November 22nd, 2012 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “late”

  1. It was late in the afternoon. The sky had just cleared up, after a sudden and unexpected summer rain shower; the streets were now all clean

    By Pat on 11.23.2012

  2. Late to the game of life. Attempting to create something to leave behind as time races me to the end of days or time or life. I never believe I’m going to die. Does anyone?

    By Ak on 11.23.2012

  3. It sucks you know? you work so hard preparing. do everything right. And then it happens. You’re behind. How the hell did it get this way? I worked like no other. All I did was my work and now? Now I’m stuck knowing that some other less enthusiastic person will beat me out because I’m /late/.

    By Avery on 11.23.2012

  4. Late. People are always late for class at my college. I don’t understand it are they not paying for their education? Most of them have fought their entire life for their families to let them study design and now that they are it is like they don’t even care. There is something about these people though. Sooner or later they realize class is not the only thing they are late for…. life waits for nobody.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 11.23.2012

  5. Why must it be this way? I’m late. You’re late. “I’m always late as of late”. Pun. Is that a pun? Why did it have to be this way? I walk in to the funeral parlor, people in boring chairs looks at me. I smile. I’m wearing a baby pink dress. Why is everyone in black? “Sorry I’m late.”

    By Avery on 11.23.2012

  6. Late can be many things. Late can be for me to be a child. Late can be for my dad to come back to uor family. Late is tonight, I have done nothing at all today. But I know everything is happening for a reason and thats why I don’t think that I have missed something.

    By Nora on 11.23.2012

  7. Dawn began to break….I knew it was too late for an apology or even the slightest affection to be shown, but I tried anyway. She turned to me with a wan smile on her face and said, “Wait.”

    By Theresa URL on 11.23.2012

  8. Two hours late. By now I should have received a phone call, a knock at the door–an indication that something has gone horribly wrong…

    By asavas on 11.23.2012

  9. late, that word for the place that slams a transparent iron door on life.

    By drew URL on 11.23.2012

  10. From the time I fell for you,
    I knew to me you meant something more,
    Like your every little thing I’ve come to adore,
    By my side, you are a strength I lack alone,
    Having known your grace,
    Without you is all but an existence.
    Of late I realise I tend to live in an illusion,
    Like how I put you on a pedestal,
    When all you wanted was to be by my side,
    I regret to think I was wrong about being right,
    I do keep hurting you, don’t I?
    This sparse acknowledgement you make of my existence,
    Will always remind me to look before I fall again.

    By unkitjc URL on 11.23.2012

  11. late, the word for that place that slams a transparent iron door on life. late, i despise this word more than death.

    By drew URL on 11.23.2012

  12. I’m late to my math class and I bet the teacher will tell me off. Okay, I don’t care. Truly, he doesn’t like me at all. I’m that kind of students that don’t study and get nice grades. Sometimes i even sleep during his classes.

    By Batchoflies on 11.23.2012

  13. i’m too late today, i woke up late, my dad didn’t wake up too, and my tacher did’nt let me get in my class, now i without note; oh God what would i do? being late it’s too much bad, i ned to wake up earlier tomorrow or my teacher won’t leave me alone the rest of the year. damm

    By carla on 11.23.2012

  14. late hour clock

    By karina on 11.23.2012

  15. clock, time, the phrase time is money really remind me about thi word..
    have you ever stop to think how dard this i? write about something without thinking? I NEED TO THINK!

    By Raíssa on 11.23.2012

  16. Well, this is my very first time here and I don’t want to be late to finish this. Oh, boy, so much pressure. It will take some time to get used to it, but sounds funny.

    By Xis on 11.23.2012

  17. I am late for my english class. I’ll miss my english test. I will be on school on summer vacation. I am late.

    By julia on 11.23.2012

  18. The hour is late, the night is almost over,
    So late that it is early.

    Late is in the perspective of the viewer.
    There is no late,
    Or early.

    There just is.

