November 23rd, 2012 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “square”

  1. back to square one
    don-t be such a square
    i am so done with my angst
    ha! teen angst
    such an overrated concept
    its square-ish its not like pop culture
    pop culture is circular
    everlasting periods
    loops loops
    they are not as sharp as squares

    By Moises Gonzalez URL on 11.23.2012

  2. You tried to bound me into these 4 walls, this square and I guess I kind of let you. And maybe thats why you stopped, just completely stopped. Because I stopped being me so, you stopped being you. It makes sense. I warned you thought, I told you. I’m not good at relationships, I become this weird version of myself. You didn’t listen and wanted me anyway. I guess I’m just trying to figure out who’s fault this is, mine or yours.

    By lilldeh URL on 11.23.2012

  3. A square has 4 sides. I used to love to draw squares. Squares are equal. I never thought I’d be writing about a square. What is there to say about squares… hmm squares.. big squares, small squares. Squares are everywhere.

    By Ashley on 11.23.2012

  4. your four corners
    i see
    they bruise
    they are sharp
    i just died
    caressing them

    By Lunas on 11.23.2012

  5. Are we square? Is it fair now? Have we settled it and I don’t owe you and you don’t owe me? Yes. We are square.

    By Tammy Durham on 11.23.2012

  6. its a shape which appears along side circle or rectangle etc. This shape is often talked about in mathematics as the “square”root or something or other. A square is a shape with equal length sides and equal angle sizes which makes it quite boring in my mind.

    By lottie on 11.23.2012

  7. Something I hate. It’s in math. I hate math. I have to figure things and numbers out. I hate it. I don’t want to. It’s such horror. Finding things for a square. It’s so plain. Nothing unique about it. It’s so… Simple. And equal.

    By Ansha Kazi URL on 11.23.2012

  8. The houses were situated around a square patch of grass, kind of like a cul-da-sac, but with four distinct sides. They were identical, with matching fences and three car garages that every single one of the houses’ owners hated.

    By Maggie URL on 11.23.2012

  9. “Square that’s the way your mind works, like a big, blah, square! can you see that this is love?! you useless idiot. Try to think more like a triangle or a circle, circles are good”

    By Monica L URL on 11.23.2012

  10. It has four sides nice and straight, Nothing much to it except it’s so common in the world we don’t even notice it’s there. Except of course in geometry class. It’s so looked-over, so insignificant, that it’s special, and so that’s why we learn about it in math anyway. Now, try and apply this concept to people.

    By Aula Tullius Sulla on 11.23.2012

  11. I was stuck. Trapped. In a box, and my life was square as square can be. I longed for adventure, and yet i was too afraid to break out of my cage. I was afraid to ever leave, though leaving was all i dreamed of.

    By MayaPapaya URL on 11.23.2012

  12. Square. the shape. the conviction. You are square. Living in a box not needing the smooth definition in life just jagged shape inclinations. You are this trap. My intrapement. Im square becasue of you. I am harsh and mundane. You taught this to me. I hate squares. the shape, the conviction. I will live a different life, outside of your box. I will not limit my life to you. To this I am MORE. I am less. But I am not this sad and selfish shape you think i am.

    By rebecca on 11.23.2012

  13. the edges are share and cutting. THe dig into my subconcious. I think of this box I live in I am just a small Idea of a person.

    By rebecca URL on 11.23.2012

  14. You are the circle for my squared life, i live because of you.

    By lola on 11.23.2012

  15. Four corners

    By Bizzle URL on 11.23.2012

  16. There’s no need to be square. I know how you feel. You have been honest from the start, but I just didn’t listen. I know, I know, but once again, your mistakes are all my fault.

    By Eliza5 on 11.23.2012

  17. I think square’s are pretty awesome. You don’t go round and round in endless circles. Plus, you don’t have to use that pie crap to find the area of a square. You can also play awesome games in squares. Squares are just….. pretty awesome. Like I said.

    By miri on 11.23.2012

  18. i am trying to push the inevitable edges.
    i am blocking you out, one corner at a time. i need to break free in order to sustain a suitable mind. i am ready.
    i am.

    By Kiley Chapman URL on 11.23.2012

  19. The square was small and blue, and Suzie didn’t know what to do with it. She held it in her hands and stared at it for a few moments, then tossed it over her shoulder with a shrug. Why had she received something so useless? That was when it began to beep. She turned around slowly, feeling a little nervous, then picked up the cube again.

    By amber on 11.23.2012

  20. What a world we live in today, just when you think your well rounded life shows you that you’re a bunch of hard edges.

    By dell URL on 11.23.2012

  21. Out of all the shapes I know, the square is my favorite. It’s very orderly, precise. No strang angles, no wobbling sides. It’s dependable.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 11.23.2012

  22. Maybe I’m being square about it, but I still like her and I’m not sure how you feel about me. It’d be better with you, because you’re here. You care. You understand. You love life. But I’m not sure if we deserve one another.

