnieB URL on 11.24.2012

  38. Opposite of round. A table on which place your breakfast. A round peg does not fii into it. Too polite and too cute. Checkered tablecloths and picnics in the sun. So neat and tidy.

    By Jas on 11.24.2012

  39. Be there or be square.
    What if I want to be square?
    Would you care?
    Probably not.
    Lost in thought.
    Where did that expression come from anyway?

    By Kelsey Julian URL on 11.24.2012

  40. i am a lonely soul. four friends surround me, trapped to me for existence. I am a shape, with simple two dimensions. yet i am happy, with no worries

    By Shane Robinson URL on 11.24.2012