    By Brendan Stoneham on 11.23.2012

  19. I’M TOO LATE?

    By LEDA on 11.23.2012

  20. I’m late for school.

    By Larissa on 11.23.2012

  21. let

    By Luana on 11.23.2012

  22. my body turned me over to
    the church and the state,
    letting someone smaller
    live, and grow, all at
    my expense.

    (i’m not ready, i’m not
    f-cking ready).

    By isa on 11.23.2012

  23. Is that the cruel time
    How late can it be
    I’m cold and still shivering
    But deliriously free
    I’ve run from my problems
    Down an untraveled path
    They won’t look for me here
    I’ve left no wake with my wrath

    By recogirl URL on 11.23.2012

  24. Let’s go, guys, we are late to the rock concert.

    By Luana on 11.23.2012

  25. By Vítor Henrique on 11.23.2012

  26. I am late for school. Think about all the things I’m missing out on. I am missing out on my chance to change my thinking, or a chance to learn about something that could change my life, it I let it. But sleep is so amazing, I think that whatever I’m missing out on can wait

    By Abby on 11.23.2012

  27. When you don’t make it to a place in time, or don’t do a task at the time you need to we can say you’re late.

    By Robert on 11.23.2012

  28. I’m late because I stopped for coffee. because life only begins after coffee. but people tend to get sort of pissy when they are waiting for you to start the meeting and you stroll in with starbucks.

    By allie on 11.23.2012

  29. Once i was LATE for school, but it kinda didn’t matter cause I loved to be late cause that was the only chance to find the love of my life. He was always late anyway and I never wanted to be late on purpose but I started doing that, so we could meet.

    You are just awesome, thanks!

    By Jonne on 11.23.2012

  30. I went to work too late.

    By Jean on 11.23.2012

  31. Not me. I’m always on time.

    By Tom on 11.23.2012

  32. when i get up too late i have headeak

    By Jean Ricardo on 11.23.2012

  33. im late to every thing. work school dates. everything. i wasnt even on time when i was born upsetting my paretns and all the doctors in georgia. being on time is no simple task. you have to run walk crawl slump sludge hunmp thump n create new pathways to get to class at 9 am in the freexing cold. what to do. buy a bcycle is my answer, that or a pair of rollerblades. or a rocket. but those are expensive. so i sugest actrually just learning how to run where u need to go just like good old forest gump. that way you wont be late. hopefully. bc the later you are the more you miss out in life, school, and other peoples lives. not to mention your own. you dont want to sspend your life wishing back what youve lost to being late. also buy a watch. a good one. that will help you attain your goal of timley ness. timleyness. timelyness. idk how to spell timelyness. but it doestn matter bc if i dont figure it out soon, ill be late. and i never like to be late. actually i have no idea of how much time i have because this thing doesnt have a clock. clocks are bulky and unweidly but they perform a civil service. as much as i hate to be a slave to time, time is a universal principal and not only a man made thing. time revolves around the orbit of our planet, revolving around the sun. in alaska there is no time bc its alway ssunny. there fore you can never be late.

    By ross warkenthien on 11.23.2012

  34. I’m late again. Sorry, it’s becoming a habit. I guess I really don’t wanna go anywhere anymore. I lost my enthusiasm. But then again I never had enthusiasm to begin with.

    By Lily on 11.23.2012

  35. atrasado pode ser bom e ruim.
    É bom quando você é a noive em um casamento. É ruim quando você é estagiário e chega atrasado em uma reunião.
    Logo, Late, pode ser bom ou ruim, depende da situação que você está.

    By Nana Leite on 11.23.2012

  36. the desire to tell you anything you want to hear, to make you stay;
    ’cause i love you just a little too much, come stay and play a while instead, you spook so easy (the rush of breaking innocence) i’ll take you where you wanna go, we’re too young to tire tonight, brush that two-finger touch down your spine to wake you back up, we’re not sleeping ’till the lights burn out

    By robyn URL on 11.23.2012

  37. Late. Is great when you are the bride and horrible if you are an intern.

    By Nana Leite on 11.23.2012