    By agloe on 11.23.2012

  23. It has four corners and four sides. All sides has equal length. The four diagonals are of equal lengths. It is also a position in cricket.

    By Usama URL on 11.23.2012

  24. When I was born I was a square. Slowing I began to shed my box like figure, and became the circle that I am today. It was a gradual experience, but now I am well rounded.

    By Patrick on 11.23.2012

  25. a geek. a total nerd. disliked by the popular crowd, he cried. so naive and insecure. one day he will realize, he will realize that those kids dont matter, that he’s better than them. sure, now he’s a complete square to them, but just they wait.

    By ardent bowel URL on 11.23.2012

  26. squares are like, fucking square. i dont know. they have right angles and crap. er, squares are pretty cool though, pattern wise when thinking from an artistic perspective? people don’t appreciate textures/patterns enough in art imo, they can really make a picture or whatever. i guess that applies less to squares than it does oblongs though.

    By mincy on 11.23.2012

  27. Four walls.
    Exactly the same size.
    The height might be the same as the length, even.
    It’s alarming. He wonders, vaguely, if this is what rooms in the Ministry of Love are like.
    Either way he wants out. The order is disturbing.

    By Entropy URL on 11.23.2012

  28. Four equal sides. A square just seems to f*cking perfect. Up until now, I never knew how much squares bothered me.

    By NotJesus on 11.23.2012

  29. A square is a object much like a box. Boxes aren’t nice. They seal people up and make them go insane. Most people have their heads in a box. Like they really aren’t open minded and its really annoying. I don’t like it at all. Make it go away. And yeah. Its also a geometric shape.

    By Elizabeth Hankins on 11.23.2012

  30. A shape, not round, not rectangular, just a square. Like a cube, or a dice. All equal, no one left out, all needed to make it work. I like squares. So perfect and simple. Hard to make but easy to enjoy. Sometimes when I see a square I think of how simple things can be.

    By K Lirenman on 11.23.2012

  31. here she is, back at square one. or maybe it’s two. she’s not sure yet. she does know that she’s been here before. the almost-mistress who, in the end, winds up saving the very relationship she almost destroyed. and, again, here she is, alone, watching the smiles on the faces of the people she loves, a drink in hand, and blake shelton on the radio.

    By Leti on 11.23.2012

  32. It is a shape that has four corners and four sides. Each side is a right angle. Rectangles can be squares, but squares cannot be rectangles. They are check marks.

    By Hello on 11.23.2012

  33. A square is stupid and un-hip. A square is the shape of regularity, of normalcy. Rounded squares are just trying to prove something to the world. Squares could learn something from dodecahedrons, or parallelograms, even.

    By David Svengalis on 11.23.2012

  34. Squares are all around us. We live in them. Square houses made of cement and clay and glass. Steel squares and plates that we eat in. Our buildings are squares on top of more squares, rectangles painting the city geometrical. Circles and ellipses wish they were square so they too would have such representation. But the honor and glory is only worthy of those with length equating breadth.

    By Paridhi on 11.23.2012

  35. My pen dropped
    My words stopped
    Stuck in a square
    They say they’re
    Caught in circles
    Round and round
    But me, I was
    Stuck in a square
    Hitting corners
    Tossed from
    One side
    To the next
    Turning and Turning
    and Turning
    and Turning
    In squares
    My pen, my words
    Stuck in the middle

    By Noelle URL on 11.23.2012

  36. Jeremy breathes in to let the shadow cast down over his face. Hardness becomes his soul. Easiness envelops his well-being. Scared to move on, scared to let go. Square time and square lives. Don’t live in a box.

    By Emily Gerik on 11.23.2012

  37. Squares are all around us. We live inside their conformity. We use them to carry bits of our lives in. Squares on top of squares paint our cities geometrical. Rectangles and rhombuses. Circles and ellipses wish they were squares, but that honor is reserved for only those whose length and breadth.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 11.24.2012

  38. The curse of square one. Where we started and where we are back to, once again. Third time’s the charm? Hah. Something tells me that this will be the last. And I’m afraid we’re standing in different places this time, with no charm involved.

    By Vy Tran on 11.24.2012

  39. All of the houses looked like squares. They were not square in shape, they were square in color and character. Quite unfriendly and foreign. I did not feel at home and I did not feel welcomed. I wanted to leave.

    By Nastya on 11.24.2012

  40. A box in which a rabbit will now appear with a magician pulling the ears. The rabbit runs away and now hops to find a hat. The magician happened to be chasing the rabbit the entire time. The magician finally found the rabbit inside a purple and black hat, which now explains why he pulls a rabbit put of a hat.

    By Haven on 11.24.2012